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Synopsis of The Eternal Love 3:

Oh no, Qu Tan’er has actually time-travelled again! This time, she has involved a dunia where gender roles have actually been reversed and also men room treated together unequal come women.

Mo Lian Cheng is just one of the default bachelors joining the palace selection, yet finds the he is being relentlessly gone after by the unabashed princess who will execute anything to win his heart. Will he ultimately remember she to akan her husband because that the 3rd lifetime?

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Title: The Eternal Love 3/ The Eternal Love Season 3 / Shuang Shi Chong Fei III / Shuang Shi Chong Fei 3

Native Title: 爆笑宠妃: 爷我等你休妻 / 双世宠妃 3

Genres: Action, Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Episode: 30

Aired: Jun 1, 2021 – ?

Aired On:Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Channel: Tencent Video

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Episode 24540p720p1080pDownloadDownloadDownload
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Episode 28540p720p1080pDownloadDownloadDownload
Episode 29540p720p1080pDownloadDownloadDownload
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