“This safari park is awesome! The mirrors are great, well pikiran and youngsters love it. Keep up the good work.”

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Enter quicker by pameran your e-voucher at the perjalanan mobil Easy accessibility counterExperience near encounters with wild animals in Taman Safari Prigen, one of Asia's biggest safaris clock entertaining and educational animal shows, indigenous a dolphin and elephant display to bird watchingEmbark top top a 45-minute safari trip to see pets from about the worldEnjoy perbedaan fun games and rides, consisting of Safari Water dunia and one amusement park in the to chat Area
maloneyforwv.com and partners space committed come comply through the hygiene and also safety protocols to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Physical distancing rules with venue capacity reduction, along with digital booking and cashless payment system.

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If you're an pet lover, Taman Safari Prigen should definitely be had on the bucket perform for your lanjut holiday! situated in Prigen, eastern Java, the park is one of Asia's biggest safaris and also is house to perbedaan animal types from around the world. Uncover a mesmerizing world of pets by venturing into the infant Zoo and Australiana areas, or join a 45-minute safari trip on a vehicle to see wild pets in their natural habitats. 

Not hanya that, you'll juga get to experience interacting with pets by swimming with dolphins, exploring the slopes that Arjuno hill on Sumatran elephants. Clock entertaining animal shows that will leave you in awe and give you beneficial insights about the animals' means of life. Still up because that some more fun adventures? hanya take the entirety family come the to chat Area come enjoy interesting games and rides!