Even if you’re not a “Running Man” fan, possibilities are that you’ve tho heard that the infamous “Monday Couple.” In the early aku of the show, family member newcomer Gary seemed virtually in awe the beautiful actress Song Ji Hyo.

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 It to be in ilustrasi 10 that the two stars were finally alone for the first time. Fans immediately loved their sweet, shy interaction during that episode. Soon, fellow actors member Haha made an observation that they appeared close throughout filming every Monday. Just a couple of episodes later, that seemed milik mereka friendship was solidified as soon as Song Ji Hyo remarked, “On Mondays, I have a man.”

The historic ilustrasi 10:

Ever since that time, fans have actually been crazy for the so-called “Monday Couple” and also look maju to seeing milik mereka interactions every week. The question remains though- is the Monday couple a real thing or hanya an act because that the show? also if they space not dating in real life, perform they really have actually feelings because that each other? Let’s examine out the truth in “Running man’s Monday Couple: fact of Fiction?”


When Gary (37) and also Ji Hyo (33) embraced anda Monday pair status, it seemed as though things started progressing naturally as with any kind of relationship. It was this touch of authenticity that really made viewers salary attention and buy into the seemingly genuine relationship. The much more Gary showed up to make developments towards Ji Hyo in a shy, azer way, the much more fans the Monday pair gained. Soon, the Monday couple craze completely exploded and also grew into what it is today. It has actually now produced thousands of fan sites, blogs, pan clubs, fan art, fan videos, and also much, much more!


At first, Ji Hyo seemed to get Gary’s breakthroughs with laughter and also her normal good nature on the show. Also with his comment like, “Is what they call love? as soon as you have it, the a burden! without it, you’re lonely,” Ji Hyo mainly hanya seemed to find him entertaining. As soon as fans ended up being even an ext in love v this lover pair though, anda onscreen time together a “couple” started to increase as well. No doubt because that the benefits of ratings, the producers and staff that the show began to encourage their behavior together well. Also the other cast members began to observe and also make joke about dari mereka relationship.


All that this fantasy suddenly involved a screeching halt once it to be announced the Ji Hyo remained in a partnership with the CEO of her entertainment company. Die-hard pan of the Monday couple became therefore indignant the they began to criticize Ji Hyo for supposedly betraying Gary. The matter gained so out of hand the Gary had actually to address the instance on his Twitter by saying, “Did we placed in too much right into our act? i will job-related harder now, learning that over there are people out there who care around me enough to tell me to it is in strong, but no require for the anymore!! yes no reason to cheer me up. There space others who are more in require of cheering. I’m simply having actually a tough time in search of my ego haha.” When fans still preserved trying to comfort him, he addressed them again- “Why do I have to listen to orang telling me the they are sorry once they don’t must be and I don’t need to hear it?” The team of fans who had never believed the Monday pair act hotly defended Song Ji Hyo and also reprimanded viewers for taking things in the display too seriously. “They have dari mereka own lives,” claimed one fan of Ji Hyo, “Just attend to it!”

When the lanjut few episodes aired though, the did show up that there to be a little of awkwardness in between the pair which prompted many fans to comment on the episodes. “Well, this is awkward,” said one fan. “Poor Gary! This seems so awkward and also difficult. I mengharapkan he will certainly be okay,” included another.

With time, the two bintang seemed come regain milik mereka easy friendship and also find brand-new footing worrying the connection between milik mereka characters ~ above the show. It no the Monday couple anymore, however it was still a true friendship which was evident.


After time passed, it appeared as though Ji Hyo’s relationship had come to an end. She proclaimed on a running Man ilustrasi that she to be “single.” Around ilustrasi 100, we started to check out the climb of the Monday pair once more. This time however, things appeared slightly different. Previously, Gary had almost selalu been the one come initiate things on the present or to be the first to bring up the Monday couple. Ji Hyo, top top the other hand, mainly laughed it turn off and hanya found amusement in ~ the jokes and comments. As soon as the Monday couple’s 2nd generation came around though, the suddenly seemed that Ji Hyo was much more receptive.


With time, the actress started initiating things as well, gift the very first one to make a Monday pair comment and enabling her easy friendship with Gary to build even more. V this new (and seemingly more authentic) relationship, the rumors once much more began to climb rapidly. It appeared as if fans were primarily separated into two categories- ones who totally dipercaya that the Monday couple was real and also others that felt it was an act (but secretly wished they were really dating). One of two people way, the Monday couple had no shortage of “shippers” as soon as it come to milik mereka relationship.

As their relationship progressed, it was easy to notification that Gary and Ji Hyo seemed berbeda than before. The awkwardness to be gone and in its location there appeared to it is in something bordering on genuine affection. Most people will admit the it’s generally daunting to maintain a entirely platonic friendship in between a guy or a woman. It’s not difficult of course, but it is certainly difficult. Usually, at the very least one of the setiap orang involved will mulai developing feelings for the other. To many fans, it seemed like Gary genuinely had some feelings because that Ji Hyo or in ~ least had a to like on she in a star-struck kind of way.

However, the distinction in real life is that when a rakyat who is an alleged to be in a platonic relationship begins to construct feelings for the other person, it reasons a lot of awkwardness. Generally, this results in the friendship gift toned turun to prevent hurting every other’s feelings and also ruining the friendship overall. Even if Gary did have sincere feelings because that Ji Hyo in ~ the beginning though, this was one relationship that couldn’t truly be toned down. Whereas most friends would ambil a step back and start seeing less of each other, Ji Hyo and also Gary still observed each various other on a weekly basis as coworkers.


Because of this, many fans feel favor Ji Hyo was offered time to truly autumn for Gary and let she feelings perkembangan more normally as time slipped by. Meanwhile, they believed Gary quiet harbored feel for her or, in ~ least, a sentimental like over maafkan saya might have been. Every little thing the fans believed though, things truly walk seem different as milik mereka onscreen connection started untuk bergerak forward after ~ the 100th episode or so.

Although part fans suggested that Ji Hyo was hanya not as shy as before and was only going bersama with the act because that the sake of the show, various other fans who observed her behavior ended up being convinced the she had finally fallen because that Gary and that the two menjadi destined to be together. The reguler jokes amongst the other actors members tambahan vamped us as well, and the Monday pair became a keyword because that “Running Man.” It appeared that the Monday pair was back and more powerful than ever. In ~ one point even, Gary ambil everyone by surprise as soon as he famously kissed Ji Hyo on her cheek during a special episode.


So, go that typical that the was hanya an act before, kapan later it had ini adalah real? Fans lanjutan to perdebatan the issue, and also rumors spread that the two menjadi secretly dating. Personally from pan though, even other stars dulu somewhat perplexed by milik mereka relationship. Popular singer Uee asked with actual curiosity during her stint as a guest, “Are they real?” In a an ext recent episode, a guest commented around Ji Hyo and Gary’s partnership by saying, “It’s hanya fascinating to watch them!”


The rest of the cast members seem almost like fans as well, selalu making jokes and comments seperti as, “If there space more couple rings left over, friend should offer it to the Monday couple,” or “After this season is over, you guys are going to acquire married, huh?” Haha also told them when in exasperation, “… seriously, just get married.” Once once Ji Hyo to be holding top top Gary tightly during the finale of an episode, the producer in fee even ambil notice and called her by name. Selalu good-natured, Gary claimed with a smile, “It already feels like we are a married couple.” milik mereka relationship ~ above “Running Man” is so well-known that Gary was also invited to perform a cameo for a drama the Ji Hyo to be filming.

What makes the Monday couple so believable is dari mereka natural chemistry. During early episodes, it to be undeniable that Gary had actually a crush on song Ji Hyo. As soon as he came challenge to confront with she every week, his innocent and also sweet, awkward actions brought a sumbu pohon of sentimental feelings come viewers sejak they had almost all experienced the very same thing at one point or another in their lives. Somewhere along the way, the producers realized the the Monday couple was pure gold and began to purposefully make instances for them to shine.


Even v the contrived and scripted situations, however, there seemed to it is in something real and also genuine in the tindakan of our Monday couple. Orang see it in dari mereka looks, milik mereka behavior, their natural skinship and even in anda conversation. People see that in Gary’s patience and loyalty to Ji Hyo and also in Ji Hyo’s smile when she is laughing in ~ his jokes. They also see it in the nervousness the Gary quiet gets when Ji Hyo is near, especially when law things favor “the Pepero game.” it is this emotion of authenticity that drives the audience to think in the loveline and leaves them hoping in their heart the the Monday pair is (or in ~ least, sooner or later will be) real.


All of this next though, the pertanyaan still continues to be today. Is the Monday pair real? has actually it ever before been real? carry out Ji Hyo and Gary truly favor each other? It might be (to the despair of plenty of fans) that Gary and Ji Hyo hanya enjoy a natural, comfortable friendship with each other and perhaps that’s every it will ever be.

Throughout the years, we have actually seen the Monday pair on and also off again (or together Gary describes it, “logging in” or “logging out”), but there is no doubt the two have actually a very close and somewhat unusual relationship. In one interview once, Ji Hyo claimed she to let go Gary who was elsewhere filming. She recently generated interest when she admitted that periodically Gary felt favor an ex-boyfriend. ~ above a “Running Man” ilustrasi in the past, she even once said that Gary had actually asked she to date him because that a month for the benefits of the show.

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In the newest episode of “Running Man” though, pictures menjadi taken of Gary caring because that Ji Hyo by gently wiping part whipped cream off she face. While he did so, he asked her, “Are we starting over again?” Fans instantly started commenting digital by speak “It seems favor they are selalu starting again” or “In my eyes, castle have selalu been together!” The pair also gained attention as soon as Gary sent out a flower wreath to the premiere of Song Ji Hyo’s newest drama. People were quick to an alert that staff had placed it next to the wreath sent by the husband that Ji Hyo’s co-star. Gary even once famously said, “Song Ji Hyo herself is beautiful, song Ji Hyo…she is a flower.”

Netizens are well-known for gaining into some pretty heated disagreements when it comes to anda beliefs though. So apa do lock say? Let’s ambil a quick look (most room from YouTube):

-“I yes, really really love Monday couple, yet in my opinion Monday couple is not real.”

– “In my opinion, Monday pair is fake. Most Monday couple fans are just Gary’s fans (who desire him to have Ji Hyo). “

– “I believe that there are feelings that JiHyo and also Gary have actually for every other. In the end, mine thoughts room that Gary and also Ji Hyo would probably marry in the near masa depan or would certainly date however sadly… not as soon as ‘Running Man’ is quiet alive and also kicking.”

– “I love Monday pair indeed. I harapan they have the right to be an day-to-day couple, not just on Monday!”

– “I’ve tidak pernah understand that relationship an extremely well. It’s noticeable they sometimes flirt because they want to and also not because they space “Running man’s Monday Couple.” However, it’s still no clear to me if they bawa pulang that relationship mostly as a joke or if they space taking it an ext seriously 보다 I think.”

– “All the TV relationships are brought away with by fans. Ns think rakyat want to fill a void and also live v these relationships and also put also much mengharapkan into the idea the love in between them – so when it crashes dibawah – that not hanya Gary and also Ji Hyo, yet the fantasy and also the dreams of love the are ending for these people.”

– “Viewers of ‘Running Man’ are just being dragged into the fantasies created by the Monday pair (and staff). Gary and also Ji Hyo space not a pair for real!”


In one kecil article, we can’t possibly sum increase a partnership that has actually been going on for numerous years, no one cover every the factors why setiap orang think that the Monday couple is actual or not. While some avid “Running Man” fans are tambahan hardcore fans of the Monday couple as well, others believe that it’s hanya part of one act and also no berbeda than playing a function in a drama or movie. There space even specific fans the end there who think the Monday couple act has actually gone too far and also is now hanya a hindrance to both Gary and Song Ji Hyo concerning opportunities in genuine life for relationships and work.

What melakukan your love tell you as soon as you think around the Monday couple though? space they a real pair or is it hanya wishful thinking? do you think they have feelings because that each other? do you think we will ever before hear an announcement the the lovely pair space dating because that real? actors your vote now, kemudian let us hear from girlfriend in the comment section below!