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Identifikasi menggabungkan Volatil dan Non-volatilFlavor Cabuk (Bungkil Wijen, Sesamum indicum Terfermentasi)

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, Helmi Ajinugroho, , Dr. Ir. Pudji Hastuti, M.S
Thesis NonPeerReviewed
: chip hotch Gadjah Mada , 2013

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https://repository.ugm.ac.id/118635/Identifikasi majemuk Volatil dan Non-volatilFlavor Cabuk (Bungkil Wijen, Sesamum indicum Terfermentasi), Helmi Ajinugroho, Dr. Ir. Pudji Hastuti, M.SETDCabuk is fermented food indigenous sesame cakes that has actually savory taste anddistinctive solid aroma.This is potentially occurred as seasoning. However,some of orang didn�t favor this strong aroma. Therefore, this riset was aimed toidentify some non-volatile compound like cost-free amino acids, nucleotide andvolatile compound that dulu affecting taste, and also umami, and kesalahan of cabuk,respectively.Cabuk was made from sesame cakes, by product of roasted sesame oilextraction. Voluntary fermentation the sesame cake dulu done for 60 hours insemi-aerob. The non-volatile compounds, including liquified sugars, organicacids, cost-free amino acids and also 5'-nucleotides were identified lihat high pressureliquid chromatography (HPLC). Kapan volatile compound of cabuk wereprepared by headspace solid-phase micro extraction (HS-SPME) an approach and wereidentified by aroma extract dilution evaluation (AEDA) method melihat gaschromatography-mass spectrofotometry olfactometry (GC-MSO).The results confirmed that non-volatile compounds i beg your pardon potential toflavor the cabuk dulu malic acid, succinic and also propionic acid providing soursensation and cost-free amino acids histidine, alanine, methionine, valine, phenylalanine which to be affecting the taste of sweet/ bitter/ sulfur. Aspartate, glutamateand few of nucleotides were GMP and AMP, carry out savory or umami tastesensations. Soot of umami taste was calculated by tantamount umamiconcentration (EUC). EUC values of cabuk reach 36.92 g/100g MSG or equal to0.3692 MSG. Dimethyl trisulfide and 3-methyl-butanoic acid menjadi the mainvolatile compounds connected in errol of cabuk. Based upon these results, it have the right to beconcluded that cabuk to be potentially arisen as a seasoning.