Just before their New York show, VKH had actually the satisfied of sitting down with vocalist Taka of ONE yes ROCKat Playstation theatre (formerly recognized as best Buy Theater). In this casual one-on-one conversation, Taka talks around ONE yes sir ROCK"s goals, the factor behind the aliens in their "Last Dance" music video, and also more!*Note: The meet had changed its name from "Best purchase Theater" come "Playstation Theater" ~ above October 1st.

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First, we would prefer to congratulate you guys on her 10th Anniversary together ONE yes ROCK! exactly how do you feel around the band’s accomplishments so far, particularly with signing to Warner Bros.?Taka:This is prefer a dream finallycoming true. Once I began this pita in Japan, we menjadi aiming to be an ext international, to have actually fans everywhere. I"m really happy and super excited for next year. For this album"s success, and everything.VKH:Did the success of your previous album 人生x僕= (Jinsei Kakete Boku Wa)in Japan affect your decision to santai 35xxxv in english or to be it something else?Taka:I wanted it released an international because that was apa I wanted to do. It"s not since of the previous record, we selalu wanted to melepaskan an album in English. The was part of the plan to akan more globally popular. In ~ first, the initial was more focused top top Japan, kemudian the deluxe variation was more for our global audience.VKH:After her headline shows, you’ll it is in joining All Time Low and also Sleeping v Sirens on their tour. Is this component of your plan for conquering the U.S. Dari your albumwas already #1 in Japan and also on Billboard world Music? Taka:Yeah! Maybe. (laughs)VKH:Since you’re not as well-known in the U.S. As you are back in Japan, it’s virtually like you acquire the opportunity to mulailah over. Apa has this experience been like so far? Taka:Right currently we have actually a kecil crowd, and also are slowly gathering much more and an ext people, but in the masa depan I desire our music to reach a enlarge audience with my emotions and also heart. I try to carry out that, at least.VKH:You"re doing fine at it!Taka:Yeah, and the concerts are already bigger here, you know. We"re already getting up there.VKH:Right, and you"ve marketed out this venue double now, therefore you"re gaining much more and more fans in the U.S. Too.Taka:Yes! We"re gaining bigger.VKH: since your album’s got to the #1 ranking, what’s next? are you prepare yourselves for some kind of dunia domination, to make everyone a ONE ok ROCKer? Taka:Yeah! Yeah, I harapan so, I"m trying to carry out that!VKH:"Take Me come the Top" almost sounds more prefer a self-motivator, then. (laughs)Taka:Haha, yeah! as soon as I first write the text for songs, they"re in Japanese actually, kemudian we translate them come English. I can express myself far better in Japanese, however we"re trying to with more rakyat with the bahasa inggris lyrics.VKH:Since we’re on the object of songs, “Heartache” and also “Good Goodbye” space so beautiful and also relatable. Did you write them as a an individual catharsis, or dulu they tertulis with the objective of gift able to connect with the audience? Taka:Thank you!Umm, ns think i did it because that both.VKH: Withthese 2 songs, as well as others sebagai as "Memories," her album seems to resolve the many berbeda emotions the come through being in a relationship, and with when that relationship pertains to an end. Was this an intended theme?Taka:No, not really. It type of just happened.VKH:You usually have two tipe of lagu-lagu in your album; lagu-lagu that are much more personal and are about relationships, and kemudian songs that are penuh of power and just make you feel good. Just how do these songs relate to every other?Taka:Well, ns like variety a lot, so they"re over there for us to have actually a mixture of things. Popular music songs, severe songs, sad songs, ballads, etc. All of itu styles room there to include variety.VKH:Why is the number 35 for this reason important? Taka: Actually, it"s not kemudian a big deal. When we videotaped in the unified States, I experienced the sourse a lot all over the place. It"s favor a metaphor for ours U.S. Debut. Darimana this is the very first time we"re working with an American producer, and also we"ve to be spending a the majority of time in the U.S., the number became our destiny. It"s a utama number that hanya happened to it is in everywhere.
VKH:Yeah, and I"m not sure if you"re aware of this or not, but dari you said that, the cover arts for your album has actually a kind of tersembunyi message. You have two cara of menampilkan the numberi 35: the upright and horisontal slashes, and the "XXXV" behind that, virtually like it"s breaking through the artwork. Is that prefer you"re breaking right into America?Taka:Yes, exactly.VKH:Why is over there an alien invasion in the music video clip for "Last Dance?"Taka: I don"t know, actually, (laughs). I have no idea. It was the director"s idea.VKH:The director thought it would certainly look cool?Taka:Yeah. The director concerned my house, and also everyone sat down like we"re sit now; we menjadi sitting di sini and the director was sitting there. Together we speak to each other, the video was described to us. It"s actually a sad song around a boy and a girl, yet the director wanted to incorporate something else. He want to include the aliens.VKH:What perform the aliens represent?Taka:(Laughs) i don"t know. That may have been the director"s artistic licensing. This is our very first time shoot in the U.S., and our very first time working through an American director, so we went through it.VKH:You had an American director?Taka:Yes, however this doesn"t reflect top top America in ~ all, the was just us going bersama with the director. There room a most alien movies here, right? This was all the director"s idea, so probably they want to do freedom Day 3 or something, i don"t know, yet there"s no khususnya message native ONE ok ROCKabout aliens. Over there are just aliens there. (laughs) It"s an imaginative video.VKH:So, the music video clip is basically a love track with aliens just... There? (laughs)Taka:Yeah, and it"s yes, really funny!VKH:We uncovered it interesting! It was a yes, really good, exciting music video. The tune is juga really good, too.Taka:Thanks!VKH:What was the merencanakan of the music video for "Last Dance," if there was one?Taka:Plot? ns don"t think there was one.VKH:Well there"s some kind of cerita where you have a couple who"s fighting, they"re about to break up, and the man goes outside, and kemudian there are aliens.Taka:Haha, yeah, that"s it!VKH:That"s it? (laughs) There was no backstory?Taka:Yeah, there is no real cerita in the music video, but in the track the text are totally different.VKH:What is the story in the lyrics, sejak the music video is totally different?Taka:It"s actually around a guy and also a girl during milik mereka prom. Prom is component of American culture, right? we don"t have anything favor prom in Japan, yet I think it"s kemudian a beautiful thing.VKH:Are you trying come appeal come the American audience by putting that post in there, and untuk membuat that social reference?Taka:Yeah.VKH:That"s actually really interesting.Taka:Yeah, it"s focusing on the young love in American culture.VKH: Yeah, hanya listening to it, orang probably wouldn"t get every one of that because when us heard the we just heard a melancholy love song. Two setiap orang considering break up, yet they don"t really want to rest up, and they"re denying the there isn"t noþeles left come do. Is that also part the it?Taka:Yeah.VKH:That"s really cool, too.Taka:Thanks!VKH:Out of all of the music videos you have released and also re-released leading up to 35xxxv and its deluxe U.S. Edition, which ones are your favorite?Taka:My favorites space "Mighty long Fall"and "The Way kembali (Japanese vers.)," i beg your pardon is coming the end soon.

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VKH:There is a music video clip coming the end for "The method Back?"Taka:Yeah, there to be a really an excellent shooting because that it in Japan. It"s kemudian a great video, ns think.VKH:Alright, we can"t wait to check out it!