Today we’ll it is in discussing fatality March to The Parallel dunia Rhapsody Season 2 and also what’s in store from the fresh out of the box new period of this significant show. Fans space anxious to establish Satou’s trip will bawa pulang him next. It was no apprehension that present would come back with lagi season as fatality March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku’s terakhir scene prodded fatality March Season 2.

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This irradiate novel plan which is composed by creator Hiro Ainana and outlined through craftsman Shri provides a bounty of referral component because that an anime spin-off. The Novel arrangement has officially spread its volume 14 beginning at July 2018.

The discharge date for this irradiate novel arrangement’s selang 15 has actually not been formally reported, however considering there room three publications discharged each year, therefore fans should expect selang 15 for loss of 2018. ~ the come of nada 12, Hiro Ainana similarly composed a prequel anecdote around Princess Arisa called fatality March come the Parallel dunia Rhapsody Ex: Princess Arisa’s Otherworldly Struggle.

Death March to The Parallel dunia Rhapsody Season 2 discharge day is as yet obscure together there has been no secara resmi declaration made yet in regards come same. There still is an inquiry v respect come the 2nd season regardless of the sebenarnya that fans are anxiously menggantung tight for anime’s arrival. The key season wound up in march 2018, thinking about this repair of the titik so sebelum long is far fetched. Anime organization, by and also large, sit chop for around a year to check out the service number before going jenuh scale with brand-new seasons.



Refreshed ~ above 10 July 2019:

The anime present has no yet got any type of restoration subtleties, nor it has been dropped. Which implies, us should organize up calmly, it rotates the machines report more subtleties. It is in that as it may, the show melakukan not have any kind of shy of products to make the complying with season. We have successfully gotten numerous new volumes of the manga, together we have actually as of so late observed nada 14 discharging.

Volume 15 is likewise dibawah works, which may discharge in autumn 2019. In this manner, there is sufficient source material, yet there is still no advancement occurring because that the anime. I trust things will present signs that improvement, as we are purposely trusting that the complying with season will certainly discharge soon!


At the hour that composing, an resmi delivery date for death March come The Parallel world Rhapsody season 2 has actually not been authoritatively affirmed but a mid tahun 2021 debut is the most probable window.

It’s as of now been a long time since the display appeared. Subsequently, ample possibility has currently past for silver Link to provide the pan a restoration or if nothing else an appropriate conclusion. Starting at now, death March come The Parallel dunia Rhapsody Season 2 may debut as appropriate on time together late 2020 or the key quarter that 2021.


The cerita of death March starts with a 29-Year old gaming software engineer named Ichiro Suzuki who have to fix various specialized problems in 2 MMORPGs for the company that he was working for, before their distribution. To deal with the bug, he required to stay at work longer than required throughout the end of the week. Tragically, the push gathered from his employed negatively impacted his body, debilitating that to whereby he died in his rest. After that he, all of sudden woke up in a parallel dunia incredibly looking choose the dream RPG gamings that the was taking a shot at his last world. Presently he passes by the surname of Satou Pendragon in the brand-new world, i m sorry is helpfully the moniker the utilized once he was berlari beta exam in the old world.


The two-year-long break sejak the anime’s presentation in januari 2018 prompted the advent of a couple of bits the gossip identified with that is cancelation. In any kind of case, follow to reports, ‘Death March come Parallel world Rhapsody Season 2’ is neither dropped nor reestablished.

The anime arrangement is well known sufficient to merit a 2nd round, at any type of rate. Desu Māchi kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyōsōkyoku is basically popular both in and also outside of Japan. Kebenaran be told, the studio may not opportunity dropping one anime plan as useful as this. Then again, the Season 1 finale indicates that the creators are keen on membuat more portions later on. The closes with a fragmentised completion and a significant cliffhanger that need to be examined in ‘Death March come The Parallel dunia Rhapsody Season 2.’

In enhancement to the sebenarnya that season to be 1 one enormous worldwide achievement, both concerning viewership and also pundit surveys, and also finished top top a bluff holder the proposed a season 2 to be on the cards. What’s more the first manga arrangement the the anime depends on is together yet proceeding with the tenth nada being delivered kembali in May. Indeed, even the light novel setup of fatality March is together yet being delivered and is together of now on its twentieth volume.

IS there ENOUGH resource MATERIAL come MAKE lagi SEASON?

Starting today, the death March irradiate novel plan has an accumulation of eighteen volumes. Be that as it may, the principal part of the anime change scarcely covered the initial 3 of them. Henceforth, ‘Death March to The Parallel world Rhapsody Season 2’ has around fifteen quantities to develop the story. Indeed, this measure up of resource material is enough to do a couple of portions later on on.


From the second Suzuki restarts his life over in the video game that he made in his continuous life. It was at the game’s start menu. When he was folding his head over the circumstance, that was unexpectedly trapped by a pita of reptile men and had to fight lock off utilizing 3 outstanding Meteor Rain strikes on them. Presently perusing just how desperate the circumstance is Suzuki set frown to achieve his score in the video game so he could before long karakter out exactly how to uncover out the it. During his movements, the experiences and becomes girlfriend with berbeda partners consisting of Zina Marienteil, PochiL Liza, Tama, Arisa, and also Lulu.

Who space In The fatality March to The Parallel World?

In the anime we see berbeda characters and desires to see a similar again in the adhering to season, how about we tinjauan the names from the start with their voice artists.

Ichirou Suzuki Voiced through Shun Horie (Japanese) justin Briner (English).Zena Marienteil Voiced by Rie Takahashi (Japanese) Julie Shields (English).Pochi Voiced by Hiyori Kono (Japanese) Brittney Karbowski (English).Tama Voiced by kerajaan Okuno (Japanese) margaret McDonald (English).Liza Voiced by Minami Tsuda (Japanese) Brittany Lauda (English).Arisa Voiced through Aoi Yūki (Japanese) Monica Rial (English).Lulu Voiced by Marika Hayase (Japanese) Jill Harris (English).Misanaria Bolenan Voiced through Airi Eino (Japanese) Tia Ballard (English).Nana Voiced through Kiyono Yasuno (Japanese) Megan Shipman (English).

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All points considered, the overview isn’t perfect here, perhaps we will watch some brand-new characters and also extra voice artists.