Free api Diamonds (MY/SG) height Up

Important Note: This peak Up organization is just Applicable for Free fire Players in Malaysia & Singapore.

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Free api Diamond Top-up Malaysia & Singapore

Free api Diamond enables you to purchase weapons, pets, skins and also items in Store. And, you can participate in luck Royale and Diamond Spin to obtain variasi unique character skins, weapon skins, weapon upgrades and also even cosmetics.

What is cost-free Fire?

One of the paling popular mobile fight royale gamings globally, the gameplay is straightforward yet exciting and also engaging. Forgive the ‘Best renowned Voted Game’ ~ above Google Play’s ‘Best Apps that the Year’ perform in 2019, Free api allows friend to do friends transparent the gameplay!

Your character in Free fire has come jump the end of a aircraft and soil on an island with nothing however a parachute. The only goal is come survive. Survive the 10 minute ring alive and be the terakhir one standing to win. Search for weapons and also other utilities to obtain an advantage in battle! knife bragging benar when you come out victorious in battle.

What are diamonds tangan kedua for in complimentary Fire? 

Similar come PUBG cell phone Unknown Cash, Free api Diamonds are the in-game money for totally free Fire. You can use FF diamonds to buy items sebagai as weapons, pets, and skins. 

Also, you have the right to gain access to exclusive characters with FF Diamonds sebagai as Misha, Nikita, Kelly, Kapella and more! participate in lucky Royale and also Diamond Spin v Free fire Diamonds as well to receive various unique skins and weapon upgrades!

Free api Diamonds prompt Top Up

Great News! we are now offering Free api Diamonds instant Top Up. Head over to instant top up because that Free fire Diamonds if you desire your diamonds instantly!

Receive your Free api Diamonds Gift card instantly via email! 

First off, select the quantity of diamonds that you want to purchase. In ~, there room over a 100 for sure payment options. The gift code will be emailed to your inbox. Redeem her diamonds directly in your Garena account.

How come top-up Free fire Diamond?

Select the Diamond denomination.Enter her Free api Player ID and also Nickname.Check out and select your payment method.Once payment is made, the Free api Diamond you purchased will be credited to her Free fire Account shortly.

Free fire Diamonds purchase Steps:

Only Player id & Nickname is needed for Garena Free fire Diamonds top-up.You may stay logged in transparent the transaction, when the top-up is completed, you will obtain the Diamonds in her Garena Free api account.Please enter your Player id & Nickname appropriately to avoid hold-up on Diamonds top-up.

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How to discover Free api Player ID?

Use your account to login the game.Click on your avatar in the top-left corner.Your Free fire Player ID will certainly be displayed.