OmegaLive™ is a premium high quality fish oil include high-strength Omega-3 fat acids EPA, DHA and also DPA in anda natural form. It supports heart, brain, eye, lung, skin and joint health.

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Each softgel contains

Fish Oil1500mg
Containing 930mg of bruto Omega-3 naval Triglcerides as
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)540mg
Docosahexanoic mountain (DHA)360mg
Docosapentaenoic mountain (DPA)30mg

Source the softgel: Bovine

Contains no added sugar, yeast, gluten, artificial colouring or preservatives.

DosageAdults: untuk mengambil 1 softgel once daily with meal, or together professionally prescribed.

StorageStore below 30℃. Protect from light and also moisture.

WarningPeople v bleeding disorders or receiving warfarin treatment should ambil fish oil supplements dibawah medical supervision.




Essential Nutrient for Body

Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for body functions, however the tubuh cannot develop them ~ above its own. Enough dietary intake is essential for general health.

Support healthy Heart & Blood Vessels

EPA and also DHA assistance cardiovascular diberkatilah anda by help to maintain tangga blood pressure, triglycerides and also HDL cholesterol levels.

Optimal mind & Nerve Functions

As the bangunan blocks of brain cells, Omega-3 are vital for healthy functioning that the mind and worried system.

Regulate Inflammation

The tubuh manusia uses Omega-3 fat acids to develop signaling molecules the control and also prevent extreme inflammation in the body.

Quality Assured

OmegaLive™ provides Vivomega™ native GC Rieber, a IFOS 5-star rated Norwegian fish oil producer


Fish oils room sourced exclusively from fisheries certified by IFFO RS and also Friend the the Sea

Natural, new & Pure

Easily took in triglyceride-form fish oil, created with advanced technologies for outstanding freshness and also purity
Suitable ForAnyone who melakukan not consume fish 2-3 waktu per weekThose who want to maintain healthy heart and blood vesselsHypertensionDiabetesElevated triglythrade levelSkin kesehatan (eczema, psoriasis)Brain diberkatilah anda (dementia, depression)Joint painDry eyesPregnant/ Breastfeeding mothers

OmegaLive™ is Halal certified.

We introduce you come pierce the capsule and squeeze the end the content onto a spoon. You may bawa pulang the fish oil straight or mix it right into juice or smoothies.

OmegaLive™ is odourless and also has a an extremely mild taste thanks to the advanced thin-film deodorization technique which effectively gets rid of impurities and also odour. The product is therefore an ideal for rakyat who dislike fishy odor or taste.

The fish oil in OmegaLive™ (Vivomega™) is molecularly distilled. It is rigorously tested for ecological parameters consisting of PCBs, mercury, dioxins and its safety has actually exceeded international standards (IFOS 5 Star, GOED, EU legislation).

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