Your 3-month-old is pull close a very far-reaching milestone: leaving the newborn phase behind and also becoming an official infant. That means you can look maju to far better sleep (finally!), a reguler feeding schedule, and also fun milestones – choose your infant doing a "mini push-up," kicking and also batting in ~ toys, produksi more advanced sounds, and also even smiling and also laughing.

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It can feel like you hanya became a parent yesterday, however your 3-month-old is growing up before your eyes. Here"s apa you can expect this month.

Your baby"s development

As her 3-month-old exits the child stage, they"ll it is in developing brand-new skills, kemudian as grasping for toys (or her hand, heart-meltingly). At this point, don"t suppose your baby to have the ability to grab anything through precision, however they"ll open and also close dari mereka tiny fists and bat at hanging toys.

Essentially, this month is a transition point from involuntary reflexes and a whatever-goes schedule come voluntary movements and also more-predictable schedules because that sleeping and also eating. Below, ambil a look in ~ what"s heading her way.

3-month-old milestones

Here are few of the milestones that your 3-month-old may reach:

Hand control. This month, her baby will begin really penampilan their milik to get maafkan saya they want. Your baby will start reaching for objects, taking swipes to shot to take them. A 3-month-old may understand toys and even shake them. Your small one will also be pass their tangan to their mouth, and also opening and also closing their fists like a pro.Increased hand-eye coordination. Every one of that hand skill is due to your baby"s increasing hand-eye coordination. That method that they"re able to coordinate anda hand movements with something the they see – for example, see a toy and also reaching because that it.Leg strength. bersama with toning itu torso muscles, her baby is obtaining some leg strength. Watch together they yes, really stretch and also kick their legs once they"re on dari mereka stomach or back, and how lock "stand" when you location their kaki on a solid surface.Laughing. Your funny infant may mulai laughing this month, too!Awareness the you. This month, her baby will certainly be much an ext aware that familiar orang and even objects. Her 3-month-old may smile in ~ the sound of her voice, rotate towards sounds, and follow bergerak objects and faces intently.

Although babies follow fairly predictable patterns of development, all babies space different. It"s a good idea to be aware of milestones and tell your baby"s treatment provider if girlfriend have any kind of concerns about developmental delay. But keep in mind that some babies just need a bit more time to learn an abilities and struggle milestones.

3-month-old weight and also length

By 3 months old, your baby has probably grown significantly darimana birth. In fact, part babies will have actually doubled milik mereka birth weight! (The general ascendancy of thumb, though, is that babies double milik mereka birth load by 4 months and also triple dari mereka birth weight by 1 year.)

If you"re wondering how much a 3-month-old have to weigh, remainder assured the your child"s treatment provider will make certain your baby"s growth is on monitor at well-baby visits. In general, here"s the typical weight and also length because that a 3-month-old:

Baby boys

Average load for a 3-month-old: 14 pounds 2 ouncesAverage size for a 3-month-old: 24 inches

Baby girls

Average load for a 3-month-old: 12 pounds 13 ouncesAverage size for a 3-month-old: 23 1/2 inches

3-month-old feeding

How much does a 3-month-old eat? your baby will still eat quite frequently, but you have the right to expect a more regular feeding pattern to arise this month, through fewer erratic feedings in ~ all hrs of the night and also day.

This is largely as result of the sebenarnya that her baby is bigger and can currently eat a little an ext at every feeding. In general, a breastfed baby will mulai to stretch out anda feeding waktu to every 4 to 5 hours, instead of the every 3 to 4 hrs you might be digunakan to. It"s kesatuan for your baby to want to eat "ahead of schedule," though, so continue to nurse top top demand, following your baby"s hunger cues.

Chances room you"ve settled into a pretty an excellent breastfeeding program by now, however as her baby grow or you deal with complications like mastitis or clogged ducts, it may be useful to try berbeda nursing positions. Experimenting with different nursing positions deserve to be crucial to clearing a clogged duct, and finding a much more comfortable breastfeeding position can help to heal sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples.

Your bottle-fed infant will also eat an ext at each feeding, having about 4 come 6 ounces every 4 to tahun hours now. Whether your baby is drinking bottles of formula, chest milk, or alternating between the two, the amount per feeding will certainly be around the same.

Don"t overfeed your baby or put baby cereal in their bottles to try to get them come sleep better. Adding cereal come a bottle creates a choke hazard, and also there"s no proof that it helps babies sleep for much longer stretches. Plus, her baby"s digestive system won"t be prepared for heavy food until they are in between 4 and 6 months old.

Wondering whether you need to sterilize bottles or water for membuat formula? It counts on the water top quality where girlfriend live, yet it normally isn"t necessary. Check with your baby"s treatment provider hanya to it is in safe.

3-month-old sleep

Better sleep might be hanya around the corner. Your 3-month-old might naturally fall into a fairly secara teratur routine of 3 daytime naps and also a continual bedtime. Do your finest to follow her baby"s sleep cues and encourage your baby"s emerging schedule.

Your 3-month-old needs about 16 hrs of sleep a day, usually damaged up together 10 hrs at night and also 6 hours throughout the work (often as three naps).

Here are some essential things come know around sleep for your 3-month-old:

Some (not all) 3-month-olds have the right to sleep because that a heavy 6-hour stretch at night. You"ll probably have actually to adjust your bedtime to do the most of it, yet it"s a definite gejala of evolusi in the sleep department.

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Your baby"s health

Your baby doesn"t have a well-baby checkup this month – the lanjut one is when they"re 4 months old. But of course you can still ask her baby"s doctor about any questions that come up.

Some of the issues you may run into this month include:

Your 3-month-old baby: week by week

Want to learn an ext about what"s happening with your baby this month? Get more details on her 3-month-old"s weekly development: