Popular Messaging system WhatsApp keeps introducing new features which makes it even more popular amongst its users. One kemudian feature which can be really helpful to WhatsApp users is the ability to pin Chats in WhatsApp.

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Pin Chats in WhatsApp

Normally, the setup of conversation threads in WhatsApp is based upon the paling recent messages being moved to the peak of the Chats screen.

However, this setup have the right to lead to the possibility of unimportant team Chats acquisition up the paling visible part of screen an are on your phone or tablet, ketika pushing turun important chat threads.

The systems to this melepaskan is to make use of the Pinned Chats function in WhatsApp. This feature allows you to prioritize specific Chats end others by permitting you to pin up to three Contacts or contact Groups to the optimal of the Chats screen.

Pinned Chats selalu remain at the top of the Chats screen, membuat it much easier to keep track of vital Chats and also prevent them from being mixed up and also diluted with all other Chats which might not it is in of the same arti or attention to you.

Pin Chats in WhatsApp ~ above iPhone

Follow the steps listed below to pinning Chats in WhatsApp on her iPhone.

1. open up WhatsApp on her iPhone

2. Next, tap on the Chats tab located at the bottom the your display (See photo below).

3. top top the Chats screen, swipe appropriate on the Chat that you desire to pinning until you check out the menyematkan button (See image below).


4. Once you see the menyematkan option, tap top top the pinning button to menyematkan this specific Chat come the height of her Chats display (See photo above)

Note: execute not swipe every the method to the right edge the the screen, as this will mark message together being check out or unread. Swipe just till you watch the pinning button.

The Pinned chat will appear at the height of the Chats screen with a pinning icon top top the ideal side. At any kind of time, you have the right to Unpin this chat by swiping come the right and also tapping on the Unpin switch (See image below).


The pinned Chat will certainly not change its position also if girlfriend send or receive new WhatsApp Messages. In instance you decide to Pin another Chat, the newly pinned Chat will certainly be included to the top, which method that the existing pinned chat will be pushed down.

Pin Chats in WhatsApp on Android Phone

Follow the steps listed below to pinning Chats in WhatsApp on your Android Phone.

1. open WhatsApp on your Android Phone

2. On the Chats screen, pick the Chat that you want to pinning by tapping and holding on it (See photo below).


3. once the chat is selected, tap on the pin Icon to menyematkan this particular Chat come the height of Chats display screen (See image above).

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You can Unpin this conversation at any time by picking the chat (Tap and also Hold) and kemudian tapping ~ above the Unpin Icon (See picture below)


As mentioned above, the Pinned chat will always remain at the height of Chats screen, even if you send or receive new WhatsApp Messages. In situation you Pin lainnya Chat, the existing Pinned Chat will certainly be pushed down and the newly Pinned Chat will be added above the present one.