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Selena Gomez has seemingly joked about missing the “red flags” in her relationship with justin Bieber. The actress and pop star dated justin on and off for seven years, and the pair’s romance was widely recognized to have actually been full of ups and downs.

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Now, in a brand-new TikTok video, Selena has actually mimicked an continuous meme produced by owen Unrah, joking about being able to review astrological charts but not warning indications in relationships.

“So, you’re informing me the you deserve to read his astrological birth chart, but you can’t review the red flags? Sis,” she mouthed along to, kapan sipping indigenous a deserve to of Coke. V her hair pulled kembali in a pony and wearing a dark red sweater, Selena threw some kepala sass v her performance.

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The video clip has racked up over three million likes kapan comments ranged from “bestie, his name begins with J” and also “SIS you space the queen of skip red flags”. Selena juga dated The Weeknd for a short period before he ended dari mereka romance to return to his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid.

Selena and justin dated from 2011 come 2018, and their romance was the subject of numerous tabloid headlines at the moment as castle went bagian belakang and forth. Throughout one split justin dated Hailey Bieber, and also three month after he and also Selena ended things because that good, that rekindled his romance through the model; the pair menjadi married 3 months later in September.

Selena maintained quiet throughout that ketentuan but returned with a kepala heart-on-your-sleeve rack in january 2020 that jelas touched upon the cara her heart to be broken.

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“I witnessed the signs and I ignored it, mawar colored glasses all distorted,” she sang, sebelum later getting completely savage together she shared: “in 2 months you changed us, like it to be easy, made me think ns deserved the in the special of healing,” a direct hit in ~ Justin’s really fast relationship with Hailey.