Yoon Kye Sang is blissfully married to his non-celebrity lover, meanwhile, love husband Lee is currently still single.

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Actor Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee, “the paling beautiful miss out on Korea in the world,” once had a seven-year relationship sebelum breaking increase in June 2020.

In June that this year, Yoon Kye Sang expose his brand-new lover, who is the CEO that a cosmetics brand. 2 months later, on respectable 11, the actor’s management agency revealed the the pair will tie the knot this autumn.

Yoon Kye Sang will certainly be obtaining married to the person he loves. She is tahun years younger than him, and he met her v an acquaintance who introduced them to each other. Castle started anda relationship terakhir year, through the score of marriage. Recently, castle have determined to acquire married and informed dari mereka parents. They will certainly register their marriage first, together it is complicated to hold a wedding currently due to the Cobid-19 situation. No other details have been determined yet.

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However, the berita stunned and also shocked his fans together he had just broken up v Honey Lee not long before. Countless fans, ~ above the other hand, congratulated the actor as well.

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In particular, Yoon Kye Sang met his lifetime partner through mutual acquaintances in 2020 and developed into lovers. The actor’s bride-to-be, that is tahun years younger 보다 him, didirikan her own brand in the so late 2010s and swiftly mawar to importance as among the cosmetics industry’s paling prominent CEOs.

Yoon Kye Sang debuted in 1999 together a member the the team g.o.d, and also the team launched hit lagu-lagu resembling “Love and Remember” and “Lies.” Later, he targeted on his appearing profession, starring within the movie “Beastie Boys,” “The Outlaws,” and “Mal. Mo. E – The secret Mission,” in addition to the tv series “My 19-Year-Old Sister-in-Law,” “The biggest Love,” and also “Chocolate.” He’ll also be starring within theupcoming thriller drama“Crime Puzzle.”

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