Ethnic groups in Indonesia – Indonesia is a large country v an area the 1,990,250 km² with variasi ethnic groups in it. Ethnic teams are a group of rakyat who have something in common in between one member and also another. Generally the similarity is in terms of heredity, language, organic characteristics, or behavior and also culture.

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As a vast bangsa that follow me from Sabang come Marauke, Indonesia has actually thousands of tribes within it. Based upon data native BPS in 2010, the ethnic groups in Indonesia space 1340 country groups, including the interior and large tribes. Amongst the kepala tribes in Indonesia space Java, Aceh, Sundanese and also others. While kecil tribes sebagai as the banten hinterland are called the Baduy tribe.

Next, us will watch the various ethnic teams in Indonesia and milik mereka regions. Not everything is detailed in the table, there are still a few kondisi that have not been gotten in into the table.

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Big ethnic in Indonesia

Table the Ethnic groups in Indonesia

1Suku KubuSumatera (Jambi)
2Suku SakaiSumatera
3Suku GayoSumatera
4Suku AcehSumatera
5Suku AlasSumatera
6Suku DevayanSumatera
7Suku HalobanSumatera
8Suku KluetSumatera
9Suku LekonSumatera
10Suku PakpakSumatera
11Suku SigulaiSumatera
12Suku SingkilSumatera
13Suku TamiangSumatera
14Suku Aneuk JameeSumatera (Aceh)
15Suku BatakSumatera
16Suku Batak AngkolaSumatera
17Suku Batak KaroSumatera
18Suku Batak MandailingSumatera
19Suku Batak PakpakSumatera
20Suku Batak SimalungunSumatera
21Suku Batak TobaSumatera
22Suku NiasSumatera
23Suku MinangkabauSumatera
24Suku MelayuSumatera
25Suku MentawaiSumatera
26Suku LautSumatera
27Suku BelitungSumatera
28Suku BangkaSumatera
29Suku Anak DalamSumatera
30Suku woods AgungSumatera
31Suku PalembangSumatera
32Suku BengkuluSumatera
33Suku LampungSumatera
34Suku BetawiJakarta
35Suku SundaPulau Jawa
36Suku JawaPulau Jawa
37Suku TionghoaPulau Jawa
38Suku Baduy (badui)Pulau Jawa
39Suku BaweanPulau Jawa
40Suku TenggerPulau Jawa
41Suku OsingPulau Jawa
42Suku MaduraPulau Jawa
43Suku SaminPulau Jawa
44Suku DayakKalimantan
45Suku BanjarKalimantan
46Suku KutaiKalimantan
47Suku BerauKalimantan
48Suku PaserKalimantan
49Suku BaliBali
50Suku LoloanBali
51Suku SasakNusa Tenggara Barat
52Suku BimaNusa Tenggara Barat
53Suku SumbawaNusa Tenggara Barat
54Suku BotiNusa Tenggara Timur
55Suku BunakNusa Tenggara Timur
56Suku ManggaraiNusa Tenggara Timur
57Suku SikaNusa Tenggara Timur
58Suku SumbaNusa Tenggara Timur
59Suku RoteNusa Tenggara Timur
60Suku NgadaNusa Tenggara Timur
61Suku FloresNusa Tenggara Timur
62Suku EndeNusa Tenggara Timur
63Suku GorontaloSulawesi Utara
64Suku KaidipangSulawesi Utara
65Suku MinahasaSulawesi Utara
66Suku MongondowSulawesi Utara
67Suku SangirSulawesi Utara
68Suku BungkuSulawesi Tengah
69Suku BalesangSulawesi Tengah
70Suku BalantakSulawesi Tengah
71Suku WakatobiSulawesi Tenggara
72Suku ButonSulawesi
73Suku TolakiSulawesi
74Suku MandarSulawesi
75Suku LuwuSulawesi
76Suku MakasarSulawesi
77Suku BugisSulawesi
78Suku TorajaSulawesi
79Suku BajoSulawesi
80Suku AluneMaluku
81Suku AmbonMaluku
82Suku AruMaluku
83Suku BuruMaluku
84Suku FordataMaluku
85Suku mamaleMaluku
86Suku NuauluMaluku
87Suku MorotaiMaluku
88Suku HalmaheraMaluku
89Suku WemaleMaluku
90Suku Wai ApuMaluku
91Suku TernateMaluku
92Suku TidoreMaluku
93Suku SeramMaluku
94Suku SawaiMaluku
95Suku AeroPapua
96Suku AsaroPapua
97Suku KalamPapua
98Suku HuliPapua
99Suku GorokaPapua
100Suku YaliPapua
101Suku KorowaiPapua
102Suku DaniPapua
103Suku BauziPapua
104Suku AmungmePapua
105Suku AsmatPapua
106Suku MuyuPapua

It’s hanya a couple of ethnic teams that have often been heard and talked about. Yet apart native that, there room still numerous tribes who inhabit the vast country called Indonesia. Now we look at the explanation of some of the kepala tribes in Indonesia. Hope it will akan learning material and additional knowledge for every one of us.

Big country in Indonesia

1. The Aceh Ethnic

Aceh is just one of the people in Indonesia. They are a group of people who inhabit the westernmost coastal areas of Sumatra (Aceh), and also partially in the internal of Sumatra. Generally, the Acehnese are setiap orang who are Muslim. The colloquial language that the Acehnese is the Acehnese language i m sorry is carefully related to barat Malay-Polynesia. This language is tambahan related to the cham language talked in Vitnam and Kaboja. The bulk of Acehnese or also 100% the them space Muslims through Shafi’e ideology.

Other names because that the Acehnese tribe room Lam Muri, Achin, Lambri, A-tse Akhir, Asji and also Atse. The Acehnese are 3,526,000 people, paling of whom live in the district of Aceh. Kapan the mageri of Acehnese tribes based on the 2010 BPS census data by Aris Ananta, the number of Acehnese in Indonesia is 3,404,000. Personal from itu living in Indonesia, over there are juga the Acehnese country diaspora i m sorry today are in Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, the united States, Paraguay, Germany and Scandinavian countries.

2. Javanese

Java is among the surname of the tribe and also even the Javanese tribe is the largest tribe in Indonesia which consists of East Java, main Java and also Yogyakarta. Not only outside Indonesia, there are juga Javanese rakyat who live in Suriname, southern America. The Javanese rakyat who live in Suriname today have actually come from the dutch colonial era, they were sent to occupational there.

3. The Sundanese

The Sundanese or Sundanese room the people that inhabit the province of west Java. After ~ the Javanese, there is the Sundanese tribe which is one of the biggest tribes, said to be the 2nd largest after ~ Java.

Sundanese are known as a people that is acquainted with dari mereka traditional musical instrument, specific angklung. They juga have another musical instrument, specific Karinding.

4. Madurese

Madurese are juga the biggest tribe in Indonesia, they inhabit bagian of eastern Java. In the east Java area there are tambahan other tribes called the Osing Tribe, or Tengger. However, Madura is among the largest in population compared to others.

There are fairly a lot of ethnic Madurese, this have the right to be viewed from the populace in 2014, specific 20,179,356. The course now it has increased again.

5. Batak Ethnic

Furthermore, the tribe in Indonesia is the Batak. This is a tribe located in northern Sumatra, to be precise, the Karo Batak, Fakfak Batak, Malay, Maya-Maya, Toba Batak, Angkola Batak, Simalungan Batak, Nias and also BatakMandailing.

The Batak people in utara Sumatra are separated into numerous tribes, namely the Toba Batak, the Karo Batak, the Simalungan Batak, the Angkola Batak, the Pakpak Batak, and the Mandailing Batak.

6. Betawi Ethnic

Furthermore, there is the Betawi tribe, i beg your pardon is a tribe originating native the DKI champa area apart from the people we have actually mentioned previously (Javanese and also Sundanese).

Betawi is well known for its usual jumbo doll bermain or called ondel-ondel.

7. The Minangkabau Ethnic

Minangkabau is the name of the tribe that inhabits west Sumatra, this tribe is tambahan called the Minang tribe. However, not every one of the west Sumatra areas consist that the Minang tribe. Over there are other tribes that enhance the population in barat Sumatra, specific the Malays, the Tanjung Kato tribe, the Mentawai tribe, the Panyali tribe, the Sikumbang tribe, the Caniago tribe, or the Gusci.

Just like Aceh, the Minangkabau people is conquered by itu who room Muslims, native the story heard, the Minang orang are sometimes juga called the Padang people. If they call it urang Crew, which method Minang people.

8. The Bugis

Furthermore, the huge tribe in Indonesia is the bugis tribe in southern Sulawesi. Apart from the bugis tribe, the area of ​​South Sulawesi is tambahan inhabited by various other tribes, specific the Toraja Tribe, the Sa’dan Tribe and also the Mandar Tribe. The word bugis itself come from their language come Ugi, which way bugis.

9. Ethnic Malays

The did Indonesian tribe juga includes the Malay people who inhabits the Bangka Belitung area. The district of Bangka Belitung is juga inhabited by various other tribes such as Sundanese, Javanese, Madurese, Bugis, Banten, Banjar, Palembang, Minang, Aceh, Flores, Manado, and even Maluku. The Malay tribe diri sendiri comes native a well known Malayan kingdom in the area, exactly in the Batang days River area. In that history, the kingdom that Malaya was conquered and dibawah the Srivijaya kingdom.

10. Arab tribes

The Arab tribes who inhabit Indonesia generally come from between Indonesian and also Arab descent. This tribe is spread out throughout Indonesia, particularly in big cities, but in a certain area seperti as Jakarta, specific in the Pakojan area, in Bogor the is in the Empang area, Surakarta in the pasar Kliwon area, i m sorry in Surabaya is in the Ampel area, Gresik hidup in the Gapura area. The Malang Arabs live in the Jagalar area, cirebon Arabs live in the Kauman area, Mojokerto Arabs in the Kauman area, itu who live in Yogyakarta room in the Kauman area, the Probolinggo Arabs live in the Diponegoro and also Bondowoso areas.

Not just in these large cities, yet Arab tribes are also scattered in various other cities kemudian as Aceh, definition Palembang, Banjarmasin, and also other places.

11. Banten tribe

This is a people that originates from former Banten tasks in the past. Lock are typically Sundanese yet are categorized as Bantenese. They juga use the Banten language which originates from Sundanese. The difference is the the language of Banten is classified as turbulent Sundanese.

12. Balinese tribe

Bali is a district in Indonesia whose funding is Denpasar which to be once dubbed the Singaraja kingdom. So, the Balinese are the rakyat who inhabit the district of Bali. However, the Balinese are split into two, some room native and also some are not indigenous. The original Balinese are referred to as Bali Aga and others are referred to as Bali Majapahit.

13. The Banjar Ethnic

The next tribe in Indonesia is the Banjar tribe. The Banjar tribe is a team of orang who live in parts of southern Kalimantan. Except the Banjar tribe, over there are also other tribes such as the Ngaju, Bakumpai, Maanyan, Bukit Tribe, Deyah Tribe, Hamlet Tribe, Aba Tribe, Balangan Tribe, Dayak Tribe, Malay Tribe and also other tribes.

The banjar tribe itself is estimated to only number 4.1 million setiap orang and just 2.7 million people live in southern Kalimantan and the rest are scattered in other places.

14. The Sasak tribe

Sasak is a people in the barat Nusa Tenggara (NTB) region. The name sasak originates from the word sak-sak which way sampan. In the Kartagama book, words sasak is thought about to it is in an integral part that Lombok which is referred to as Lombok sasak MIrah Adhi.

Meanwhile, apa is heard in the mouths that the neighborhood people, castle say that sasak is obtained from the word sa’saq which method one. Ketika lombok originates from the indigenous Lomboq which means straight.

15. Dayak tribe

Furthermore, the well known duku in Indonesia room the Dayak tribes who inhabit Kalimantan. Kalimantan is not only populated by the Dayak tribe, but also the Ulu Aer tribe, the Manyuke tribe, the Kayau tribe, the Mbaluh tribe and also others. The Dayak tribe is one inland tribe on the island of Kalimantan, this tribe is still famous for its an extremely thick magical knowledge, even in berbeda traditional ceremonies magical scientific research is unique to them.

However, not many orang know around the mysteries the this tribe and also how they came from.

16. Country Chinese

Chinese are tambahan one that the large tribes in Indonesia, they room a group of orang who moved from China to Indonesia. This has happened dari hundreds or also thousands of years ago, especially what happened in the 16-19 century AD

The asal of the Chinese rakyat who came to Indonesia to be for the purpose of trading. However, the busy pasar at the time resulted in them come live in Indonesian territory, and also until currently they have akan Indonesian residents but with Chinese ethnicity.

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17. The Makassar tribe

The Makassar people is a people in Indonesia that occupies the Sulawesi area on the south coast. Over there are juga local orang who panggilan it Mangkasara, which means setiap orang who are open principles. They are juga known as a conquering country and like to hit in the sea.

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In the 14th come 17th centuries, the Makassar people was recognized as a prize of Goa’s work. Its territory is large and full of aneh naval fleets the can form an kerajaan based ~ above Islam.