Officially opened in 1991, the store is situated in southern Jakarta. This two leveled store which is situated in hutte Indah shopping center is occupying one area that 11,586.9 m2. The bulk of customers coming to this store room from housewives and expatriates who space living in pondok Indah.

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We prepared to welcome you come our newest reopening keep METRO Plaza Senayan. Providing you the best choice of brand & merchandise, exceptional customer service and also unforgettable purchase experience.


Became the an initial METRO store outside of Jakarta, metro Trans Studio Bandung was opened up in 2001. This keep targets the client from housewives and also the sekitar residence in Bandung. The 2 leveled keep which tambahan became METRO’s 3rd store is located in the renowned shopping facility Trans Studio shopping center Bandung and occupying an area that 12,243.4 m2.


With the kesuksesan of 3 stores opened, in 2002 with the target of giving easy access to METRO’s loyal customer who are residing in the barat part the Jakarta, metro Department store officially opened its fourth store. This 3 leveled store with an area that 12,592.3 m2 is situated in Taman Anggrek Mall had actually succeeded into ending up being one of the shopping center that is frequently visit through customers, especially those who are Chinese Indonesian and juga the expatriates living in ~ in the area.


Officially launched in mid of 2010, this store came to be METRO’s 6th store which also the second store exterior of sampanye area. The save which is situated in the eastern side the Indonesia, Makassar is easily accessible in infectious diseases worldwide Studio Mall. V the area the 12,518.8 m2, the two leveled save cater the way of life needs the the setiap orang in Makassar.


With the increasing demand of champa customers come METRO, in january 2011 subway Gandaria City to be officially opened. Occupying an area the 9800 sqm, the two leveled keep which juga became METRO’s seventh keep is catering the way of life needs the the orang residing in southern Jakarta.

Succeed with seven stores in Jakarta, Bandung and also Makassar, in early januari 2012 subway officially opened up its eighth save in Surabaya. Situated in Ciputra dunia Surabaya, this 3 leveled save occupies an area of 13,560.2 m2 and also brings ranges of lifestyle commodities from local and international brands.

At the mid that November 2013, subway officially opened its nine store in Solo, main Java. Located in The Park Solo, subway occupies two leveled keep with one area of 6,280.7 m2 and brings modernis lifestyle product with some newest brand in Solo.

With the new concept of brand-new Look, new Experience and brand-new Promise, subway reveals its keep at Puri cantik Mall in June 2017. This 2 stories store inhabited an area of 13,000 sqm, and also provides a wide selection of premium, high top quality brands for family members in barat Jakarta.

Expanding the new konsep of Fashion, METRO opens up its second store in 2017 and very first ever keep in utara Sulawesi at grand Kawanua Citywalk manaado on November 2017. With practically 10,000 sqm varying a 3 story floor, whatever glamorous and also fashionable will fulfill you there.

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Location:Grand Kawanua Citywalk ManadoJl. A.A Maramis Kayuwatu/Kairagi II, manaado – 95254, Sulawesi UtaraTelp : 0431-8945031, 0431-8945032

METRO Department store opens brand-new outlets in ~ Trans Studio shopping center Cibubur, Depok in April 2019 with an area of much more than 5000 sqm. Metro Trans Studio shopping mall Cibubur will carry out a brand-new shopping experience by presenting a different METRO concept from various other outlets, this difference contains international and also local brands, perfect client service and displays the ideal creations indigenous Indonesian fashion designers.

Location:Trans Studio mall CibuburJl. Alternatif Cibubur, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, town Depok, Jawa barat 1645Telp : 021- 39715501 / 021-39715502