Protect your phone ketika maximizing its performance v the brand-new Arctech Pro—our 3rd-gen smartphone situation with Thermaphene™ Cooling an innovation to alleviate heat. Upgraded v extra ventilation channels, TPE-reinforced corners and more, the time to provide your phone call the best-casescenario.

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A thermally conductive class redirects warm buildup and also is much more effective at keeping your phone from overheating during intense use, avoiding CPU slowdowns that may cause in-game lag orstutter.


With much more perforations 보다 its previous design, the Arctech Pro enables heat produced from your phone to escape quickly rather than remain trapped favor in traditionalcases.

Thanks come strengthened corners intensified with a difficult polymer mix, the instance is currently even much more durable and also can resist drops that could otherwise result in costly display repairs or devicereplacement.

The case has a grippy structure that no only buatlah it much easier to hold and also prevents inadvertently drops, but tambahan comes v a class of defense that prevents the expansion of bacteria during dailyuse.

Charge your phone using Apple MagSafe and also Qi wireless charging pads without having actually to remove the case, as you gain unhindered 5G speeds because that cloud gaming and video streamingplatforms.

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* ARCTECH (3rd Generation)
* ARCTECH pro (3rd Generation)
Thermaphene™ CoolingTechnology
Extra Ventilation Channels
TPE-Reinforced Corners
Anti-Bacterial Coating
Soft Touch Finish
Compatible through MagSafe andQi

Get as much as 1 tahun of warranty and access reliable tech support. Purchase straight from maloneyforwv.comStore and get 14 days risk-free returns.