Jeon for this reason Min will certainly make a brief return top top the K-drama scene through the continuous hit series, "So ns Married an Anti-Fan," which stars Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung and Choi Tae Joon.

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The actress and "Running Man" mainstay will have actually a cameo in the brand-new "So ns Married one Anti-Fan" episode!


Jeon for this reason Min to participate in the next "So ns Married an Anti-Fan" Episode

"So ns Married one Anti-Fan" released brand-new stills together teasers to the viewers who will it is in watching the lanjut episode that the romantic drama. Apa made the audience more excited is the figure of "Cross" star Jeon so Min.

In the photo, she is viewed wholeheartedly mesmerized by that Joon"s (Choi Tae Joon) voice. She gets emotional together she focuses on listening to the male lead"s captivating singing.

At first, who Joon disguised himself by wearing a mask while performing. Afterwards, he gotten rid of it, which make Jeon so Min laugh genuinely and also realize who the mystery performer is.


(Photo : So ns Married one Anti-Fan Instagram)

"So i Married an Anti-Fan" producer revealed the director Kang Chul Woo had operated with Jeon so Min sebelum in the drama "Something around 1%," and built a great connection with each other.

This answers the factor behind Jeon therefore Min"s upcoming khususnya appearance. Further, one of the producers of the ongoing display shared, "To understand more maafkan saya kind of character she (Jeon so Min) will certainly be portraying, please watch the upcoming broadcast of "So i Married one Anti-Fan.""


(Photo : So ns Married one Anti-Fan Instagram)

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Jeon therefore Min Teased pan in recent Instagram post with actor Ha Seok Jin

Even sebelum she joined the famous variety show "Running Man," Jeon for this reason Min an initial built her surname in the K-drama realm, start in 2008.

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Her "Something around 1%" co-star Ha Seok Jin is among her biggest onscreen partners. Recently, the mrs star posted on she Instagram two photos featuring actor the handsome actor.

check out this short article on Instagram
A short article shared by 쏘미닝 (

The two looked good together, according to pan who were happy to check out them again. The "Radiant Office" lead actor didn"t miss out on the opportunity and posted the very same photos ~ above his SNS account.

Jeon so Min and also Ha Seok Jin worked for the an initial time in the 2016 romantic drama "Something around 1%," which obtained favorable feedback indigenous the viewers, thanks to dari mereka perfect onscreen chemistry.

Meanwhile, the two dulu busy doing various works in entertainment, but fans room still hoping for them to work-related again in one project.

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Are you juga an avid viewer the "So i Married an Anti-Fan"? How"s the story so far? Don"t forget to posting ulang your thoughts v us in the comments!

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Written by Shai Collins

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