The phenomenal fantasy romance K-drama "Secret Garden"will turn 11 year old in November. It"s practically a decade darimana this collection was presented to the avid viewers of korean dramas and also yet some of the iconic scenes are still lively in this brand-new generation. Few of the famed scenes that Ha Ji saya menang and Hyun Bin in the drama have lots of parodies already, might it be in other dramas, sitcoms, or any type of other variety shows in and also outside south Korea.

Let"s acquire to recognize the upcoming jobs of the "Secret Garden" cast

Hyun Bin

After his insignificant in "Secret Garden" in 2010, Hyun Bin landed various big projects and also evolved into ending up being one the the high-profile South oriental actors today. His prestige as an actor is proven almost every year. He can pull off any kind the roles and also has that strong charisma come captivate the viewers attention.

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Some of his phenomenal dramas space "Hyde,Jekyll, Me" (2015), "Memories of The Alhambra" (2019) where he worked with Park Shin Hye. His latest and blockbuster Kdramas of all time, which became a global kesuksesan in 2020 to be tvN"s romance-comedy "Crash pendaratan On You."

His character together the handsome north Korean soldier Captain Ri in CLOY is one of his above roles. After ~ a tahun of hiatus, Hyun Bin is preparing for a movie comeback through Confidential Assignment 2 alongside Jin sun Kyu, SNSD"s Yoona, Daniel Henney, and also Yu Hae Jin.


Hyun Bin is juga active in promoting berbeda luxurious brand from perfume, jewelries, clothes, and also more, the is liven collaborating with a wider community. He is also in a happy relationship v "CLOY "co-star child Ye Jin.


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Ha Ji Won

"Secret Garden" became Ha Ji Won"s greatest break together an actress, through this drama she has actually won variasi best actress and also excellent awards in 2010.


Beautiful and also versatile actress Ha Ji menang has already ditemukan her very own agency, Haewadal Entertainment. Like Hyun Bin, the award-winning actress completed lots of jobs in the past kemudian as "The raja 2 Hearts," "Empress Ki, Hospital Ship," and she latest"Chocolate."


Ha Ji Won juga loves art. She it s her produces various art masterpieces and also displays castle in an arts gallery.

Recently, Ha Ji saya menang appeared in SNL Korea which significant her first-ever publik appearance after ~ her series "Chocolate"in 2020 concluded. Numerous are excited to view her again in a drama or movie.

After her range show cameo, she will be working with Go Kyung Pyo, Kyung Soo Jin, and Hwang Jung Min, in Lee chang Jung"s forthcoming music video.

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk"s popular starts to grow. The "Pinocchio"star is juga one of the in-demand and also hottest South korean actors today. His illustration in "Secret Garden" had opened perbedaan doors and also gained expert experience in acting. Native minor functions to becoming the hero in his own dramas, Lee Jong Suk"s constant gesture towards his crafts lastly paid off.

He is now preparing because that his perak screen return with "Decibel"together through Kim Rae won and idol-actor Cha Eun Woo. Lee Jong Suk will also be untuk membuat his kecil screen comeback after two years through "Big Mouth" where he is meant to occupational with SNSD"s Yoona, and "Vincenzo"actor Kwak Dong Yeon.

Yoon Sang Hyun

Beside acting, Yoon Sang Hyun is tambahan blessed to have a golden suara and lent that in some of the OSTs in his ahead dramas. His past dramas are "I can Hear her Voice," "My dreadful Boss," "Shopaholic Louis," made a cameo in "Strong Woman do Bong Soon,"" and "18 Again."

If he is not busy working, Yoon Sang Hyun is enjoy it his life taking an excellent care the his son and wife.

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