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worry no much more if PUBG Lite is not accessible in your country or friend cannot accessibility it for any type of reason together this detailed guide will membantu you bermain your favorite video game no matter what your true location is.

Update: The gaming firm terminated the PUBG Lite service on Marth 30, 2021, an interpretation new downloads space no much longer available. Brand-new users who tidak pernah downloaded it before won’t be able to bermain the video game on computer now. Sejak the service itself has to be terminated, for sebagai readers, our this overview now just serves to administer information about PUBG Lite that users loved. We’ll upgrade you di sini if the case changes for this.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one engaging, creative, and also top-rated video game that has exploded worldwide. The game is obtainable both ~ above mobile, consoles, PC, and in fact, it is platform-independent. That is dramatic climb to fame to be epic, and everything happened an extremely suddenly.

Fanatics the the game call it number of names sebagai as Battlegrounds, PUGB, Chicken Soup, Plunkbat, Player Unknown, etc. The owner produced it through the battle Royalle concept, and similar games encompass the Hunger gamings alongside raja of the Kill.

At the start of the game (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), the players would certainly be released from a trip into an island to fight because that survival. They would certainly scramble because that weapons, covers, and the terakhir man kedudukan becomes the winner.

You would need to use weapons of various tipe to death your opponent, who might come in solo or in groups. You must avoid danger and employ any means of survival else others will kill you.

What is the Lite version about?


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Lite (PUBG Lite) is different from the jenuh version that PUGB. The Lite variation is practically as famous and attractive together the jenuh version. The far-ranging difference in between both is the graphic quality and maps.

As its surname suggests, the Lite version is draft for computers with lower specifications as it has lower graphics and memory requirements. Player Unknown battle Ground Lite, just like the penuh version, is a multi-shooter video game that has the same characteristics as the PUGB original.

Unfortunately, the fight royale video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Lite is not accessible in every region. The is since of 2 reasons:

since developers have put part countries dibawah the beta testing program for now.And secondly, the remainder use geo-blocking technology to restrict access to PUBG from their territories.

Here is a perform of nations where PUBG Lite is one of two people not easily accessible officially or banned:

south AfricaUnited KingdomCanadaThe United states of AmericaJapanFranceIranAustraliaGermanyFranceAnd the rest of europe

The half on battle royale video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Lite interferes with personal freedoms. There seems to it is in no adequate justification for why countless nations implemented a ban. Kapan the devices might release the video game in banned nations at some allude in the future, no day is evidenced for now.

Let alone the expansion, ~ its July 2019 expansion announcement, wherein it broadened the beta launch of PUBG Lite in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka, PUBG corporation has not even shown any type of intent to publikasi PUBG Lite in more countries.

And as provided a little earlier, the problem is not only PUBG not untuk membuat the Lite version easily accessible to all the countries. Authorities have tendency to keep blocking it currently and kemudian (the geo-blocking), too. For example, however, PUBG Lite is officially obtainable in India, however the federal government banned it on September 2, 2020.

In which countries is PUBG pc Lite available?

PUBG is prohibition in part countries, conversely, it has actually unrestricted accessibility to various other countries. PUBG Lite is a cost-free version and is currently available in over 50 countries throughout the world. Di sini is a list of some:

South AsiaThe di antara East and utara AfricaNorth / Latin America
Bhutan The Syrian Arab Republic Saint Lucia
BangladeshSaudi Arabia Grenada
Sri Lanka Yemen Peru
Maldives Egypt Puerto Rico
United Arab Emirates Nicaragua
Israel Martinique
Tunisia Dominican Republic
Morocco Suriname
Qatar Paraguay
Jordan Uruguay
Lebanon Trinidad and Tobago
Iraq Virgin kepulauan
Oman Venezuela
Kuwait Cayman kepulauan
Algeria Bolivia
Azerbaijan Argentina
AfghanistanSaint Kitts and also Nevis
French Guiana
Antigua and Barbuda
Costa Rica
El Salvador
French Guinea

Getting PUBG Lite on computer from any kind of country

You sit turun at the comfort of her home and want to permainan PUBG, yet you obtain an error message informing you that you cannot accessibility the game. For this reason why and also how room you blocked? As listed above, you room blocked with geo-blocking, which boundaries your access on the internet based upon your physical location.

You have the right to install PUBG Lite on a pc in locations of restricted access with the use of a Virtual personal network (VPN).We will tell friend how, step-by-step. Yet let’s understand the geo-restriction concept a bit lebih jauh first.

How melakukan Geo-blocking work?

ISPs populate databases come map the internet protocol the websites and also services roughly the world. They usage these databases to membentuk the pokok for geo-blocks. Every computer system on the web is assigned a unique IP deal with (Internet protocol).

It is normally in number digits, e.g., At any time your computer requests on the internet, the receiving server would identify the ar of the IP and kemudian carry out the block. Your internet organization provider allocates your web protocol addresses. The ISP also flags the IP attend to of all restricted contents.

When your computer sends a inquiry for a service, the ISP would recognize if the service is flagged or not. If the is, you will not get access. The is just how Player Unknown is clogged in part countries. And also as you are here, that situation an ext likely relates come you. But worry no more as below, we administer you v a workaround to it there is no any lagi ado ideal below, in detail.

How to get approximately geo-block and also install PUBG Lite ~ above PC

The easiest, paling efficient, and fastest method of bypassing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ geo-block is through the use of a VPN. A Virtual personal Network, mostly well-known as VPN, is a company that courses your net traffic v a server situated in one unblocked region.

VPNs have proven come be very secure and also reliable in bypassing geo-restrictions. Many rakyat around the dunia turn to a VPN business whenever they feel deprived the the internet. That is due to the fact that virtual private networks space a notoriously fierce tool used in accessing geo-blocked content.

Governments about the dunia have increasingly censored content and imposed a lot of unfair regulations, i beg your pardon is depriving rakyat of accessing the isi they love.

VPN permits for a for sure passage for your internet traffic and juga secures your online activities. That assigns girlfriend a different country IP attend to and helps you develop a secure link to the website girlfriend visit. Furthermore, a VPN deserve to stop her ISP from throttling your Internet, protects you versus intrusive cookies, and keeps you cotton on the internet.

Which is the best VPN because that unblocking PUBG?

Getting your hands on a top quality VPN is the very an initial step towards bermain PUBG Lite where it’s blocked. There are numerous VPNs out there ~ above the Internet, but not all deserve to bypass PUBG Lite geo-blocks. Part VPNs out there would alleviate your link speed, which method you won’t have a good gaming experience.

Our extensive testing and research made us conclude the ExpressVPN is the best VPN business you can find on the net to unblock PUBG. We dulu able to form this opinion because the provider worked seamlessly v PUBG all the time compared to ten berbeda (all premium) VPNs us tested v PUBG.

ExpressVPN has lightning-fast servers in an ext than 90 countries that space spread along in 164 different locations, which buatlah it appropriate for unblocking PUBG Lite approximately the world. The provider juga offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, which speak a many about anda efficiency.

ExpressVPN will certainly encrypt your internet traffic and administer an included layer of protection kapan enabling you to accessibility PUGB Lite.

Anyone can use ExpressVPN since of that user-friendliness across all platforms. The service can let you escape geo-blocks, whether on the go, at home, in the office, or traveling.

Of course, ExpressVPN is not the just VPN that works well through PUBG, yet it menang the race as a whole during our comprehensive testing. Various other top VPNs sebagai as SurfShark, IPVanish, and also NordVPN occupational well with PUBG, too, but our mageri one reference is ExpressVPN.

Practically, every the premium VPN service providers stayed neck come neck during our research and also test, but speed was one element where no other business impressed us more than ExpressVPN.

Speed is a paramount aspect of a VPN, and this is wherein ExpressVPN separates karakter itu from not only mediocre VPNs but juga quality business providers in the industry. You wouldn’t prefer it if your link is slow, and also you can’t enjoy your game or other online activities. Express VPN is stable, secure, and also fast.

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exactly how to configure ExpressVPN

So understanding the sebenarnya that configuring her VPN is the very an initial step towards bermain PUBG Lite pc in any negara you want, plus, making your mind the ExpressVPN is the finest PUBG Lite VPN, it’s time to configure it.