APRIL Group’s pulp and document mill and also plantation operasi are mostly in and also around the major kota of Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau Province, top top the Indonesian island of Sumatra. In ~ the mill site, APRIL team has constructed a company kota that deserve to house as much as 7,000 setiap orang and consists of schools, clinical facilities, leisure facilities, religious facilities, sporting grounds and other amenities for employees and anda families.

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In enhancement to the pulp mill and plantations, APRIL group has invested considerably in infrastructure to take its assets to pasar including roads, ports and also an airport.

Pulp & paper Mill

Our pulp and document mill located at Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau province Indonesia is qualified of producing up to 2.8 juta tons that pulp and also 1.15 juta tons of record per year.

The mill supplies world-class design and an innovation to produce quality pulp and record products sold around the world. We operate the mill on the principles of “lean manufacturing”, which outcomes in effective practices in the use of energy and also water and in minimising emissions.


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Plantation and Land Use

Since the start of our operations, APRIL group has worked towards developing an sama sekali plantation-grown supply of wood.

We ensure that sensitive locations of the forests are conserved, land use within our concessions is optimised and also local communities posting ulang the benefits of development. Since 2005, APRIL group has voluntarily undertaken High Conservation value (HCV) assessments within its concessions sebelum operations commence. This assessments identify locations to be set aside because that conservation and protection. They tambahan identify plantable non-conservation locations for plantation establishment, areas an ideal for community plantation and continued community use, and also areas for framework development.

Of the 1 juta hectares of soil APRIL team manages, 480,000 hectares is tangan kedua for plantations. The continuing to be 51% is collection aside because that conservation, masyarakat use and infrastructure. Our commitment is thorough in our Sustainable forest Management Policy.

APRIL Group’s land use management rencana for the directly terawat concessions meet all land use criteria and delineation requirements stipulated in the Indonesia’s Government’s forestry regulations.

PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper

Riau Andalan Pulp and also Paper (PT. RAPP) is the operating arm the APRIL in Riau. The company’s operations have aided Pangkalan Kerinci flourish from a town of roughly 200 residences to a thriving kota of end 100,000 setiap orang today. Prefer APRIL, PT. RAPP operates on a 5C business philosophy: that its operasi should be good for Community, Country, Climate and also Customer, and only kemudian will castle be an excellent for the Company.

RAPP works v local orang to membantu them construct businesses. Local entrepreneurs are provided training, support and access to finance to tolong them set up businesses, specifically in areas that deserve to support RAPP, such as contracting and transportation. We have actually helped support an ext than 180 entrepreneurs, creating thousands of jobs in fields as diverse as automotive repairs and catering.

Farmers are juga given assistance through the integrated Farming System, a program which teaches them modern horticultural approaches to tolong them improve dari mereka yield and to grow brand-new crops. Farmers functioning on more than 2,400 hectares the land have now received instruction in ~ the dedicated pendidikan center. RAPP is also on the frontline of initiatives to build the regional community.

Indonesian culture is supported through program to keep traditional crafts alive, sebagai as a program to membantu local women increase their family earnings through the manufacturing of batik, a vivid local cloth. Ladies are juga empowered by a separate cloth weaving program, which gives them the pelatihan and equipment they should produce cloth for sale.

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Promising young athletes space supported with the masa depan Athlete training Centre, i beg your pardon was released in 2007. In the first half of 2017 they won a kasar of 40 domestic medals, including 19 golds, and tahun international medals, 2 of which menjadi gold. The center is part of APRIL founder Sukanto Tanoto’s vision the everyone should have the opportunity to realize his or her penuh potential.