Want to update or downgrade to a certain Windows 10 develop or just got a new PC and want to install a fresh copy of windows 10? kemudian you will require the latest home windows 10 ISO file.

In this article, we are going to membantu you come Download Latest home windows 10 ISO file for to update or clean installing windows 10 on your system.

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The article also contains an surroundings guide melihat the latest home windows 10 ISO file. There are two different use of an ISO file, you have the right to update come the latest home windows 10 using the ISO file or you deserve to clean install windows 10 in a brand-new system.


Now, click F5 or the refresh button to refresh the home windows 10 Download page.Finally, you have the right to now see the option to select your preferred Windows 10 Edition.
Click on the drop-down menu to select it and kemudian click ~ above the Confirm button.Now, you will gain teh alternative to choose the language for your Windows 10 ISO.
Click top top the drop-down food selection to select it and kemudian click top top the Confirm button.Finally, you will get the link(s) come download Windows 10 ISO, both 32bit and also 64bit.

Note that the above Windows 10 ISO download web links are valid for 24 hours, for this reason you should download it in ~ the time period otherwise friend will have to repeat the same procedures again.

Method 2.1: from Microsoft Download page (Via Non-Windows System)

If you have a Non-Windows system like Mac, Linux, Chromebook, etc, then you can easily download the home windows 10 ISO easily.

Now, scroll down to the Select Edition section.You can select Windows 10 indigenous the drop-down menu, and then click on the Confirm button.
Now, you will see a brand-new section named ‘Select the product language’, choose your desired language and also click top top the Confirm button.

Note the the over Windows 10 ISO download web links are valid for 24 hours, therefore you need to download it within the time period otherwise friend will need to repeat the same steps again.

Install windows 10

Method 1: upgrade Update penampilan Windows 10 ISO File

Click to open the ISO file.Now,Double clickto setup.ClickNext: Install windows 10.Now a display will prompt showing “Getting Updates“, this will bawa pulang some time.It willCheck your PC,this will tambahan take some time. .ClickAccept,to expropriate all the Applicable notices, and also license terms.Now again lagi screen will certainly prompt showing “Getting Updates“, this will untuk mengambil some time depending on your network speed.Next,making certain you’re all set to install, hanya be patient and also wait, this might bawa pulang a little longer.Ready come install. ClickInstall.Now that will mulai installing home windows 10 onto her PC and this will certainly restart your device several times, this procedure will untuk mengambil some time.

Method 2: Clean Install penampilan Windows 10 ISO File

If you have actually your home windows 10 ISO document ready to update your system to home windows 10 recent Update, every you have to do is boot from the disc or USB thumb drive to mulai the setup. Currently follow the following steps to clean install home windows 10 penampilan ISO file,

Insert a speed drive, at least 16 GB.Now, open up Rufus, in bespeak to membuat bootable media for home windows 10.Make sure to store all the default setups as it is.Now, click on the Start button and also wait because that a kapan to finish.After completion, Rufus will certainly ask you come restart the PC.Restart her PC, and while booting, before the Windows logo, insanity the Boot Menu vital to open up it.BrandAssigned Boot food selection Key
AsusEsc or F8
HPEsc or F9
LenovoF12, F8, F10
OtherEsc or F1-F12
You check out a screen with a perform of drives,choose the one you inserted/plugged in, and also hitEnter.Then the Windows logo will show up on the screen for a while, if you watch the animated dots it way everything is fine.Next, you will certainly be request to pick your Language, Time, Keyboard an approach and ~ configuring all these things, ClickNext.Now click onInstall Now.Now, home windows 10 set-up will certainly ask friend to enter the Product Key, if you have actually a windows 10 product key, proceed to get in it. Otherwise, click on “I don’t have a key” or “Do this later”.Now setup will certainly ask you to choose the correct edition of i m sorry you have actually a license either house or Pro. Make certain to enter the exactly edition if you select the dorn edition kemudian you would have to perform a clean install again.
Just wait for a while, the mechanism prepares diri sendiri to copy files.Accept the license terms, to carry out so examine the crate in former of “I expropriate the license terms”.Click Next.ClickCustom: install Windows just (advanced).Select the journey and then clickNext.Select the unallocated drive list, ClickNew > use > OK.Select the main partition from multiple partitions, clickNext.Just wait for couple of seconds kapan Windows install.When every this setup will complete, Windows will certainly reboot into the setup automatically.After this, Windows will detect and install hardware. And also it will certainly restart for the terakhir time.

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General FAQs

Yes, Microsoft’s minimal criteria for windows 10 is 2 GB RAM, for this reason it will run clear in her PC.