Berikut adalah contoh soal sebuah latihan bahasa Inggris buat kelas 6 semester 1 yang bisa digunakan such bahan belajar di rumah untuk persiapan UAS.I. Select the correct answer based upon the easily accessible option.1. A : "Is the ... Pencil ?" B : " yes, the is my pencil".a. Mineb. Youc. Yourd. Me2. It is not my book. The book is not ....a. Mineb. Mec. Youd. Your3. Bali island is located in .... That java island.a. Westb. Northc. Eastd. South4. The leader the a kingdom is ....a. Ministryb. Presidentc. Kingd. Queen5. One of royal surname in Indonesia is ....a. Kalimantanb. Javac. Majapahitd. Bali6. A : "Do you have an english dictionary ?" B : "Yes, ns .... ."a. Haveb. Doc. Doesd. Am7. Adi always gets the first rank in she class. That is the ..... College student in the class.a. Cleverb. Clevererc. Cleverestd.most clever8. Ahmad : " Where perform you live ?" Annisa :"................".a. Ns come indigenous Surabayab. I"m goodc. I live in Jakartad. Have actually a an excellent day!9. Ali : "Can you membantu me ?" buy it : "....., that course."a. Yesb. Noc. Pleased. I do10. The..... Has a Ivory.a. Crocodileb. Elephantc. Birdd. Cow11. Opposing of right is ....a. Upb. Downc. Leftd. Under12. The office room is in former of the library.The antonym that in former of is ....a. Sideb. Underc. Behindd. Between13. Now is sunday, yesterday is ....a. Mondayb. Saturdayc. Fridayd. Wednesday14. Mr. Arie is Adam"s father.Adam is Mr. Arie"s .....a. Sisterb. Sonc. Himd. Her15. The teacher occupational in the ....a. Marketb. Hospitalc. Schoold. Garden16. The resources city of Indonesia is .....a. Surabayab. Malangc. Balid. Jakarta17. Doni ..... In the bedroom.a. Sleepb. Sleepsc. Climbd. Cooks18. The students riset in the .....a. Officeb. Hospitalc. Classroomd. Canteen19. "keep silent please"we frequently see the in the ....a. Canteenb. Libraryc. Yardd. Street20. Syifa is 8 yerars old. Nadira is 7 years old.So Nadira is ..... Than Syifa.a. Youngb. Youngerc. Much more youngd. Older21. Look at the snapshot bellow !

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What time is showen in the photo ....a. A 4 minutes 1 to tenb. A quarter past tenc. Ten previous tend. Ten to ten22. Look in ~ the picture bellow !

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The gejala obove mean ....a. Don"t turn backb. Dont turn leftc. Dont turn rightd. Go ahead23. One of negara name in the dunia is ....a. Jakartab. Tokyoc. Seould. Japan24. The capital city of England is ....a. Berlinb. Parisc. Romad. London25. Ari : " just how .... Books do you have ?" Syafira : "I have around 7 books."a. Manyb. Muchc. Yes, i dod. SevenII. To fill in the blank space with correct answer !
26. Mine mother offer me a banana. Banana is sort of ....27. Us can find crocodille, tiger, lion and also etc in the ...28. We have the right to send a letter in the ....29. Hi, my surname .... Angga30. We deserve to watch the movie in the ....31. The opposite of big is ....32. Green, yellow and black are type of ....33. If you fulfill someone in ~ 08.00 am, you must say ....34. My mother cooks in the .....35. Tercinta laura is my favourite actress, .... Is very beautiful. III. Interpret the sentences bellow into english !36. Nama saya adalah Rangga. Umur saya 9 tahun.37. Saya kelas 6 sekolah dasar.38. Saya tinggal di jalan Kenanga no 539. Pak Adrian adalah ayah saya40. Saya mempunyai seorang adik perempuan