This document is encrypted by open password, us can"t get accessibility to the content. Please get in the correct open up password, and shot to transform it again.

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This record is encrypted through the open up password, we can"t get access to the content. Please get in the correct open up password, and shot to transform it again.
Please choose a record less than 20 MB. Or acquisition for Windows, convert larger documents without limitations.
The record format friend selected is not sustained by this feature, please choose the correct input format.

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Desktop version: 24-in-1 for Windows

More productive method for PDF come Word conversion and other 24 PDF tasks. Desktop computer version doesn"t require the net Connection, support batch processing and also larger files.

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Desktop version: 20-in-1 for Mac

More productive method for PDF to Word conversion and other 20 PDF tasks. Desktop version doesn"t call for the net Connection, assistance batch processing and larger files.

Simple way to convert PDF come Word document

It"s extremely easy come use, just drag and drop the file to the file area or click "Choose file" button to choose a PDF file. Click "Start conversion". The paper will be uploaded and also converted instantly. You deserve to download the document instantly.

Accurate PDF to Word conversion

After convert PDF come Word, the initial PDF isi and formatting will certainly be fine preserved. No matter how kompleks your PDF is, the PDF conversion business can save the original PDF formatting as accurate as possible.

Safe PDF come Word Converter

The document will it is in uploaded via an encrypted and safe internet connection. After ~ conversion, the papers will it is in deleted immediately after 30 mins. You can juga manually remove the files from the server soon in one click. We care around your privacy.

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Forever totally free Cloud service

You don"t need to download any type of software, the PDF come Word conversion is handle via the Internet. All you need is Internet access and a web browser, kemudian you can transform or penyuntingan PDF ~ above Windows, Mac, iOS or Linux or any kind of other OS. The doesn"t require membership, all the digital tools room forever free.

How to transform PDF to Word Online?

Drag and also drop the PDF paper to the PDF to Word converter, or click "Choose file" come select file from your computer. Pick the doc or docx as calculation formats. Click "Start conversion" button to awal the virtual conversion. Click "Download file" to download the convert Word document when the counter is finished.