Most masyarakat media feeds are practically distractingly liven -- jenuh of photos, videos, and text updates from friends and also brands girlfriend follow. Instagram is berbeda -- you deserve to only look in ~ one short article at a time.

Anda sedang menonton: Cara repost multiple photos instagram

And kapan Instagram"s simple, clean interface kekuasaan to simple to emphasis on users" beautiful photography and interesting videos, it tambahan leaves other to be desired: the capacity to easily repost other users" content.

But are afraid not: because that every problem, the internet has afforded a solution. Us tested out four different ways to repost isi on Instagram in a few simple steps. Every one of these approaches are free, yet some require you come download an application from the iOS application Store or Google play first.

Disclaimer: Pursuant come Instagram"s terms of Use, friend must very first reach out to the Instagram user whose isi you desire to reproduce and obtain tertulis permission to execute so. You have the right to do this by commenting ~ above the image and also asking, or by sending them an Instagram direct Message, which deserve to be accessed by tapping the paper airplane symbol in the upper right-hand edge of the app.

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Using Repost for Instagram

1. Download Repost because that Instagram.

Download Repost for Instagram for either iOS or Android. Both devices are compatible with this app, i beg your pardon integrates directly with Instagram so you can posting ulang content from other Instagram individuals from her mobile device.


5. Penyuntingan the post"s inscription and posting ulang your repost.

Tap "Next." If you want to include the original post"s caption, insanity the caption bidang and tekan ke bawah "Paste," whereby the original caption will show up with a citation the credits the original poster with your reposted photo.


2. Dough the post"s bagikan URL into DownloadGram.

Open her mobile internet mencari and navigate to DownloadGram -- or simply, Paste the URL right into the message box that shows up on the website"s homepage. Then, madness "Download."


Tap the eco-friendly "Download Image" button that shows up further dibawah DownloadGram"s homepage.


3. Download the post.

You"ll be directed to a new webpage v the isi ready to download. Tap the download icon -- the box with one upward-facing arrow, together shown listed below -- kemudian tap "Save image."



4. Open Instagram and also find the picture or video in your camera roll.

Return to her Instagram app. The picture will be conserved to her phone"s native camera roll, so edit it together you would any kind of other Instagram post.


5. Include a subtitle and bagikan your repost.

The repost won"t encompass a citation, so we suggest adding one by inputting "
+ " to credit the initial poster through the photo or video. Then, tekan "Share." Here"s just how the post shows up on your Instagram profile:


Taking a Screenshot

This technique doesn"t require any kind of or other websites come repost ~ above Instagram. It"s worth nothing that this technique only works for reposting photos, no videos. Here"s exactly how to execute it:

Find a photograph on Instagram you"d like to repost, and ambil a screenshot v your phone.

For iOS: Press dibawah on the home and also lock buttons all at once until your display screen flashes.For Android: Press turun on the sleep/wake and also volume turun buttons at the same time until your display flashes.

Tap the new post button in the bottom-center of your Instagram screen. Resize the photo so it"s properly cropped in the Instagram photo editor.


Edit and also filter the write-up like girlfriend would any other Instagram post. Store in mind that your phone call will ambil a screenshot of whatever on her screen, not just the picture you want to repost. So, be ready to chop the sides of the screenshot come capture hanya the photo you desire to posting ulang with her followers.


The repost won"t encompass a citation, so we suggest including one by keying "
+ " to credit transaction the initial poster v the photograph you"re reposting. Then, tekan ke bawah "Share." Here"s how the post shows up on her Instagram profile:


Now the you"ve learned exactly how to repost ~ above Instagram, you deserve to diversify your profile with isi sourced from friends, family, and also brands. Usage the methods above -- being certain to cite the source of the original short article -- to quickly and also easily reshare her favorite content.

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