Taylor Swift released “22” in 2012 along with her fourth studio album ‘Red.’ After nine years, this tune still resonates in our heads and we feel choose we never forget this lyrics: “Everything will be alright if we hanya keep dancing choose we’re 22…” This track will likely continue to remain one of the paling relatable lagu for everyone the end there.

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“22” is the 6th track on Taylor Swift’s 2012 album ‘Red.’ The song marks a clean cornerstone in Taylor’s pop transformation from three negara albums prior. The popular music beats, catchy lyrics, and the i know good music video propelled the track to rest the top 10 in numerous countries around the world. In the US, the song got to #20 top top the Billboard hot 100 Chart. All roughly the world, “22” has actually sold over 3.5 juta copies come date.
Taylor Swift talked about the inspiration behind the track in an interview v Ryan Seacrest; “For me, gift 22 has actually been my favorite tahun of mine life. I like all the kemampuan of exactly how you’re quiet learning, yet you recognize enough. Girlfriend still recognize nothing, but you recognize that you know nothing. You’re old enough to start planning her life, yet you’re young sufficient to understand there are so numerous unanswered questions. That brings about a carefree feeling that is kind of based upon in-decision and fear and also at the same time letting loose. Being 22 has taught me so much.”In the album booklet, “22” included the hidden message “Ashley, Dianna, Claire, Selena,” a referral to her 4 close friend in actual life.

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“22” Lyrics meaning and tune Review

The track is around having carefree fun. Taylor Swift partly based the song on her very own experience of being 22-years-old. As a popular music artist, Taylor was currently on the global map at the time and currently has had actually her heart damaged several times. But on this specific birthday, she is all set to forget all the bad memories indigenous the past. She is prepared to have some fun through her ideal friends.Verse 1In the an initial verse that the song, Taylor Swift sings about a details night (maybe she 22nd birthday). She is feeling extra funky and she is senang about she life. She is surrounding by she besties and she is on top of the dunia with she career.
Taylor Swift rencana to continue to be up late with her finest friends and also gossip around, hoax around, and maybe even make funny of anda exes. Remember, Taylor’s acquired a ‘long perform of ex-lovers‘ in ~ this point, the recent being actor Jake Gyllenhaal.‘Breakfast at midnight’ is a reference to continuing to be up so late the a enjoy the meal at the time is almost breakfast, however it juga dead in the night. Usually, rakyat who stay up late, having actually fun, or clubbing go for midnight breakfast meals served at 24-hour food stores.If you carry out go the end at midnight and also have fun, there is a chance that girlfriend will find a stranger to make love because that the night. Taylor Swift is just imagining the pilihan with she girlfriends!Pre-chorusThe period of 22 is a strange time in a teen’s life. You space an adult, but also a teen at the exact same time. The load of the dunia may mulailah getting to you, yet you still have the right to rely on your parents. Friend might mulailah to contemplate your future, however will paling likely finish up comes up with nothing!Taylor Swift summarizes this age perfectly;We’re happy, free, confused, and also lonely at the very same timeIt’s miserable and magical, oh, yeahA 22-year-old doesn’t have actually much to issue about, yet they seem to worry about a LOT! They will certainly have much more friends than they are ever going to have actually later in life, yet they cannot membantu but feel alone, too! It’s truly a confusing time come say the least!


The chorus of the song is really catchy. Taylor sings about the sweet innocence the the period mixed with a happy tone.Taylor Swift sings about a mungkin romantic companion who is going come be there for she and untuk mengambil care of her for the rest of her life. At 22, this is a lot come expect. Taylor kenal this with experience. So, she might actually be talking about her ideal friends too.Taylor consoles united state all saying that everything will it is in alright if you hanya be yourself and not permit the emphasize of the dunia get to you. Everything will occur in an excellent time.Verse 2So, Taylor Swift did walk out with her ideal friends. Perhaps it’s a club, or a bar, or even a institution party. Whichever that is, that is sepenuhnya of cool kids. And these cool children have no time for negara Taylor Swift.This lyric could be lainnya jab at Taylor’s kemudian ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. The American gibbs is claimed to have not take away Taylor’s music seriously. Taylor talked around her ex in one interview with USA Today; “He made me feel prefer I wasn’t as great or as appropriate as these hipster bands he listened to…”

Taylor Swift started her career as a negara artist and ditemukan herself as seperti with her earlier work. Negara music seldom tops the charts and also gets billions that streams. Many do not consider bangsa music come be tendency music. So, Taylor is conscious that she is no the an interpretation of ‘cool’ or i know well personality. However with the ‘Red’ album, she did adjust that publik image around her. She showed that she deserve to do mainstream pop together easily. “We Are never Ever Getting kembali Together” song from the very same album became Taylor Swift’s very first #1 hit on Billboard hot 100 chart.BridgeThe carefree Taylor Swift desires to make part mistakes on she 22nd birthday.It feels choose one of those nightsYou look like bad newsI gotta have actually youTaylor Swift melakukan not mind including one more name to her list of ex-lovers. Might as well, right? girls gotta have actually fun too.Taylor Swift’s “22” stands together an anthem for carefree young adulthood where every one of us will be free, happy, and also confused in ~ the very same time. These space the terakhir years the ‘freedom’ before life hits you in the head. So, might too enjoy life ketika you can. Paling importantly. The song advocates having great friends about you. As soon as it pertains to friends, only the quality matters, not the quantity.Let us hear apa you think about this tune in the comments below. How menjadi your 22s?Check the end the complete lyrics top top Genius.

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