an excellent good battery life Looks an excellent lots of storage space beneficial features in Funtouch OS bad Weak processor Average display screen quality Mediocre photo and video quality

Vivo is famous in India thanks to that high-volume publicity projects featuring celebrities and its sponsorship of kepala sports tournaments. The firm hit the sourse three spot in India in kondisi of smartphone shipments because that the an initial quarter that this year, doubling its figures contrasted to the very same period last year. That"s regardless of not trying come disrupt the pasar with incredibly low prices and high specifications choose Xiaomi, Realme, and now Samsung do. Vivo disclosure its phones" camera capability heavily, and has ridden countless trends in ~ the right time, release phones through high-quality selfie cameras, in-display fingerprint sensors, borderless screens, and colourful patterned bodies.

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The Vivo Y17 has a distinctive look that will certainly grab attention, yet it's a little bit too bulky and also unweildy because that comfortable use. That's due to the fact that of its huge 5000mAh battery, which must comfortably get you with a day and also a fifty percent of consistent use. However the MediaTek Helio P35 processor is seriously underpowered because that a phone in ~ this price level, and we uncovered that benchmark scores menjadi disappointingly low. The Y17 could barely take care of stressful games, and was outclassed by phones that cost much less.

The cameras were also weak. The 13-megapixel primary rear camera is join by one 8-megapixel camera v a wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor that's used for depth impacts in potret shots. Picture were hanya about okay, however we had actually trouble at night and also the wide-angle camera produced much reduced quality shots.

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Vivo's custom Funtouch OS is packed penuh of tiny features and shortcuts, yet it requirements to it is in restrained and refined at tiny in kondisi of design. Overall, there's very little that bekerja untuk this phone precious recommending due to the fact that you can get superior features and performance at reduced prices elsewhere.

Product surname Price in India
Vivo Y17 (4GB RAM, 128GB) - Mineral Blue ₹ 15,000
Vivo Y17 (4GB RAM, 128GB) - Mystic Purple ₹ 15,990


Vivo Y17 (4GB RAM, 128GB) - Mystic purple
₹ 18,990
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Vivo Y17 (4GB RAM, 128GB) - Mineral Blue
₹ 19,189
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Vivo Y17 price in India starts native ₹ 15,000. The shortest price that Vivo Y17 is ₹ 15,000 at amazon on 12th November 2021.