New policies are now being implemented at central Jakarta’s market district of negara Abang, following enormous crowds in ~ the famous textile pasar and adjacent train station over the weekend. Screenshot from video
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New plans are currently being imposed at main Jakarta’s market district of negara Abang, following massive crowds in ~ the famous textile market and adjacent train terminal over the weekend.

Anda sedang menonton: Info pasar tanah abang hari ini 2021

Several videos taken native Tanah abang have been commonly circulating, prompting netizens to blame the crowds for ignoring lessons from India’s devastating second wave that the coronavirus.

Ini di negara Abang, Jakarta…

Kita noël belajar dr India, dimana hari ini mayat2 korban Covid bergelimpangan krn berkerumun di acara tahunan mrk dll.

Apakah kita juga tetap akan ceroboh mudik?

Setiap setelah libur panjang, Covid always naik. Apakah kita mau ulangi lg? pic.twitter.com/UyKYy2ppDB

— ADDIE ms (
addiems) might 1, 2021

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Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan stated that the crowds top top Saturday ⁠— which got to an approximated 80,000 travellers ⁠— dulu “unexpected,” and half of them come in Tanah gelandangan using the KRL Commuterline trains. Sampanye Provincial federal government said the crowds could have exceeded practically 200 percent of the market’s bruto capacity on that day.

Pasar Jaya, the regional publik company the manages traditional markets in Jakarta, has actually set new operation hrs for Tanah memutarbalikkan Market in accordance v Anies’ order. Starting yesterday, kiosks situated on odd floors space obligated come close in ~ 4pm daily, ketika the persons on even floors must close in ~ 5pm to avoid unwanted crowds of exiting visitors. 

In addition, no KRL Commuterline trains are avoiding at Tanah memutarbalikkan Station native 3pm come 7pm everyday following Saturday’s pandemonium. Ann Purba, a spokeswoman in ~ KRL Commuterline management firm PT KCI, stated in a statement the the measure up was takento stop a passenger buru-buru as rakyat tend to head home from the ar during those hours.

For the time being, passengers of KRL Commuterline from and also to Rangkasbitung, Parungpanjang, and Serpong can only get on and off the train at Palmerah Station; while those from and to Bogor, Depok, Nambo-Angke, and Jatinegara may select to depart or alight in ~ Karet, Duri, and also Angke stations throughout these hours.

KRL Commuterlines routes various other than itu affected over are operating as usual. 

Jakarta subway Police’s website traffic Directorate claimed that it will certainly prepare web traffic diversion rencana across Tanah gelandangan to anticipate comparable crowds leading approximately Eid, i beg your pardon is supposed to fall on might 13 this year.

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Sambodo purnomo Yogo, that heads the directorate, stated in a statement this day that the web traffic diversions and closures will change to the condition at negara Abang. Some areas that are most likely to be closed space Bongkaran, Petamburan come the arah of tanah Abang, Layang Jatibaru, and also around the market’s block G.

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