Earlier this year, it was announced the Grammy Award-winning 19-year-old would sing the judul track that the very same name for Bond"s makin delayed and 25th outing, produksi her the youngest ever before artist to carry out so.

Anda sedang menonton: No time to die billie eilish

The decision to be met v backlash from part audible 007 fans, claiming billie wasn"t the right an option to song a track for the franchise.

And, speak recently, Billie common her very own thoughts on the drama. She acknowledged that the reaction to be "totally understandable" ketika encouraging pan to save "an open mind".


Amy SussmanGetty Images
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"That to be the turbulent period," she told Variety.

"I wasn"t mad about it since I understand. Why wouldn"t people have desires for the tune that"s the layout to their favourite franchise? That"s entirely understandable.

"But mine favourite thing is an open up mind, especially when it to be closed before. I love when rakyat aren"t grounding to their pretenses, which ns am entirely guilty of all the time.

"I hear the something"s going come happen and I"m like, "That"s ridiculous. It should tidak pernah be that way. It"s tidak pernah going to it is in good." and it"s necessary to save your mind open and hanya listen and be like, "You understand what, actually? ns was wrong. This is really good.""


Darkroom/Interscope Records
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Billie"s comments monitor the resmi music video for "No Time come Die" dropping in October. The video clip features footage from the film that concentrates on the relationship between Daniel Craig"s 007 agent and also Lea Seydoux"s Madeleine Swann.

No Time come Die tambahan recently confirmed a major rumour about Lashana Lynch"s character.

No Time come Die, the 25th James bond movie, has a new publikasi date the April 2, 2021. Every the vault Bond movie are accessible on DVD or Blu-ray.


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