Fans that Bae Suzy are much concerned around her earlier relationship v Lee Min-ho. Plenty of of followers across the world are in a belief that the beautiful young South korean actress is still in a mystery love through Lee Min-ho.

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Country: Korea Rep share Bae Suzy continues to be on the headlines mainly for she popularity. Plenty of fans the Bae Suzy room passionately waiting to know about her love life. Is she a an extremely secretive celebrity? Or, does she hide she romantic life to prevent speculations and also rumours?

Fans the Bae Suzy are lot concerned around her earlier relationship v Lee Min-ho. Numerous of followers throughout the dunia are in a id that the beautiful young South korean actress is still in mystery love through Lee Min-ho.


Bae Suzy and also Lee Min-ho dated for three years sebelum moving away from each other, this is apa we recognize till date. As soon as they separated, a rumour broke out the the 33-year old handsome actor to be the one who made the move.

Lee Min-ho was attracted come Bae Suzy, as reportedly by Pinkvilla, and it is also being claimed that he proactively approached the gorgeous 25-year old actress. She went on to to visit the cantik screening the his movie Gangnam 1970 in 2015.

"His kepribadian made that a an overwhelming choice for him to technique her at an initial because he to be worried that it would affect her more negatively." However, the gibbs did do the move. The duo walk on to thrive close in anda first meeting. "They menjadi both liven with dari mereka schedules and commercial shoots, yet they make time to watch each other and go top top dates," one resource said at that time.

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On the other hand, Bae Suzy and also Lee Min-ho menjadi spotted multiple waktu with Dispatch releasing milik mereka snaps that currently fuelled the rumours surrounding their relationship. Earlier, dari mereka agencies juga admitted the they were indeed dating.

"This is a an answer to the reports make by Korean berita today. The two have actually been pertemuan for about one month now, and are carefully continuing anda relationship. Us would prefer for you to look ~ above the 2 kindly," the statement previously revealed through Lee Min-ho"s the kemudian agency Starhaus to chat stated. Also Bae Suzy"s agency, JYP Entertainment evidenced the news during that time.

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However, follow to part reports, Bae Suzy is currently not date anyone. Continue to be tuned to to acquire the recent updates ~ above the South oriental celebrities.