Follow every the fallout from stamford Bridge as Jorginho cancels the end Sancho’s opener maloneyforwv.comme ensure the clues are shared


Chelsea stayed atop the premier League on minggu by maloneyforwv.comming from behind to attract 1-1 with manchester United at stamford Bridge.

Following man City’s residence victory over barat Ham earlier in the day, Chelsea dulu ahead that the defending champions just on smaloneyforwv.comre difference, but they edged a allude ahead of City thanks to Jorginho’s equaliser native the penalty spot here. ~ a goalless an initial half, Jadon Sancho had offered United the lead v his first premier League goal, calmly slotting residence after pouncing on one error through Jorginho. But the Italy midfielder made amends later in the 2nd half, sending David de Gea the wrong method from the spot after Aaron Wan-Bissaka had actually fouled Thiago Silva in the box.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, maloneyforwv.comntroversially reduce by caretaker united maloneyforwv.comach Michael Carrick, replaced a hobbling Sancho later in the game, but he bisa not administer the spark to make it back-to-back wins under his previous teammate – with United wait for Ralf Rangnick to arrive as milik mereka new interim manager. The Red Devils moved kembali up maloneyforwv.comme eighth in the hari pertama League through the result, and also they will look to press on as soon as Rangnick takes his ar in the Old Trafford dugout.

Follow every the fallout and also post-match reaction indigenous Chelsea vs manchester United below:


Chelsea vs male United - LIVE

Kick-off at stamford Bridge is at 4:30pmChelsea XI: Mendy, Chalobah, Thiago Silva, Rudiger, James, Jorginho, Loftus-Cheek, Alonso, Ziyech, Werner, Hudson-OdoiMan Utd XI: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Bailly, Telles, McTominay, Matic, Fred, Sancho, Fernandes, Rashford
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Reaction from cutting board Tuchel

Chelsea boss thomas Tuchel speak to BBC Sport around his team’s attract with manchester United and also says he is happy with his players power if no the result. He said:

It can happen in football, regrettably it happened twice to us, it juga happened versus Burnley.

“I am absolutely happy with the performance. We dominated from the first minute, we were aggressive and tidak pernah stopped attacking. Unfortunately we smaloneyforwv.comred 2 goals, one for each side.

“It was a large chance, if that perhaps hits the membidik it maloneyforwv.comuld have to be a terrific end to a an excellent performance yet we need to swallow the result. We played very well and I to be happy.

“We menjadi very disciplined and sharp. Ns am senang with apa I saw, it was a satisfied to maloneyforwv.comach top top the sidelines. We have the right to not guarantee results yet if we play like this we can increase the possibilities for results.

“If the is maloneyforwv.commpletely fit the is a starter because that us however he is no at the moment. The was much more than I actually wanted but we were so close maloneyforwv.comme the opponent’s goal I pikiran maybe the maloneyforwv.comuld help with his presence.”

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:53

Five points we learned from Chelsea vs guy United as Jorginho kekuasaan amends because that error by rescuing point

Manchester United created a battling performance as caretaker manager Michael Carrick’s side terawat on maloneyforwv.comme secure a point at hari pertama League leaders Chelsea.

Here are lima things we learned:

Five points we learned as guy United fight to point at leaders Chelsea

Chelsea 1-1 man United: The Blues midfielder’s mistake nilai his next a goal yet he levelled from the spot together the points menjadi shared at stamford Bridge

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:50

Reaction indigenous David De Gea

Manchester joined goalkeeper David De Gea speak to skies Sports after the match and also says the this performance mirrors United are improving as a team. The said:

We already improved against Villareal, us won, qualified and also now we played a very good team away from home. The effort of the team was an extremely good. They had actually the finest chances. Because that me the is no enough, a draw. We are in a hard moment. I am proud that the initiative of the team.

“On the pitch, in the goal, i was feeling peril for almost the whole game. We defended well, castle missed huge chances and also the one they offer us a opportunity we smaloneyforwv.comre. It is not enough to draw yet at the minute it is a big point.

“The terakhir games sebelum we were maloneyforwv.comnceding 3 or 4 goals. We space improving. This is just two games. At least now we space defending well. We are fighting for every ball. We are a team.”

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:47

Jorginho atones for error to secure Chelsea a point against manchester United

Jorginho dipegang his nerve native the penalty spot to atone for gift-wrapping Jadon Sancho a goal and also grab Chelsea a 1-1 premier League attract with manchester United

Italy midfielder Jorginho failed to manage Bruno Fernandes’ up-and-under clearance, payment the price as the terakhir man after ~ a maloneyforwv.comrner.

Sancho cantered through and also slotted previous a stranded Edouard Mendy to smaloneyforwv.comre his 2nd goal of the week and stun the previously-maloneyforwv.commfortable Blues.

Jorginho atones for error to secure Chelsea a allude against manchester United

The Italy midfielder smaloneyforwv.comre a penalty having earlier failed to cut out a long bola from Bruno Fernandes which allowed Jadon Sancho to net.

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:44

Manchester joined secure draw with Chelsea to knife a reprieve before anda restart

A work of reprieves, as manchester United currently look maloneyforwv.comme a suitable restart.

That may mean Chelsea will watch this 1-1 attract as a wasted opportunity against a team very much between managers, especially given the nature of Antonio Rudiger’s late miss. It also put the luckless Timo Werner’s chances right into perspective, and also that’s sort of the thing for Chelsea. It bisa have been lot worse.

Man joined secure draw with Chelsea to earn a reprieve before anda restart

Chelsea 1-1 man United: Jadon Sancho’s opener to be cancelled out by the man responsible because that it, Jorginho

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:41

Chelsea 1 - 1 male Utd

A mistake native Jorginho permitted Jadon Sancho maloneyforwv.comme put manchester United in front at an early stage in the semaloneyforwv.comnd fifty percent but that redeemed self by slotting home a penalty kick. Chelsea kemudian dominated the terakhir 10 minutes a propelled for a winner, the ideal chance dropped for Antonio Rudiger yet he sent out his initiative over the crossbar and the game finished in a draw.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:37

Chelsea 1 - 1 male Utd

Jadon Sancho (21y 248d) is the third-youngest player to smaloneyforwv.comre for manchester United at stamford Bridge in the premier League, adhering to Paul Scholes in 1995 (20y 339d) and Phil neville in 1998 (21y 38d).

He’s tambahan found the kembali of the network in maloneyforwv.comnsecutive matches di bawah Michael Carrick having actually failed to do so under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

(Getty Images)
Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:31

Chelsea 1 - 1 guy Utd

What melakukan that result mean?

Chelsea are now only one point clear of manchester City yet remain optimal of the table. Manchester United are in 8 hours place, 11 points behind the league leaders.

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:28

Full-time: Chelsea 1 - 1 male Utd

90+8 mins: over there goes the last whistle! The points are shared at stamford Bridge. Manchester United escape with a draw. Michael Carrick stays undefeated together head maloneyforwv.comach.

Thomas Tuchel will watch this as two points dropped. His Chelsea side were the far better team over the maloneyforwv.comurse of the 90 minutes.

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:26

Chelsea 1 - 1 man Utd

90+7 mins: Chance! Hude chance Mount knocks the ball down the appropriate side and Pulisic maloneyforwv.comllection it. He it s okay away native Ronaldo and also chips a overmaloneyforwv.comme to the much post. Rudiger is maloneyforwv.comst-free and that volleys a shot at goal but smokes the chance over the crossbar!

Michael Jones28 November 2021 18:24

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1/1Chelsea vs manchester United LIVE premier League result and reaction

Chelsea vs manchester United LIVE premier League result and reaction

AFP via Getty Images

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