I have actually not to be able come find any kind of side by next stopwatch times of the Honda PCX 150 versus the Nmax 155 all over on the internet. Vice versa, car and motorbike magazines do great job that objectively measuring cars and also larger motorcycles, I"ve found sebagai performance comparisons to be non existent for motor bikes in the 125-150 c.c. Class. Now for anyone that is interested in seeing exactly how the Yamaha Nmax 155 really stacks up against the Honda PCX 150 I"ve finally done a series of tests with a stopwatch that accurately actions the engine power of both bikes. Since I cannot carry out a link di sini to mine tests, hanya use the keywords "Honda PCX 150" or "Yamaha Nmax 155". You will discover my tinjauannya in the #3 position world wide.

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Seems as suggested stoppage to 100k waktu would it is in the test because that twist and also go scoots.

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johng 20175

Posted February 25, 2017


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Posted February 25, 2017

Thanks for your numbers jackIt"s frequently amusing/amazing to go on YouTube and see the claimed top speed of "stock unmodified" 150 cc 4 stroke bikes with insurance claims of 150-180 kph ... Okay chip in and say because that my Suzuki Raider 150 (147cc really) very first edition,the more quickly I ever got follow to the speedometer was 135kph ~ above the level (maybe with tail wind)

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jackcorbett 206

Posted February 25, 2017


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Posted February 25, 2017
1 hour ago, johng said:

Lihat lainnya: Ciri Ciri Batu Giok Asli Dan Tiruan, 3 Cara Untuk Mengenali Keaslian Batu Giok

Thanks for her numbers jackIt"s frequently amusing/amazing to go on YouTube and see the asserted top rate of "stock unmodified" 150 cc 4 stroke bikes with cases of 150-180 kph ... Okay chip in and also say for my Suzuki Raider 150 (147cc really) very first edition,the faster I ever got according to the speedometer to be 135kph top top the level (maybe through tail wind)

I"d to speak that across the papan there"s a most inflated cases for optimal speed. For example, ns remember Honda claiming height speeds for the likes the a CB 160 kembali in the sixties of end 80 miles per hour. Or a CB 350 producing 36 horsepower of approximately 103 mph. I had actually a CB 350 and also I"d to speak on mean it was an excellent for around 90 mile an hour back on a great day in the right conditions it could go 95 mph. Then I obtained a CB 450, and also it was good for around 95 to 100 mph, and this v 45 hp to the 36 hp of the 350 Honda.


I had not one, yet two, ~ above off road Honda XL 185"s. Top speed was usually about 70 yet on a great (tail wind?) job it could see 75 mph. And also although the Yamaha SR 400 has actually a very modest power output at 24 h.p. (whereas a 321 cc. Yamaha R3 has actually 42 h.p.) I"ve viewed a lot of of setiap orang claim the will gain up to around 90 (albeit slowly). Mine has never gone past 120 kph (75 mile an hour), however there are no real kadarnya spots top top the road from Pattaya come Rayong and before I can obtain the bike to its absolute height speed too much traffic congestion occurs so I have actually to bagian belakang off the throttle. I"d be happy if I gained a legit 80 mile an hour out of it.


As because that doing a zero to 100 kph run----that"s about zero to sixty. THis would be a very meaningful stat. The problem is v a kecil scooter form bike it will certainly be challenging to hold and manipulate a protect against watch because that this whole speed range. This would certainly not be nearly the difficulty for lot faster powerful bikes the can acquire up to 100 kph in 5 seconds or less. And again....on that stretch of road on course 36 the ends whereby I pull a you revolve at the global School, driver"s patent center, one is either going uphill or downhill practically all the way. Also when you are winding a 125-150 cc. Undertone bike the end to 100 kph and beyond, it takes a much much longer distance to gain up to seperti speeds on seperti small bikes and also by the time you are up come 100 and trying to gain up to 115 or 120, web traffic congestion start to ini adalah a huge obstacle, specifically when you aspect in the unfathomable, unpredictable negative driving of so many Thai drivers. Unfortunately in these problems with these smaller sized motorbikes doing zero come 100 kph prevent watched waktu is a an extremely dangerous proposition.