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What's the huge deal?

Johnny bahasa inggris Reborn is an kerja spy comedy movie released in 2011 and also is the sequel come the 2003 comedy Johnny English. The film stars Rowan Atkinson as the titular character, a disgraced and also bumbling member the the british Intelligence company MI7 who is brought bagian belakang into the fold to membantu foil one assassin's plot. The film juga stars Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, Rosamund Pike, Daniel Kaluuya and also Richard Schiff and also was command by Oliver Parker. Prefer its predecessor, the film is a spoof that spy movies and also the James Bond series in particular. Regardless of a combined reception from movie critics when it was released, the film to be a kesuksesan at the box office with worldwide takings of much more than $160 million. It would certainly be followed by Johnny bahasa inggris Strikes Again in 2018.

What's the about?

Bumbling British secret agent Johnny english has been in hiding at a Buddhist holy place in tibet for the last tahun years ~ bungling an assignment to protect the new ketua of Mozambique. Unexpectedly, the is recalled back to London through MI7's brand-new boss Pamela Thornton - codenamed Pegasus - who requirements his help. They have actually been contacted by previous CIA agent Titus Fisher who will just divulge his information to english regarding a threat to the Chinese Premier's life. Fisher reveals himself to it is in a member of a group referred to as Vortex who not are planning to assassinate the hari pertama but were also responsible for English's earlier failure in Mozambique.

Now mindful of the merencanakan and the three spesial keys that unlock Vortex's mystery weapon, english begins to lead the hunt for the other two secrets alongside his new sidekick, passionate rookie Colin Tucker. But after repeated failures to recuperate the keys and apprehend an elderly oriental woman linked to Vortex, bahasa inggris is assigned perilaku psychologist Kate Sumner to help English conquer his neuroses. Conveniently falling for Kate, english faces not hanya a daunting assault on the supposedly impregnable La Bastion fortress in Switzerland but juga the prospect of a mole in MI7...

Rowan Atkinson

Johnny English

Gillian Anderson

Pamela Thornton - Pegasus

Dominic West

Simon Ambrose

Rosamund Pike

Kate Sumner

Daniel Kaluuya

Colin Tucker

Richard Schiff

Titus Fisher

Tim McInnery

Patch Quartermain

Pik-Sen Lim

Killer Cleaner

*story by wilhelm Davies, based upon characters created by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade

DirectorOliver Parker


Hamish McColl*

Running Time

101 minutes

Release date (UK)

7th October, 2011




Action, Comedy, Spy


The function might not be together wearisome together his other famous character grandfather Bean but Johnny bahasa inggris is a an ideal but underwritten duty for a comic that Atkinson's talents.

What's come like?

Spy parodies have actually been about a long time now, from the kitsch Sixties petualangan of The male From UNCLE to Mike Myers' hugely successful Austin Powers series. And while they may be lot of of competition, Johnny bahasa inggris Reborn is isi to bermain things an extremely safe. For itu know exactly how brilliantly funny Atkinson can be, this feels prefer he's treading in acquainted waters without extending himself too much. Ketika the movie isn't precisely a laugh a minute, there's many of goofy charm and a an ext sedate speed to proceedings. It absolutely the funniest film I deserve to recall seeing based on a Barclaycard commercial, or at the very least on a par through the original.

One area where this film melakukan trump the very first is scope. The movie feels much more ambitious than sebelum with high-tech sets, amusing pergerakan sequences and also a more recognisable cast. Kaluuya gives us a glimpse the the star he to be destined to become kapan Anderson and also Pike administer us with the type of sexy starlets this form of manufacturing demands. But tidak pernah forget the this is Atkinson's show and also he performs with the exact same rubber-faced slapstick as he selalu has, untuk membuat English feel favor a cross in between 007 and also Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau. There's plenty to enjoy di sini if you are prepared to switch your mind off.

Fun Facts

"Royce", English's very own Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, was developed specifically because that the film and also with Atkinson's own input. Being a notorious petrol-head, he asked BMW to put anda 9.0 ltr V16 engine (an experimental design BMW menjadi working on) right into the Phantom Coupe. With only a handful of these engines in the world, the auto is as such unique. Her suara was listed by TV moderator Mariella Frostrup.The girl who bahasa inggris steals a motorcycle helmet from during the wheelchair chase is play by Lily Atkinson, Rowan's daughter. She also has a cameo in Rowan Atkinson's previous movie Mr Bean's Holiday.

What's no to like?

On a personal level, I uncover the mr Bean character very tiresome and also a small bit creepy - top top a par with Paul Ruebens' Pee-Wee Herman. Thankfully, Johnny bahasa inggris Reborn has no note of the mainly mute idiot yet the film's reliance on over-acting method that nobody amongst the cast really has a directly face. Which is odd due to the fact that the film isn't the funny. Together I argued earlier, the spy genre has actually gotten increasingly stale due to countless comedic imitations and this film doesn't really provide us with anything us haven't watched before. Worse still, few of the jokes are worryingly predictable (such as english mistakenly beating increase a random old woman rather of the oriental cleaning lady) and also the stare is juga badly sign-posted throughout, regardless of being somewhat incoherent in ~ times.

At the heart, the film is a tired slog through every spy cliche and also stereotype we've checked out dozens of waktu before. Bahasa inggris doesn't was standing out specifically as a solid character, not contrasted to Myers' aforementioned, larger-than-life Sixties swinger, so the film needs to work harder to continue to be for lengthy in the memory. And also it merely doesn't, feeling instead as though it menjadi made through contractual obligation instead of a desire to create a genuinely entertaining picture. That doesn't do lot wrong however it doesn't set your world alight either so perhaps much more forgiving viewers 보다 myself will bawa pulang away an ext from the film than I did.


Daniel Kaluuya and also Rosamund Pike sign up with the cast as English's new sidekick and love interest respectively.

Should i watch it?

Johnny english Reborn is a servicable and enjoyable comedy that tidak pernah threatens to offer your funny bone that much of a work-out. Atkinson's power is wasted top top a character that tidak pernah stays in the storage for the long while the script required many an ext jokes (and funnier ones together well) instead of membuat the tertinggi villain that the piece much too predictable. It's summary amusing in places however far also inconsistent and also it doesn't offer other spy spoofs anything to worry about.

Great For: the entirety family, Atkinson's profile, undemanding viewers ~ above a minggu evening

Not So great For: British intelligence who must gain sick of being illustrated as morons in the movies, anyone in search of a riotous comedy, spy spoofs in general

What else must I watch?

The very first Johnny English to be an same servicable comedy that seemed to win a chord through audiences, produksi almost exactly the same at the box office as this movie. The film sets bahasa inggris up together an inept desk-bound employee the MI7 who suddenly finds himself thrust into pergerakan when the Crown Jewels room stolen by john Malkovich's slimy french noble Pascal Sauvage. And as fate would have it, Johnny bahasa inggris Strikes Again tambahan appears to have actually left the doubters unimpressed ketika still untuk membuat around the exact same amount at package office. I've heard of movies being formulaic but it would seem that Atkinson's second-favourite character is taking things too literally.

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Atkinson, to British viewers, will always and forever be linked with the TV series Blackadder but he has actually made some memorable appearances in other films as well. From the worried vicar in Four Weddings and also A Funeral, the way old bird Zazu in Disney's The Lion King come the jewelry store employee Rufus in Love Actually, Atkinson's performances deserve to be understated and subtle rather of the rubber-faced lunacy that Bean. Ns would juga recommend the under-rated black comedy Keeping Mum wherein Atkinson's vicar is oblivious come the adultery and murderous shenanigans walking on about him.