It’s may 26 in ~ 9pm, and the west gate of Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) stadium — Indonesia’s nationwide stadium — is open up for a special occasion.

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Some 7,500 miles far in Kiev, Ukraine, a young Liverpool squad room gearing up because that the game of their lives. It’s the last of the uefa Champions organization — certainly the paling prestigious club competition in dunia soccer — and also not a solitary one the them have ever menang it. Dari mereka opponents, the mighty Spanish giants actual Madrid, had dimenangkannya two on the trot, and also three in the past 4 years.

Back in Jakarta, hundreds clad in red awal trickling onto the the vast lawn that GBK. Like anda heroes in Kiev, yes a palpable sense of nervousness — also dread — amongst the Liverpool fans in attendance. The terakhir time Liverpool won the Champions organization was in 2005, for this reason for plenty of of the younger fans, this night is a first.

Soccer is the global sport, the beautiful game that transcends boundaries and cultural barriers. Kids and also adults alike approximately the world wear jerseys of european powerhouses such as Barcelona, genuine Madrid, and Juventus v pride, also if they have no geografi connection come the cities where these teams are based.

In Indonesia, Liverpool FC is king.

A untuk mempelajari by Nielsen sports in 2014 approximated that there are 66.1 juta Liverpool followers in Indonesia, a quarter of the country’s population and also slightly an ext than the populace of the entire UK (65.6 juta in 2016). Indonesia’s Liverpool fans have the right to fill the team’s 54,000 capacity home stadium, Anfield, 1,224 waktu over.

The paling hardcore fans membentuk and join numerous fan clubs in the country. Big Reds, the only resmi Liverpool fan club in Indonesia, boasts close to 7,000 the the most fanatical payment members in Indonesia across 24 local chapters. Lock hold regular community events and gather to watch every solitary Liverpool enhance without fail, usually in outdoor screenings or booked out cafés and restaurants. The time distinction usually method that they regularly have to continue to be up late at least once a main to watch Liverpool bermain on TV screens.

The fanaticism is rabid, in spite of the fact that, sejak the kemuliaan years that the ‘80s and also ’90s, Liverpool hasn’t won as many trophies as various other European giants, consisting of arch rivals manchester United. And that fanaticism is passed turun generation to generation.


There’s absolutely no geographical obligation for fans prefer Evan, Ghufron, and also Anton to support a team that’s situated in a country they’ve tidak pernah visited. They could even confront language and social barriers were they in reality to go to Liverpool. Yet football is a global sport, and makin so, v fan cubs and screenings that matches prefer these are usual throughout the world.

Liverpool’s Indonesia fans room no bandwagoners, one of two people — at the very least not the true fanatics we met on Saturday night. Distance be damned, loyalty method something come them (and by extension, anda children, and dari mereka children’s children). That why Liverpool establish the huge pasar potential of Indonesia, and why sampanye was one of the stops for the team pre-season summer tour in 2013 and possibly an ext in the future.

“Liverpool is a club through values and passion exceeding itu of various other soccer clubs. The club’s history, achievements, and fan passion in the membentuk of chants and also banners bekerja untuk Liverpool a club with character the stands out from the rest,” stated Aditya Mahendra, that himself has actually supported Liverpool since he was 11, kembali in the Michael owen days.

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“Passion is not selalu linked come achievement. I even see Indonesian pan who were born ~ the ’90s who assistance Liverpool since they individu feel they posting ulang the same values and also the passion with the club.”

Will they book out the GBK for lagi final this time lanjut year? It’s tough to check out Liverpool reaching that allude again, specifically if this tahun is the anomaly professionals would have us believe. However Indonesia’s Liverpool fans think — they’ve never, ever before lost hope, also after all these years — that milik mereka time in the sunlight will return. Once it comes, Indonesia will be red.