8 Easy steps Studying Abroad

Basically SUN pendidikan provides comprehensive, complete, and convenient services all in ~ once. Beginning from cost-free consultation, registration to selected institution, visa to services for once students are studying.Below space kinds of solutions by sun Education, summarized into 8 Easy measures Studying Abroad:
Get the most complete details regarding field of study, job prospects, untuk mempelajari destination and also university based on interest and talent.SUN pendidikan is in cooperation with prominent psychology organizations: Tes bakat Indonesia, gives you extra company for those who need more counseling on major to untuk mengambil and talent exploration.

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Our counselors will help you follow up on accept from selected institutions. Depending upon the tingkat of study and institutions, generally a titik of 1 to 2 months is required to await the acceptance letter.
After receiving offer Letter and fulfilling all scholastic requirements, students will be asked come pay because that tuition fee and/or other added expenses.
SUN Education’s counselors will take care of the inquiry for student paspor in the negara of destination.To use for college student visa, documents such as paspor form, sell letter, financial institution statement from parents or sponsor, latest transcript, bear certificate, family members certificate space required.
Counselors will tolong to purchase aircraft tickets, handle accommodation, and also airport pickup in the negara of destination.
Attending pre-departure briefing indigenous SUN education upon come is highly encouraged. Counselors will be willing to tolong while students room studying there.

Being granted a bachelor’s degree from university overseas with too many of unique experiences over bestow us with our very own value once entering skilled world, particularly when going kembali to Indonesia. To attain all things discussed above, every preparations must be planned and also executed perfectly.

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As a sixteen-year-old student formerly enrolled in the global Baccalaureate program, the admission process for bergerak to university in Singapore is slightly different than if I dulu enrolled in lagi program, kemudian as Cambridge "O" Level. Fortunately, the trouble was easily resolved and also I was able to enroll in college and also be welcomed quickly. SUN pendidikan explained all the college needs that i wish to use and membantu me an extremely thoroughly. SUN pendidikan managed all the necessary papers and tambahan helped me in mine student visa application. The service is fast and also reliable, and also I would definitely recommend SUN pendidikan for anyone planning to mengalihkan school.Former School: Dian semoga SchoolMajor: Bachelor of Fashion DesignInstitution: Raffles style Institute

SUN pendidikan helped me to discover campus references and also make it easier to bawa pulang documents come the university.Former School: Trisakti UniversityMajor: understand of global BusinessInstitution: Curtin Singapore

I have heard sunlight Education before from mine family and also friends and they claimed that the service listed was really nice and also helpful. The really helped me a lot to riset to new Zealand with fast company and an answer and really nice people. Spesial thanks to the counselors who aided me end up my requirements and documentation for my understand degree.Former school : Universitas TarumanegaraMajor : Master the AccountingInstitution : University of Waikato
My suffer with SUN education is great. I believe SUN pendidikan is the very first agent ns choose because it has fantastic background and performance. SUN pendidikan and its counselors are very agile and tolong 100% the needs and also conditions required by the to plan university. SUN pendidikan greatly accelerates the process of everything.Former School: SMA Bogor RayaMajor: Diploma of company (Part 2)Institution: Monash University
SUN education is really helpful when offering information and also university alternatives that i am interested in. The college and paspor application procedure are quick and easy.Former School: STP BandungMajor: master of an individual AccountingInstitution: main Queensland University
The very first time I wanted to walk to college for the grasp program, the details is still very minimal. Once I join the SUN pendidikan expo, I got a many of info from the counselor. As shortly as i enrolled because that college and received a scholarship to university, there menjadi some problems, but again sunlight Education selalu patiently administer the finest solution for the overseas study plan. For ME, sun IS THE best SOLUTION pendidikan PLANNER because that FUTURE.Former School: Bakrie UniversityMajor: master of international BusinessInstitution: college of Auckland
It to be a an excellent experience overall, completely hassle-free. From college application to visa, i was guided v the entire process. See my friends hidden in paperwork confused me together I had no seperti experience! I certainly would recommend any kind of student to use SUN pendidikan to use to uni!Former college : Gandhi Memorial Intercontinental SchoolMajor : Bachelor that Business and also CommerceInstitution : Monash Malaysia
Since I took the Bachelor program, i have used the solutions of SUN and also the experience is selalu satisfactory. Counselors can carry out solutions to every pertanyaan and need. In addition, the an answer is also fast and can introduce the desired study.Former School: Curtin UniversityInstitution: right into NCUK
My suffer with SUN pendidikan has surpassed my expectations. The staff has actually been really helpful in untuk membuat sure i am prepared to enroll in my wanted university. Ns am really pleased with milik mereka great cooperation.Former institution : IPEKA incorporated Christian SchoolMajor : Bachelor of well Arts Fashion MerchandisingInstitution : Academy of arts University
Good. I felt greatly helped by the timely handling of the files so I could go to college as planned. We say thanks to you very much because that the membantu of sun Education.Former School: SMA unified BogorMajor: Diploma that PattiserieInstitution: Le barisan Bleu Australia
SUN education provides insight and counseling in various aspects of higher education. Beginning from registration, acceptance, to the making of visas all of which facilitate us in achieving apa we want for our future.Former school : chip hotch IndonesiaMajoring : master of company Information SystemsInstitution : Monash University
From the start I want to proceed my researches in China, ns was automatically interested to find info through sun Education. Indigenous A-Z, every little thing is helped and explained in detail. Yeay! say thanks to you, sun Education.Former School: chip hotch IndonesiaMajor:Institution: Les Roches Jin Jiang
Very informative, responsive, helpful, particularly when pertained to the management for college registration approximately college departure.Former School: universitas IndonesiaMajor: understand of LawInstitution: college of Auckland
Dimudahkan batin segi dokumen-dokumen apa berhubungan dengan sekolah. Memberikan penjelasan yang jelas kepada student atau pihak orangtua. Sederhana dihubungi.Former college : sekolahnya Dian HarapanInstitution : Raffles architecture Institute
At the start of the process, I gotten in the SIM, over there are many things I komandan I couldn"t take care of by myself. After ~ that, the representative that the institution in Indonesia provides SUN education services that membantu me indigenous IELTS ™ test to use the other documents.Former institution : SMA Al Azhar BSDMajor : Bachelor of international BusinessInstitution : Singapore institute of Management
SUN pendidikan is really helpful in taking treatment of my college arrangement, as well as preparation of IELTS come the end. In enhancement to college arrangement, sun has juga helped me in finding accommodation, therefore it will certainly not be as difficult if I do it myself.Former college : SMA Santa LaurensiaMajor : Bachelor the Actuarial StudiesInstitution : Macquarie University
SUN pendidikan is rather responsive and great at providing information. Also, it is quite responsible for assisting student who want to walk to college abroad. Specifically for me, in spite of many paspor problems in visa processing, the counselor still want to membantu and monitoring, therefore I successfully went come university.Former college : Institut Teknologi BandungMajor : Foundation Cert. In EngineeringInstitution : University of Glasgow
Thank you very much because that the membantu and explanation from sun Education. The explanation is complete and an extremely helpful. The consultant is yes, really friendly! This is the true one-stop systems for your masa depan education.Former school : SMA Santa LaurensiaMajor : Bachelor the Actuarial ScienceInstitution : University that Waterloo
As a sixteen-year-old student that was formerly enrolled in the global Baccalaureate program, the application procedure to transfer to a university in Singapore is slightly different than If I had actually been enrolled in other programs, seperti as the Cambridge "O" Level. This was easily resolved and also I to be able to apply to college and was shortly accepted. SUN pendidikan explained a rundown of all the needs of the university I want to use to and also helped me v my college application very thoroughly. They arranged all of the necessary records and also assisted me in my student visa application. They space quick and reliable, and also I would absolutely recommend SUN education for anyone that is to plan on transferring schools.Former institution : Sekolah Dian HarapanMajor : Bachelor the Fashion DesignInstitution : Raffles design Institute
The staffs are an extremely helpful, prompt v our needs and they do the process ini adalah very easy. Castle will membantu us in everything. We just need to offer the documents.Former school : Monash UniversityMajor : MSc task ManagementInstitution : XJTLU
SUN education has made mine application process to university a lot easier. The company has assisted me v the difficulties and also complications i faced bersama the way. SUN has actually been really professional. Thus, ns would definitely recommend SUN pendidikan to students spring to riset abroad.Former school : SMAK 8 PenaburMajor : BSc global Economics and TradeInstitution : The university of Nottingham China
The all at once service of SUN education in assisting mine admission process to XJTLU is an extremely satisfactory. Ns am grateful to have chosen sunlight as mine consulting agent. Thank you!Former college : SMAK 4 PenaburMajor : "BSc in AccountingInstitution : "XJTLU
SUN pendidikan provides terrific service. The IELTS ™ course is excellent and also provides practically facilities.Former institution : SMA santo PiterMajor : DBA In bookkeeping and FinanceInstitution : PSB Academy
The services noted by SUN pendidikan are excellent: friendly and also responsive. Sunlight Education juga fully understands the situation and conditions that i face. Extremely recommended. Give thanks to you very much for your membantu and cooperation.Former school : universitas Pelita HarapanMajor : master of viewpoint - ResearchInstitution : college of west Australia
To begin with, my decision to untuk mempelajari abroad was made only few months sebelum the brand-new intake. I was a little worried that i wouldn’t be able to make it come the college this year. But kemudian I involved SUN pendidikan and it was really useful for me. They i ordered it the documents and also other requirements so that ultimately I managed to get here on time and also begin mine study di sini in Malaysia.
SUN Education Group helped me a lot as soon as I used to a college in America. Ns had an excellent time guided through this pendidikan consultant to complete my applications process. And also finally I have actually been able to study in USA with tolong of SUN Education. Say thanks to you therefore much, SUN education Group!
It has been a great experience lihat SUN education Group"s services. They have accompanied me everyday and give me therefore many coherent informations. Without SUN pendidikan Group, I will not have the ability to go come UK to continue my study. Many thanks a lot!