Easy Game mind Test level 1-250 game answers and also solutions. We have actually solved every word puzzles to tolong you finish the questions and also clues. Think exterior the box to solve a level. Find tolong below if you are stuck top top a level.

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Easy Game brain Test walkthrough guide, hints and also cheats every levels top top one page. Download Easy game – mind Test & Tricky psychic Puzzle: application Store and also Google Play.


What the developer Easybrain say about this indigenous puzzle video game app:

Test your IQ and also have tons of fun v these tricky mind games! Think external the box and you’ll it is in a champion! try this mind twister, tantangan your mind, and prove that you’re the smartest.

Easy Game mind Test level 1-250 game Answers

Work the end your mind and also logic!

Level 1

Question: i m sorry is lighter?Answer: insanity the balloons to punch them away > pick the apple.

Level 2

Question: help John!Answer: Zoom out the barbarian.

Level 3

Question: those the answer?Answer: The price is 47.

Level 4

Question: i beg your pardon hand is the coin in?Answer: insanity both milik at the same time.

Level 5

Question: How many leaves does this tree have?Answer: Shake her phone > counting the leaves. There room 13.

Level 6

Question: eliminate the piano.Answer: do as told

Level 7

Question: select six bananas.Answer: pick the lima bananas > change “apple” come “banana” > click it.

Level 8

Question: what can girlfriend see?Answer: The price is Elephant.

Level 9

Question: beat Dave in ~ dice.Answer: grab the colon mark from the surname > ar it ~ above the dice.

Level 10

Question: tolong this yonsei woman finish her scarf.Answer: The answer is 4b5a5c6b.

Level 11

Question: How plenty of rabbits are there in the hat?

Answer: Infinite. Infinity symbol.

Level 12

Question: Who’ll it is in the an initial to open up the safe?Answer: The one in the safe. Move phone to gain him out.

Level 13

Question: revolve on every the irradiate bulbs.Answer:Answer: madness the 3 buttons to revolve on the light.

Level 14

Question: guess: v the card.Answer: on slide the magician to expose the card.

Level 15

Question: Activate the hourglass.Answer: organize the hourglass > turn phone upside down.

Level 16

Question: overcome the river.Answer: hanya do as told.

Level 17

Question: i m sorry chest contains gold?Answer: bawa pulang the word gold > put it near the chests and kemudian select one.

Level 18

Question: discover the objects.Answer: hanya find them

Level 19

Question: Guess who this orang is based on the points he uses.Answer: shake the calculator. The answer is Boss.

Level 20

Question: eliminate three dorn cards from the pack.Answer: Sad joker, raja of spades and also ten that hearts.

Level 21

Question: choose the largest snowman.

Answer: merge them all together.

Level 22

Question: what is this shape?Answer: pick the icons that to speak 3D Triangle.

Level 23

Question: heads or tails?Answer: merge them together: heads and tails.

Level 24

Question: grow a flower.Answer: eliminate the clouds to expose the sun.

Level 25

Question: let the bird out.Answer: Grab an essential to open up the cage > move phone to get the bird out.

Level 26

Question: finish the snowflake.Answer: do a classic snowflake.

Level 27

Question: build a tower from these shapes.Answer: Easy. Hanya do as told.

Level 28

Question: lift the kettlebell.Answer: change its weight to 0 lb and then lift it.

Level 29

Question: Cool off!Answer: membuat an ice cream > usage boat component as a cone + cloud as the cream

Level 30

Question: Ten candles were burning in the room. Several of them menjadi blown out. How numerous candles remained?Answer: The price is 5.

Level 31

Question: The knitting lady still demands your help.

Answer: The arrow shows: odd-B and even-A and C.

Level 32

Question: How countless facets does this diamond have?Answer: move the diamond. The price is 13.

Level 33

Question: can you hack the code?Answer: The answer is 319.

Level 34

Question: choose the segments starting from the lowest value and ending v the highest possible one.Answer: -53, -26, -2, 0, 0,3, the four dots, two dots, V, 6 dots, seven dots, 8, X, 3*12.

Level 35

Question: maafkan saya number deserve to you see?Answer: The prize is 123456789.

Level 36

Question: do something edible.Answer: make a fish.

Level 37

Question: heal the frog.Answer: give the frog two pills at once.

Level 38

Question: pick all the cubes.Answer: select all cubes > turn phone upside dibawah to watch one much more cube.

Level 39

Question: finish the barbarian’s tasks.Answer: complete his work carefully.

Level 40

Question: choose up the coin.Answer: The snail can move on message strings. Revolve phone upside down.

Level 41

Question: what is the missing number?

Answer: The prize is 8888.

Level 42

Question: revolve on the light.Answer: place finger on the wire and also turn on the light.

Level 43

Question: whereby is the camera looking from?Answer: move the camera in a position like the image.

Level 44

Question: what is the lacking number?Answer: The price is 87.

Level 45

Question: place all forms in the area above them.Answer: carry out as told.

Level 46

Question: stealing this rare coin.Answer: usage eagle to eliminate his hat. Usage the rakyat to empty the bucket > put bucket on his head.

Level 47

Question: break-up the bulan into the most parts possible by making hanya two cuts.Answer: type sourse 6.

Level 48

Question: placed watermelon on each table.Answer: juga use words watermelon.

Level 49

Question: membuat a matching key.Answer: cut the key like the design 1 and also 4 > open up the locker.

Level 50

Question: count the triangles.Answer: 15.

Level 51

Question: tolong the snail win!

Answer: Slide display screen to discover the young > relocate him come the ambulance kemudian click on start.

Level 52

Question: How numerous letters have you received?Answer: The prize is: 8.

Level 53

Question: The artist forgot his paint. Help him!Answer: sun is behind the clouds. Do rain through the clouds. Ambil the palette and also use the color of the rainbow.

Level 54

Question: The amount of which 3 numbers equates to 17?Answer: choose one number twice: 66 5.

Level 55

Question: uncover a weird diceAnswer: discover dice with 7 dots.

Level 56

Question: wake up the elephant.Answer: hold the elephant’s trunk until it wakes up.

Level 57

Question: Awaken the volcano.Answer: nearby the volcano > shake her device.

Level 58

Question: insanity objects alternating fruits and geometric shapes.Answer: Tap three bananas > mengubah with the geometric figures.

Level 59

Question: near the image.Answer: IMAGE.

Level 60

Question: what time is that now?Answer: Use the time on your phone.

Level 61

Question: create the biggest number by moving two matches.

Answer: do the numberi 5451.

Level 62

Question: How numerous apples room there?Answer: remove the apples and also count them. There room 7.

Level 63

Question: do a triangle.Answer: Hide fifty percent of the rhombus outside the screen.

Level 64

Question: Score 15 v all the dice.Answer: on slide to discover the third dice and roll them to confront 6 6 and also 3.

Level 65

Question: Which mountain was the greatest in the dunia before everest was discovered?Answer: mount Everest.

Level 66

Question: Get precisely 3 gallons of water.Answer: untuk mengambil the 9 gallon bucket indigenous river. Fill jar indigenous bucket. North jar and fill 4 gallons native bucket. Ambil the 9 gallon bucket from river and also fill the jar. Empty jar and also fill with water indigenous the bucket.

Level 67

Question: popular music the balloons!Answer: traction the balloons to the word Pop.

Level 68

Question: i m sorry of the planets is the largest?Answer: Jupiter.

Level 69

Question: place the missing objects.Answer: perform not repeat the objects in the columns and also lines. Every 2×2 squares need to be different.

Level 70

Question: how do you with both homes on time?Answer: tap the + price on the automobile to duplicate it.

Level 71

Question: How numerous watermelons space there?

Answer: 5.

Level 72

Question: 21:15Answer: organize the pendulum to it is in able to change time.

Level 73

Question: discover your way out top top the first try.Answer: bawa pulang the candle come a door.

Level 74

Question: How countless numbers have the right to you see?Answer: 66.

Level 75

Question: find a fish.Answer: revolve your call upside down to record it.

Level 76

Question: find three not correct cards.Answer: carry out as told.

Level 77

Question: catch a fish.Answer: when the pole starts moving lift the up.

Level 78

Question: Stop as soon as the crucial sequence is shown.Answer: Wait till it reflects 01827 > tekan ke bawah ok.

Level 79

Question: maafkan saya is the absent number? 176 159 144 130 117 ???Answer: 117-first 2 numbers=106

Level 80

Question: ar all the T shapes in the field.Answer: Tap forms to rotate.

Level 81

Question: counting 15 seconds.

Answer: upper and lower reversal the big hourglass once and the small twice.

Level 82

Question: watch out! The eagle is near!Answer: Hide the kecil bird v a finger for about five seconds.

Level 83

Question: Score 12 with all the dice.Answer: tap one dice and roll it until it hits six. Do the exact same for the other one.

Level 84

Question: tolong the little ant obtain home.Answer: organize the batu and lift the ant over it.

Level 85

Question: maafkan saya time melakukan clock 5 show?Answer: 5:35.

Level 86

Question: Find sourse 9Answer: madness 9 offered in the text.

Level 87

Question: have the right to you resolve this an easy problem?Answer: 1+1+1+1+1+11+1+1+1+11+1+1+11+1=44.

Level 88

Question: destroy the fortress with 3 shots.Answer: Zoom in ~ above the terakhir cannonball to do it big.

Level 89

Question: make the equation correct.Answer: readjust it to 54+3+2+1= 12+3+45.

Level 90

Question: find something that cannot it is in bought.Answer: tap the egg and a chicken will hatch out.

Level 91

Question: place numbers in the circles so the the sum of the numbers in each line equates to 8.

Answer: put 5 + 4 on optimal of 1 in the tengah and 3 + 2 at the bottom.

Level 92

Question: i m sorry glass contains the most water?Answer: pull the objects out > choose.

Level 93

Question: maafkan saya will the dimension of the edge become?Answer: 30.

Level 94

Question: eliminate the difficult fleas.Answer: use finger to lure them > then smash them.

Easy Game mind Test level 95

Question: find a fake coin.Answer: bawa pulang all coins native balance. Placed one coin ~ above one side > placed one coin at a time ~ above the various other side. The lighter coin is the fake one.

Easy Game mind Test level 96

Question: A kelinci can pick 2 carrots per minute. How countless carrots deserve to it pick from this daerah in ten minutes?Answer: The price is zero.

Easy Game brain Test tingkat 97

Question: reach the exit.Answer: relocate the snail at the word ‘the exit’ in the text.

Easy Game mind Test tingkat 98

Question: i m sorry eggshell will finish the component below?Answer: move the snail at the word ‘the exit’ in the text.

Easy Game brain Test kadarnya 99

Question: prosper a tree.Answer: Move display screen to the right to find eggshell > tap on it.

Easy Game brain Test tingkat 100

Question: find the sequence of numbers.Answer: location Sun, water and also fertilizer right into the three cells.

Level 101

Q: reach the departure after collecting every the coins.A: slide snail opposite means of teeth. Just in this means you have the right to collect coins.

Level 102

Q: i m sorry one is a mermaid.A: relocate the sea down > tap the mermaid.

Level 103

Q: finish the puzzle.A: create a copy that the puzzle caveman.

Level 104

Q: who ate the fish.A: click the cats, they will turn and eat the fish.

Level 105

Q: Don’t gain sunburn.A: slide a few times on the blanket and also it will disappear.

Level 106

Q: gain back the it is provided of electricity.A: affix the bulbs.

Level 107

Q: assemble a dog.A: do a dog.

Level 108

Q: what will you take with you to make it through the zombie apocalypse.A: move everything in the backpack and tap it.

Level 109

Q: feed the kitten.A: open the have the right to > shake your phone until the food autumn on the plate

Level 110

Q: with the departure after collecting every the coins.A: slide snail only in opposite means of the “teeth”.

Level 111

Q: wake him up.A: bawa pulang cover from is eyes

Level 112

Q: discover a kitten.A: open up wardrobe, take nol of yarn, kitten will come.

Level 113

Q: rally a bird.A: examine our photo.

Level 114

Q: Blow the end all the candles.A: relocate boy around cake through candles.

Level 115

Q: finish the puzzle.A: membuat a chick from puzzles.

Level 116

Q: reach the departure after collecting every the coins.A: shake your maker and 2 coins from increase will fall down.

Level 117

Q: discover all the circles.A: In blue circles.

Level 118

Q: leaving the bathroom.A: insanity the keeper –> it will fall, open the wardrobe, ambil the vantus, lug to water, click on water, kemudian stick to door and also pull it.

Level 119

Q: Why has the police officer arrested this criminal.A: untuk mengambil hat indigenous thief and also shake it till ring will loss down

Level 120

Q: The cat has been permainan with balls the yarn. Tidy up.A: one ball of yarn dibawah the box and one dibawah the cat, collect all in the box.

Level 121

A: thrive the plant through two fingers. Girlfriend will watch astronaut there.

Level 122

Q: conserve the snails.A: lug the ribbon to eyes of eagle.

Level 123

Q: Why is he for this reason surprised.A: turn the woman and you will check out that she is pregnant.

Level 124

Q: Toss a coin to your buddy.A: ambil the moon and move it to the table > relocate the figure on the wall. The will create a coin.

Level 125

Q: wake the kitten up.A: relocate the screen to left. Monitor the TV-cable. Insanity the cable and then TV. The TV will make a noise and the pernis will wake up.

Level 126

Q: save the masterpiece.A: madness the police and he will be dobel careful.

Level 127

Q: Touch the painting.A: move the bulb from the socket. It will certainly be dark and also you deserve to touch it.

Level 128

Q: i beg your pardon balloon will pop first if you santai them into the air.A: Tap two balloons > one will go faster. Doesn’t matter which color you room tapping.

Level 129

Q: apa will the artist paint.A: Slide display to left next > friend will view a caveman.

Level 130

Q: stop the barbarian.A: tap the three and also leaves will certainly fall. Relocate the shovel to the three and also repair it. Relocate leaves and also hide the caveman. That will loss inside.

Level 131

Q: whose party is it.A: relocate cake to the people. The male on the right.

Level 132

Q: over there is a waterfall ahead. Rescue the snail.A: rotate the snail come opposite way.

Level 133

Q: those on the lakebed.A: traction the bulan to the water. You will certainly see package at the bottom.

Level 134

Q: eliminate the mermaid’s curse.A: move green part from mermaid.

Level 135

Q: price the phone.A: open up the cabinet. Repair the phone melihat the cables. The phone will awal to ring.

Level 136

Q: membantu the snail with the exit.A: readjust the labyrinth as on photo..

Level 137

Q: help catch the criminal.A: tap to chase the criminal.

Level 138

Q: apa color will anda kitten be.A: unify the colors white and ginger.

Level 139

Q: that is this.A: price is mike..

Level 140

A: unify cottage + cottage, dwellings + house, mansion + mansion and kemudian you will have a villa.

Level 141

Q: mediate the employees.A: rotate the milik mereka mouths. They will smile.

Level 142

Q: learn the code.A: Scrath pen ~ above the block and then you will see the password.

Level 143

Q: assemble a burger.A: capture only roti isi daging things

Level 144

Q: help the magician do the kettlebells vanish.A: insanity the things and they will brake.

Level 145

Q: counting the coins the wallet.A: Turn photo to upside turun then coins will fall.

Level 146

Q: help the woman discover her glasses.A: move the red scarf indigenous old mrs head then you will glasses.

Level 147

Q: one elephant deserve to eat 3 bales the hay every 8 minutes. Exactly how much can he eat in 1 hour in this field.A: over there is just 4 bales on the field.

Level 148

Q: finish the barbarian’s tasks.A: monitor the orders native the caveman. Weird numbers: 1, 3 and also even numbers: 2, 4.

Level 149

Q: who is the tallest in ~ this party.A: slide the screen and you will see a caveman.

Level 150

Q: Swap the white and black rabbits.A: 1 > 4 > 3 > 1. Follow the other measures the exact same way.

Level 151

Q: deal with the mathematics problem.A: 8 + 11 = 40

Level 152

Q: gain out the the well.A: slide up the fine till you view the bucket > placed stones in the bucket.

Level 153

Q: Cheer him up.A: slide screen to the left > untuk mengambil the money and also give it to the man.

Level 154

Q: tolong the barbaric get a date.A: take the hammer from his hand > dress up > provide the ring come the girl.

Level 155

Q: exactly how do you make a hexagon.A: membuat it from 2 orange shapes.

Level 156

Q: who has eaten the carrot.A: put all rabbit on the weight. One weight more.

Level 157

Q: tolong the barbaric win the race.A: move police come thief and then tap start.

Level 158

Q: make them happy.A: readjust graph come up.

Level 159

Q: avoid the invasion of ants.A: relocate anthill come down.

Level 160

Q: Guess that is knocking ~ above the door.A: pick artist.

Level 161

Q: How numerous pieces have the right to you reduced the pizza into with hanya two cuts.A: 7 pieces if you create pizza .

Level 162

Q: assemble the burgers.A: monitor the warga examples.

Level 163

Q: You’ve lost the vital to her house. What do girlfriend do.A: insanity the dicat > relocate the carpet and also there is a crucial for the door.

Level 164

Q: do time terakhir forever.A: revolve sand watch two waktu > do 00 – infinity sign

Level 165

Q: Who lives in the flat.A: slide your finger until home window is clean > hijau does.

Level 166

Q: discover a gem top top the first try.A: break the stones with the hammer..

Level 167

Q: that stole the diamond an hour ago.A: rotate watch bagian belakang one hour to view who stole the diamond.

Level 168

Q: exactly how should the gold be shared.A: provide carrot come the elephant and gold bar to the man.

Level 169

Q: The boy has actually dropped his ice cream. Make him laugh.A: relocate left component of tree > tap bird and also move it come the boy hands.

Level 170

Q: membantu the child finish the snowman.A: eliminate the cap from the snowman and also shake it, you will discover the carrot (nose).

Level 171

Q: What melakukan the police officer want.A: slide her finger on his left hand.

Level 172

Q: taking leave a ring from the vendor at a discount.A: purchase watermelon + scissors. Reduced the watermelon with the scissor. Feed seller with the watermelon. Readjust price indigenous 100 to 3.

Level 173

Q: membantu the barbaric escape.A: zoom out the barbarian.

Level 174

Q: Where space all these rakyat going.A: come the left.

Level 175

Q: Arrest every the criminals.A: remove a cap from bottom left criminal > it’s a policeman.

Level 176

Q: reach the flower.A: revolve your phone to the best side to do the route straight because that the snail.

Level 177

Q: Prepare these drinks.A: do a eco-friendly drink. Combine blue and also yellow and shake the glass.

Level 178

Q: how will you gain into the fortress.A: select which one girlfriend wish. Eliminate the batu from the barbarian. He will certainly follow it.

Level 179

Q: apa color is the car.A: car is red.

Level 180

Q: Find all of the biker’s tattoos.A: front, back, and under beard.

Level 181

Q: Conjure a kelinci from the hat.A: madness carrot and move di bawah hat.

Level 182

Q: maafkan saya is the barbarian’s weakness.A: tickle his belly.

Level 183Q: Guess wherein the king is.A: Mark raja and guess.Level 184

Q: regain the it is provided of electricity.A: acquire all light bulbs

Level 185

Q: uncover the missing exit.A: erase 1, 3 and also 2 in text > open door.

Level 186

Q: nothing let the mole damn the harvest.A: madness with 3 fingers to store the harvest.

Level 187

Q: fight the magician.A: follow magician with cannon and tap fast to it.

Level 188

Q: The boy can’t find his method home, he acquired lost in the forest.A: eliminate the bulan > tap top top the tree to break it.

Level 189

Q: exactly how much water does the cloud contain.A: madness the cloud > slide the bucket native left to appropriate to collect all the water.

Level 190

Q: The prisoner is guarding the chest. Just how do you odor him.A: take spoon from cake. Makee him eat the cake. Break key with hammer

Level 191

Q: do a trick.A: near his eyes and also steal his hat.

Level 192

Q: i m sorry egg is the chick in.A: break every eggs one has a chick inside.

Level 193

Q: Don’t fall into the pit.A: tap to guy so fast and also he will move up.

Level 194

Q: placed all the apples into the bucket.A: protect against watches, insanity the bucket to collection all apples indigenous the tree.

Level 195

Q: start the rocket right into space.A: 3210 in text.

Level 196

Q: Jump end the hitam cube.A: remove shell indigenous chick, kemudian tap fly few waktu till reach hitam cube .

Level 197

Q: Rescue this man.A: move mountains left and also right.

Level 198

Q: plant a money tree.A: eliminate the sunlight from the screen, ar hat on the man head > location star on hat > ar coin within the soil, ar all to make the tree grow.

Level 199

Q: There room 4 floor in the house. The greater the floor the much more occupants the has. To which floor melakukan the elevator go most often?A: The prize is 1.

Level 200

Q: ar all the forms according come the rules.A:


Level 201

Q: place all the shapes in the empty area.A:


Level 202

Q: resolve the sign.A: madness the text to fix this. Get in the indigenous RIGHT.

Level 203

Q: i beg your pardon of the flowers are real?A: ambil all the flowers out of the water and also wait.

Level 204

Q: apa picture will be created?A:


Level 205

Q: fix the problemA: exactly answer is 6.

Level 206

Q: help the cats gain home.A: open the window. Offer the meat come the dog.

Level 207

Q: Mary’s mother has actually 5 daughters: julia Anna Olga Kate… what’s the surname of the 5th daughter?A: The prize is MARY.

Level 208

Q: location all forms in the north area 2.A:


Level 209

Q: If this number is flipped over it to reduce by 3.A: If you flip 9 over it i do not care 6.

Level 210

Q: settle three of drivers mistakes.A: ambil away the phone. Change mirror and also fasten the seatbelt.

Level 211

Q: make the equation correct.A: apologize = apologize or Banana = Banana.

Level 212

Q: Water the lion.A: location all pool on top of each other to membuat a large puddle. Drag it to the lion.

Level 213

Q: collection 100 coins in the piggy bank.A: tap the lanjut on the piggy bank and enter 100.

Level 214

Q: apa is the tersembunyi shape?A: traction all the forms aside. The bersembunyi shape is a circle.

Level 215

Q: discover the biggest number.A: traction the numbers onto one another. Add all the hopeful numbers to obtain 17.

Level 216

Q: conserve the knight!A: Enlarge the shield through resizing it.

Level 217

Q: Cope through the chaos.A: just close the drapes.

Level 218

Q: make it rain.A: traction all the clouds together.

Level 219

Q: conserve both acrobats.A: Resize the trampoline to conserve both acrobats.

Level 220

Q: awal a party!A: The key to a good party is disco lighting. Insanity the irradiate switch quickly.

Level 221

Q: Wind balls of yarn.A: traction balls that yarn of the same shade on each various other to do a larger ball.

Level 222

Q: uncover gold.A: traction the display screen up. Friend will find gold in the soil.

Level 223

Q: uncover something come eat.A: bawa pulang the phone and dial 555555.

Level 224

Q: membantu the pair warm up.A: use the timper top top the left and also right next of the log. Drag them to the fire.

Level 225

Q: find your lunch box.A: madness the emty label and go into your name This lunch box will certainly be yours. Insanity it.

Level 226

Q: color the carrot.A: Mix the red and also yellow repaint to acquire orange. Shade the carrot.

Level 227

Q: select the finest ring.A: drag one ring top top the various other to gain the ideal one. Insanity it.

Level 228

Q: create a form with the maximum number of angles.A: Merge all shapes right into one and also you will acquire a form with 20 angles

Level 229

Q: how do you go into the shop?A: madness the sign and go into Open

Level 230

Q: apa is in the black box?A: insanity ??? and any word. Get in the very same word in the daerah below the box.

Level 231

Q: nothing let the housebreaker rob your house!A: rest the sequence. Tap the numberi 70 top top the door and enter another number.

Level 232

Q: tolong find the shed boy.A: obtain the dog to odor the backpack. Drag the display to the left.

Level 233

Q: who robbed the bank?A: bawa pulang off the sheriffs hat and you will find the criminal. Madness the sheriff.

Level 234

Q: Prepare the gaue won report.A: remove the unnecessary objects: money and drawing.

Level 235

Q: kill the virus.A: Enlarge the virus. Drop the pill.

Level 236

Q: which of the paintings is fake?A: Drag the word fake below either that the paintings and tap this painting.

Level 237

Q: rest the record.A: Resize the weightlifter.

Level 238

Q: Which object is closest to us?A: exactly answer is SUN.

Level 239

Q: stop the robbery!A: Enlarge the gold bar.

Level 240

Q: Select hitam horses.A: drag the word black onto a equine to shade it.

Level 241

Q: fee the batteries using electricity.A: drag the word power to the batteries.

Level 242

Q: what is she dreaming of?A: Resize the balloon

Level 243

Q: membantu the wizard disappear.A: insanity the magician caption. Delete all characters from the magician caption.

Level 244

Q: i m sorry bills room you walk to pick up?A: drag the bills one ~ above anohter without releasing your finger. Provide the stack of money come the man.

Easy Game mind Test level 245

Q: discover a an enig door.A: insanity the best candelabrum and also turn that 90 degrees. The an enig door will open.

Easy Game mind Test tingkat 246

Q: do the boxer in the red shorts win.A: move the boxers shorts.

Easy Game brain Test tingkat 247

Q: to buy the biggest watermelon.A: Enter any kind of value the exceeds the existing weight of the watermelon.

Easy Game brain Test level 248

Q: follow the gejala to uncover the way out.A: Tap and also hold the tanda and turn it to the opposite direction. Watch the exit.

Easy Game mind Test tingkat 249

Q: tolong the driver obtain over the abyss.A: Drag message from the pertanyaan to the platform so it create a bridge. Tap the drive button.

Easy Game mind Test tingkat 250

Q: what is the missing number? proceed the sequence.A: exactly answer is 48.

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