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Anda sedang menonton: Surat al mudatsir ayat 1-7 dan artinya

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Surah Al-Muddaththir 74:1-7 <1/2>



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بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِ يٰۤاَيُّهَا الۡمُدَّثِّرُۙ‏  قُمۡ فَاَنۡذِرۡۙ‏  وَرَبَّكَ فَكَبِّرۡۙ‏  وَثِيَابَكَ فَطَهِّرۡۙ‏  وَالرُّجۡزَ فَاهۡجُرۡۙ‏  وَلَا تَمۡنُنۡ تَسۡتَكۡثِرُۙ‏  وَ لِرَبِّكَ فَاصۡبِرۡؕ‏ 
(74:1) O you enveloped in your cloak!1 (74:2) Arise, and warn,2 (74:3) and magnify the popularitas of her Lord,3 (74:4) and purify her robes,4 (74:5) and shun uncleanness,5 (74:6) and bestow no favour in order to seek from rather a greater return,6 (74:7) and persevere for your Lord"s sake.7

1. A riset of the lift of the revelation of these verses offered in the introduction over can help one understand why the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) top top this occasion has actually been handle with memiliki ayyuhal-Muddaththiru instead of ya ayyuhar-Rasulu (O Messenger), or memiliki ayyuhan-Nabiyyu (O Prophet). Together the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) had actually been terrified as soon as he had suddenly viewed the point of view Gabriel, sit on a throne between heaven and also earth, and had went back hastily home and also asked the rakyat of the house to cover the up, so Allah handle him with miliki ayyuhal-Muddaththiru. Native this fine means of resolve the meaning which automatically follows is: O mine dear servant, why have you lain down thus enwrapped? You have actually been put under the burden of a great mission: you should now happen from your solitude to perform this mission with resolution and courage.

2. A command the this very alam had been given to the prophet noah (peace be upon him) ketika appointing him come the office the Prophethood: warn the people of your nation before they are overtaken through a pains torment. (Surah Nooh, Ayat 1) The city means: O you who lays enwrapped, was standing up and arouse the orang who live in heedlessness about you. Warning them the the fate i m sorry would certainly overtake castle if lock remained connected in the same heedlessness. Warning them that they are not living in a lawless kingdom whereby they are totally free to command themselves together they like and where they deserve to do where they please without any fear or being dubbed to account for it.

3. This is the primary duty of a Prophet (peace it is in upon him), i beg your pardon he needs to perform in this world. His foremost duty is come refute the greatness that all itu whom the ignorant rakyat might it is in holding as great, and also publicly proclaim the the greatness in this cosmos belongs come none but Allah alone. Because that this an extremely reason the expression Allahu Akbar has actually been terawat as of tertinggi importance in Islam. The adhan (call come prayer) begins with the proclamation that Allahu Akbar. The Muslim start the Prayer itself with Allahu Akbar and repeats Allahu Akbar every time he sit or stands, He tambahan pronounces Bismillahi Allahu Akbar as soon as slaughtering one animal. The slogan of Allahu Akbar has become a most distinctive and also prominent emblem that Muslims throughout the dunia today, for the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) the this ummah himself had embarked top top his mission v the magnification and glorification the Almighty Allah.

Here, there is lainnya fine point, which have to be taken well. Together we have actually learned indigenous the elevator of the revelation of this verses, this was the an initial occasion once the Prophet (peace be upon him) had actually been commanded to arise for performing the duties the the an excellent mission the Prophethood, and also it was apparent that the city and society in i m sorry he was commanded to execute this mission, to be the centre of polytheism. Not only menjadi the orang around that polytheistic choose the typical Arabs but, much more than that, the city of Makkah had menjadi the paling sacred location of trip for the multipurpose Arabs, and also the Quraish menjadi its attendants. Emerging of a orang in seperti a ar all through himself and proclaiming the Oneness the God in the confront of polytheism was penuh of risks. That is why the exhortation come proclaim the greatness of her Lord hanya after arise and warn has this an interpretation also: do not at all mind the terrifying and dreadful pressures that it seems to be ~ to it is in obstructing and also impeding her work and proclaim publicly that your lord is the greatest of all itu who can hinder and resist friend from offering your message. This is certainly the biggest encouragement for a rakyat who embarks on a magnificent mission. The one who has Allah’s greatness and also majesty deeply installed in his heart will certainly feel no skepticism at all in facing and also fighting the entire world by himself for the services of Allah.

4. These are an extremely comprehensive words, i m sorry are jenuh of meaning.

They mean this: save your garments complimentary from every filth and also impurity, because that the purity that the tubuh manusia and garments and the purity that the spirit are inter-linked and also inter-dependent. A pure spirit and an impure body with impure garments cannot live together. The culture in i beg your pardon the Prophet (peace be upon him) had occurred with the invitation to Islam, to be not just steeped in the malice of unbelief and immorality, but was tambahan devoid of also the most elementary concepts of purity and cleanliness, and also the Prophet’s (peace it is in upon him) task was come teach its members cleanliness in every means of life. Therefore he to be instructed to establish and present a high traditional of purity in his external life as well. Thus, that is the result of the very same instruction the the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) gave mankind such detailed teaching about the cleanliness that the body and clothes as is not possessed even by the paling civilized nations of today, no to speak the the Arabs that the pre-Islamic aku of ignorance. So lot so the in paling of the language of the world there is no word synonymous with taharat. Top top the contrary, in Islam every publication of the Hadith and also Fiqh starts with injunctions and also instructions on taharat (purity), i m sorry distinguishes in between purity and impurity and also gives minute details around the techniques and way of obtaining purity.

The second meaning of this words is: store your apparel neat and also clean. The criterion of religiosity given to the dunia by the monastic principles was the a male was divine to the extent he was unclean. If a person happened to placed on practiced clothes, he was looked upon together a worldly man, vice versa, the sebenarnya is that manusia nature abhors filth and uncleanness and even a rakyat of simple fine taste loves come be associated only with a neat and also clean person. Top top this really basis, because that the one phone call the rakyat to Allah it to be made imperative the externally the should juga look for this reason neat and clean that the setiap orang should regard him through esteem and also his personality should not be stained in any way so regarding repel others.

The third meaning of this magnificent command is: keep your garments cost-free from moral evils: your dress need to be neat and also clean but it must bear no tinge of vanity and pride, display and exhibition, pomp and show. The dress is the an initial thing that introduces the personality of a person to others. The kind of dress a rakyat wears buatlah the orang judge at very first sight apa kind the a male he is. The dresses of the rulers and princes, the costume of the religious functionaries, the costume of the vain and conceited people, the costume of the mean and also shallow people, the costume of the evil-natured and also characterless people, all represent the tastes and also tempers of itu who stay them. The temper of the one calling to Allah is naturally berbeda from all sebagai people. Therefore, his dress should also necessarily be different from all of them. He should wear sebagai a dress as need to make anyone else feel that he is a noble and also refined person, that is not connected in any evil that the self.

Its fourth meaning is: store away from moral evils. Ibn Abbas, Ibrahim Nakhai, Shabi, Ata, Mujahid. Qatadah, Saeed bin Jubair, Hasan Basri and other terutama commentators have offered this very definition to this verse: save yourself ethically pure and avoid all the is blameworthy. Tambahan in arab usage as soon as it is said: So and also so is clean in his garments, it suggests that he is morally an excellent and pure; on the contrary, once it is said: he is filthy in his garments, it method that he is dishonest and fraudulent in his dealings: he is unreliable.

5. Un-cleanliness suggests every type of filth, whether of belief and thought, that morals and deeds, that the body, dress or mode of life. The city means: keep yourself cost-free from the filth of malice which are prevalent in society around you: nobody should ever impute come you the blame that your very own life diri sendiri is stained in some degree with the malice that friend tell rather to avoid.

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6. The words wala tamnun tastakthir in the initial are so substantial in an interpretation that no one kalimat can convey their penuh sense in translation.

Their one meaning is: Whomever girlfriend favor, you should favor that without any kind of selfish motive. Her bestowal of an endowment and also donation, your generosity and an excellent treatment should be only for the sake of Allah: there have to be no map in that of the desire the you must receive any worldly benefit in return because that the donate done. In other words, do great to others for the services of Allah, no for seeking any type of benefits.

The second an interpretation is: return the mission the Prophethood that you space performing is a great favor in itself, for the rakyat are obtaining true guidance because of it, execute not repeat the rakyat of this favor, nor try to acquire any personal benefits native it.

The third meaning is: although you are performing a great service, you should tidak pernah gloat end it, no one should ever before have the idea that by performing your prophetic duties, at the threat of life, you are doing any type of favor to her Lord.

7. That is, the task that is gift entrusted to you is full of hazards: girlfriend will satisfy with good hardships and also difficulties and also troubles on this way: also your own orang will revolve hostile against you and also the totality of Arabia will become your enemy. However you have to endure with patience, because that the sake of her Lord, whatever you may have actually to face in this way, and carry the end all your duties firmly and also resolutely. Fear, greed, friendship, enmity, love, all these will certainly hinder her way, however you should stand her ground firmly and also steadfastly.

These dulu the an extremely preliminary instructions i beg your pardon Allah offered His Messenger (peace it is in upon him) in ~ the time as soon as He commanded him to arise and mulai the job-related of Prophethood. If a person ponders end these brief sentences and anda meaning his heart will certainly testify the no much better instructions mungkin be provided to a Prophet in ~ the start of his prophetic mission. In these he to be told apa he was compelled to do, apa kind that life, morals and also dealings he should adopt, and taught with maafkan saya intention, mentality and mode of memikirkan he should go around his mission and juga forewarned apa kind of problems he would fulfill with in the performance of his mission and also how he would need to face and also overcome them. This particular day the setiap orang who, blinded by their prejudices, say the these native were, God forbid, uttered by the Prophet (peace it is in upon him) throughout epileptic fits, should belajar these sentence carefully and also judge for themselves whether these room the product of any kind of epileptic fits, or the accuse of a God, i beg your pardon He provided to His servant while appointing him come the mission of Apostleship.