Despite the leak that its alleged optimal 16 contestants, Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 4 has continued on v the confirmation of its top 52 contestants on its Instagram.

Revealed ~ above July 7th, the present reveals professionally taken photograph of every contestants that room pieced bersama six different photos, nine contestants each.

Contestants include:

Gamcho, Sik-K, Kang Ji Won, Kim Nam Joon, Kim Seon Il, Kim oh Oen, Kim Yong Su, Kim Jin Seong, brand-new Champ

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David Kim, Lil Boy, Microdot, Park Young Jin, Vernon (SEVENTEEN), BasicK, warna hitam Nut, BewhY, Xitsuh (Seo Chul Gu)

Song Mino (WINNER), super Bee, bisa digoreng Boi, CJ, Ahn Soo Mi, Ahn Joon Se, Andup, apa Hong Won, Anjake

Woo Taewoon, One, InnoVator, Lee Dong Hoon, Lee Min Goo, Lee Soo Rin, Lee Eung Beom, Kim Ji Eun, Lee Hyun Joon

Lee Ho Jae, Incredible, ns Hyun Do, Ja Mezz, Jung Da Bin, Jo Han Kyu, Jooheon (MONSTA X), Zi Goo In (Earthman; 지구인), Ji Yoo Min

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