Starring a generation the young actors, this is the overview on who’s that in the ninth remake that the well-known Jin Yong classic.

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The sky Sword and the Dragon Sabre  will finish its run in Hong Kong this week, yet it perfect airing in Mainland China in April. Lainnya Jin Yong (金庸) novel-to-screen adaptation, New Return the the Condor Heroes  will certainly air throughout the summer holidays.

The terakhir remake in 2014 starred Chen Xiao (陳曉) and Chen Yanxi (陳妍希). Lima years later, this new adaptation will be the nine remake. V the plan audience gift millennials, the cast will it is in younger actors.

Thomas Tong as yang Guo


26-year-old Thomas Tong (佟夢實) has actually the look at of Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), and also started his career from taking part in Yunnan Television’s an international talent mencari reality present Are friend Ready? . Bermain Ying Zheng in The Legend of Hao Lan , his other representative works include The Legend the Chusen  and Colorful Bone .

Mao Xiaohui as small Dragon Girl (Xiao lengthy Nu)


Mao Xiao Hui was found by talent scouts when she appeared in the papers in she hometown Ningbo in ~ 16. New Return that the Condor Heroes her second drama. Her dingin aura fine the image of small Dragon Girl, however in the mind of fans, can be still part distance far from standard versions played by Liu Yifei (劉亦菲) and also Carman Lee (李若彤).

Nikita Mao together Li Mochou


Eking the end an impression v her antagonist function in the drama Prince that Lan Ling , numerous have commented that Nikita Mao’s (毛林林) Li Mochou watch prettier than Mao Xiaohui’s lead role of tiny Dragon Girl top top the advancement posters, with some discussing her slight resemblance to actress yang Mi (楊冪).

Vicky chen as Guo Xiang


15-year-old Taiwanese actress Vicky Chen (文淇) won Best sustaining Actress in ~ the kuning Horse Awards v her performance in The Bold, The Corrupt, The Beautiful , prove her acting skills. While staying true come the original novel, New Return that the Condor Heroes will tambahan explore the storyline from Guo Xiang’s perspective.

Su Qing as Lin Chaoying


Playing Er Qing in Story that Yanxi Palace , actress Su Qing (蘇青) will show up as founder the the ancient Tomb Sect Lin Chaoying. She angelic image on the poster contrasts strongly through her rotate as Er Qing, a despicable character.

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Other members that the actors include Bing Shao (邵兵) as Guo Jing, Gong Beibi (龔蓓苾) as huang Rong, Bing Xu (塗冰) as Guo Fu, Alex Fong (方中信) as huang Yaoshi and as Tong Chun Chung (湯鎮宗) as Master Yideng.