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As plenty of as 310 badminton players membentuk 21 nations are set to bermain at the BCA Indonesia open Superseries hari pertama 2017 which will certainly be dipegang at plenary Hall, champa Convention center (JCC), June 12 - 18.

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The ideal badminton players will certainly fight for 1 juta us dolar harga money, or 13.5 exchange rate rupiahs. The prize money is the greatest in this year"s superseries, i beg your pardon is equal as Dubai Superseries Final"s hadiah money next December. The hadiah money is higher than the terakhir year"s which was 900.000 dollars or 12 exchange rate rupiahs.

"Beside the increasing harga money to an ext than13 exchange rate rupiahs, the Indonesia open up is a call tourney for best players. This is the best tournament with the paling visitors, for this reason they tempt players," Yoppy Rosimin stated in a tekan conference in ~ Kempinski Hotel, Monday (22/5).

The most prestigious badminton tournament in Indonesia will also be slightly different from the previous one. Unequal the ahead events, this time the tournament will certainly be dipegang at plenary Hall, JCC rather of Istora Senayan.

Moreover, Yoppy addressed this venue shift from Istora come JCC is result from Istora Senayan renovation to obtain ready for the 2018 oriental Games.

"We had actually to relocate toJCC. Unlike in ~ Istora whereby we had four courts, this year we will only use three because of the meet limitation," said Yoppy.

Yoppy described the shift has been through many long processes and also been showed by BWF together the highest possible governing body.

Meanwhile, this year"s BCA Indonesia open up Superseries hari pertama 2017 is expected to it is in a momentum because that the home team to accomplish the best results. Pbsi aims one judul from men"s doubles together Ricky Subagja, the head of PR and also Media relationship of PBSI, stated.

"From lima sectors, men"s doubles has actually the paling promising prospects to make an excellent achievements, especially Kevin/Gideon. The target this year is no easy, however this doesn"t prevent us to look from other sectors. One point for sure, we collection one target," said Ricky Subagja.

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Tickets are obtainable online top top since last April 21, 2017. Ticket are juga available in ~ the ticket crate at JCC on match days. The tickets are selling starting at 35.000 IDR and the all accessibility tickets space selling beginning at 1,5 juta IDR in 3 categories; VVIP, viip A, and viip B.