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You’ll find our finish #Digital2021 report for Indonesia in the SlideShare embed above (click here if that’s not working for you).

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This report includes all the latest web stats, mobile stats, and sosial media stats because that Indonesia, yet read on below for necessary insights into digital use in Indonesia in 2021.

Indonesia’s population

Indonesia had actually a populace of 274.9million in january 2021.

Indonesia’s population increased by 2.9million (+1.1%) between january 2020 and januari 2021.

49.7% the Indonesia’s population is female, while 50.3% the its population is male .

57.0% of Indonesia’s population hidup in urban centres, ketika 43.0% hidup in rural areas.

Internet customers in Indonesia

There were 202.6million internet users in Indonesia in januari 2021.

The sourse of internet users in Indonesia increased through 27million (+16%) between 2020 and 2021.

Internet penetration in Indonesia stood in ~ 73.7% in january 2021.

Note: we no longer include data sourced from social media communication in our web user numbers, for this reason the number shown over and in our complete digital 2021 reports are not comparable with numbers released in our reports indigenous previous years.

Social media statistics for Indonesia

There were 170.0million social media users in Indonesia in january 2021.

The numberi of masyarakat media individuals in Indonesia increased by 10million (+6.3%) in between 2020 and 2021.

The numberi of sosial media individuals in Indonesia was indistinguishable to 61.8% that the berbisa population in january 2021.

Note: figures for social media customers shown di sini and in our complete digital 2021 reports might not equate to unique individuals. Us have tambahan included brand-new sources in this year’s sosial media figures, so numbers shown here and in our digital 2021 reports will certainly not be comparable through numbers published in our previous reports.

Mobile relations in Indonesia

There were 345.3million mobile connections in Indonesia in january 2021.

The number of mobile relationships in Indonesia increased by 4.0million (+1.2%) between january 2020 and januari 2021.

The mageri of mobile relations in Indonesia in january 2021 was equivalent to 125.6% the the berbisa population.

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Note: many rakyat have much more than one mobile connection, so figures for cell phone connections may exceed 100% of the bruto population.