The vital visual for attack On Titan The last Season component 2 that was exit on November 14, 2021. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

Before the final season airs, NHK will be broadcasting 6 compilation specials that includes the 75 illustration from the previous seasons. In addition, the Japanese broadcast will include original anime illustration featuring Annie (“Wall Sina, Goodbye”), Mikasa (“Lost in the devilish World”), and also Levi (Attack ~ above Titan: No Regrets).

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This photo by Studio MAPPA Sound director Masafumi Mima jelas lists assault On Titan last Season part 1. Pic credit: Masafumi Mima

Combine that evidence with the assault On Titan Season 4 part 1 Netflix screenshot, and wasn’t difficult to predict that the final season will be split into 2 parts.

A vital visual the was exit a day sebelum the assault On Titan Season 4 release date. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

The Blu-Ray/DVD halaman on the secara resmi website list 16 episodes gift released as two volumes because that the first cour. It’s currently unknown how many episodes the 2nd cour will certainly have.

The attack On Titan Season 4 episode 14 melepaskan date was delayed by a kecil earthquake in Japan that occurred late-night on march 14, 2021. FUNimation and Crunchyroll juga delayed the global streaming of the episode due to news of the earthquake interrupting neighborhood TV broadcasts in Japan. The ilustrasi (Attack top top Titan episode 73) to be rescheduled to coincide with the attack On Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 15 release date, which supposed that the 2 episodes were streaming back-to-back on march 21, 2021 (March 22 after ~ midnight in Japan).

Therefore, the assault On Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 16 santai date still taken place on in march 28, 2021 (after midnight in Japan, which is in march 29).

Such a stopping point lines up through a previous isu where anime news leaker Yonkou Productions claimed there would certainly be 16 episodes in component 1.

The real pertanyaan is the sourse of illustration for assault On Titan Season 4 part 2.

Updated November 15, 2021: included Attack ~ above Titan Season 5 key visual.Updated October 13, 2021: Exact assault On Titan Season 4 part 2 santai date confirmed! Added brand-new trailer.Updated respectable 22, 2021: assault On Titan Season 4 part 2 santai date evidenced for januari 2022.Updated June 27, 2021: added Attack top top Titan final Season part 2 anime crucial visual.Updated April 30, 2021: added Attack on Titan ton 34 mangajan cover art.Updated in march 28, 2021: attack On Titan Season 4 component 2 santai date confirmed for Winter 2022!Updated march 15, 2021: added Attack ~ above Titan episode 73 melepaskan date info.Updated February 18, 2021: added AnimeJapan 2021 strike On Titan info.Updated February 5, 2021: included titles and evaluation for ilustrasi 9 – 12.Updated january 5, 2021: assault On Titan hal 139 publikasi date confirmed! added titles because that Episodes 5 – 8 and revised analysis.Updated December 7, 2020: part 1 number of episodes verified by Blu-Ray/DVD page.Updated December 5, 2020: included director’s quote and also info native anime berita leaker mengubah DAC and also Spytrue.

This write-up provides whatever known about Attack top top Titan Season 4 component 2 (Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 component 2) and all associated news. As such, this post will be updated over time with news, rumors, and also analysis. Meanwhile, stop delve down into apa is well-known for certain.

Attack top top Titan volume 34 will sell 8 added pages that were not in the magazine variation of the ending. Ketika it’s mungkin the extra pages will give an ext details there have to not be any terutama changes come the conclusion that the story. Pic credit: Hajime Isayama

Attack top top Titan mangajan ending in April 2021

Creator Hajime Isayama still had not fairly finished the strike On Titan manga’s finishing by the time assault On Titan ilustrasi 75 exit on in march 28, 2021. In fact, the crazy component is the the manga’s final chapter will publikasi several weeks ~ the anime’s “final episode”.

The strike On Titan bab 139 publikasi date is collection for April 9, 2021. The assault On Titan ton 34 santai date is reserved for June 9, 2021. It will certainly contain the final chapter.

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How numerous episodes will Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 part 2 have?

What’s unknown is the total number that episodes for the last season. Ketika it’s been officially evidenced that component 1 of The final Season will have 16 illustration in total, the main masalah is the speed of assault On Titan: final Season part 2.

The an initial cour of Season 1 adjusted 20 chapters, kapan the second cour adjusted 16 chapters through 12 episodes. Similarly, the Clash that the Titans cerita arc of Season 2 to be a proportion of 16 chapters to 12 episodes.

The 3rd season increased the pacing by adapting the 40 chapters the two cerita arcs v 22 episodes. Part 2 of the 3rd season adapted the finishing of bab 90 of volume 22.

Some rumors said that the fourth season’s pacing would be much faster than usual. One point that was well-known in development is that the idea that over 45 manga chapters would be condensed down into only 16 episodes is absurd, i beg your pardon made component 2 a necessity.

For example, alter DAC properly claimed, “Attack top top Titan The final Season is slated for 16 episodes,” and also “Attack ~ above Titan The last Season way exactly what it says. IT’S THE final SEASON!”

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Alter DAC tambahan claimed a day later that “the final Season will be pretty stable pacing wise, averaging around 2 chapters every episode!” and “Attack on Titan The final Season will cover EXACTLY what has been teased in the trailer.” These insurance claims seemingly contradict every other dari there space already an ext than 32 mangajarkan chapters left to adapt… unless he way Part 1 won’t be split and there is going to be a component 2.

At the moment there was a the majority of speculation on even if it is an strike On Titan movie would finish the anime TV series. Mengubah DAC discussed that “

ublic broadcasters have some strict regulations in Japan. And also considering how clearly violent the last arc is, it’s not really likely the the anime sequel will certainly be in TV format.” It need to be preserved in mind that details scenes of extreme violence deserve to be censored because that the TV broadcast and then shown in the Blu-Ray release.

There was tambahan a many speculation top top how part 1 would end. We’ll take into consideration multiple protecting against points the MAPPA bisa have chosen yet didn’t.

Since part 1 is definitely 16 illustration long, the very first stopping suggest would have been bab 110, which would have offline a dramatic moment where Eren assembles with his survey Corps followers following a utama confrontation. Hal 113 also included a surprising battle, but such an ending would leave several newly started konspirasi threads unresolved.

Before the season aired, alter DAC specifically declared that the pacing would median two chapters every episode. Top top December 5, 2020, mengubah DAC tambahan offered his own estimate ~ above where part 1 will certainly end.

“The anime is tho in production, for this reason a the majority of things room still up in the air. Yet closing off through ch 122 seems prefer a safe bet,” that tweeted.

Chapter 122 bisa have offered a rest in the kerja while juga showing the history of Ymir and also how titans first came to be. The trouble with finishing exactly on halaman 122 is the it reflects the history without explaining Eren’s selection and the an inspiration for his current actions.

Contrary come this prediction, the final dasbor of chapter 123 would have actually been a far better stopping point from a storytelling perspective at the expense of produksi Part 1 feeling even more rushed.

Of course, no one of these stopping points dulu optimal native a storytelling perspective, however at least MAPPA isn’t membuat us wait for attack On Titan Season 5. They’re juga not going to happen since Japanese broadcaster NHK had already announced the titles for the very first 12 episodes:

Attack ~ above Titan Season 4 episode 5: manifesto of war (Chapter 100)Attack on Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 6: The battle Hammer Titan (Chapter 101)Attack on Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 7: attack (Chapter 103)Attack on Titan Season 4 episode 8: Assassin’s bullet (Chapter 105)Attack on Titan Season 4 episode 9: Brave volunteers (Chapter 106)Attack on Titan Season 4 episode 10: A Sound argument (Chapter 108)Attack ~ above Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 11: Deceiver (Chapter 110)Attack top top Titan Season 4 episode 12: guides (Chapter 109)Attack top top Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 13: kids of the woodland (Chapter 111)Attack on Titan Season 4 episode 14: Savagery (Chapter 113)Attack ~ above Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 15: single Salvation (Chapter 114)Attack top top Titan Season 4 ilustrasi 16: above and below (Chapter 116)

That means the an initial 8 episodes adapted roughly 15 chapters, whereas the lanjut 8 episodes only adapted 11 an ext chapters.

Chapter 116 is a good stopping point since it resolves temporary conflicts, uses a gut-punch for a terutama character perkembangan moment, and the chapter’s ending happens right before a terutama action sequence.

With 26 chapters adapted, that leaves 23 an ext chapters sebelum reaching attack On Titan 139. Assuming the pacing continues to be similar, attack On Titan Season 4 part 2 will certainly have roughly 13 come 16 episodes, i m sorry would typical the fourth season would certainly be around 29 come 32 illustration in total.

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That means Attack ~ above Titan Season 4 episode 17 (Attack ~ above tian ilustrasi 76) will certainly pick increase the cerita again in halaman 117: Judgment.

Let’s mengharapkan Studio MAPPA finishes assault On Titan: last Season part 2 v a rumbling bang. Continue to be tuned!