Instagram has considerable tools built in for creating and also editing posts and Stories, yet there could always be more. Third-party apps can tolong you add photo and video effects because that even more visually stimulating content, as well as create announcements, text-based images, and everything in between. However, currently that Shortcuts exists on, you might no much longer need all those extra apps on her iPhone.

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Apple"s Shortcuts app brings depth automation come devices, and also that method a lot of fun and also useful features for Instagram. You can download Instagram videos, membuat funny memes, and steal famous hashtags — every without needing a third-party app installed on your iPhone. Some of these shortcuts do use third-party services to work their magic, but it"s a lot far better than wasting home display space.

1. Download Instagram Photos, Videos, stories & More

Tired of penampilan screenshots and third-party apps to conserve images and download videos on Instagram? "Instasave," native hinapupina, permits you to conserve pretty much visual content from other users — individual write-ups (photos or videos), Stories, highlights, and even finish IG profiles.

To save an individual photograph or video, girlfriend must first go come the short article on Instagram. Next, tap ~ above the three-dot food selection (•••) in the height right, pick "Share to," kemudian "Shortcuts" native your share sheet. Finally, tap top top the "InstaSave" shortcut, and also after a few seconds, your photo or video clip will be conserved to her Photos app.

If you desire to save an Instagram user"s Stories, Highlights, profile picture, 12 latest photos and videos, or their entire profile, you must go to their Instagram profile. Then, tap on the ellipsis (•••), and hit "Copy profile URL." go to the Shortcuts app, tap ~ above Instasave, and also select apa you want to conserve from the profile.

Below, you deserve to see the I made decision to download their 12 recent posts, which contained over 30 photos because some posts had an ext than one photo or video.

2. Separation Photos because that Instagram Grids & Multi-Image Posts

If you"ve ever before wondered just how Instagram accounts break-up up photo into a net of articles that have the right to be viewed as one image from dari mereka profile page, they most likely use third-party apps choose Griddy, Grid post Maker, and also Photo Grid. However, you"re far better off penampilan the tindakan available in the Shortcuts app.

While girlfriend can shot to develop your own from scratch, Joe__Soap has one called "Split photo Equally" that melakukan all the facility leg occupational for you lihat only math and also the available actions in the Shortcuts app.

Open the separation Image same shortcut, choose the picture that you desire to chop up from your on-device library. In general, if you desire each image to it is in a square that flows evenly to membuat the image throughout multiple posts, you"ll desire to choose photo that"s already a square. If you don"t some photos may show up on a profile or in multi-image short articles with borders on the sides or top.

Next, pick how you want it split. First, add a mageri for horisontal segments, kemudian vertical. I determined a 3-by-3 grid, i beg your pardon splits mine square photo into 9 different shots, the paling frequent grid digunakan by Instagrammers on profile pages. Girlfriend can select something like a 1-by-3 grid, however unless the image has a ratio of 1:3, the results won"t look perfect top top Instagram.

Now, if you desire to do a net on her profile page, open up Instagram and post each snapshot one by one, beginning from the paling recent picture (they"re separation in order). Because that multi-image articles that you have the right to swipe through to watch a entirety panorama, hanya select all of the photos at the same time in the right order. Then hanya upload favor normal, and view her split-up masterpiece.

3. Create a Collage from Multiple Photos

"Instagram Grid" — which you can find by browsing the "Gallery" in Shortcuts — helps you create a net of photographs to post on Instagram. Instead of splitting one snapshot up (like in the ahead shortcut), this one lets you make a grid indigenous 2, 4, 6, 9, or 12 images in her Photos app.

Start by going right into the Shortcuts app. Tap ~ above the Instagram net shortcut, kemudian select the photos you want in your grid, and hit "Done." The order you choose your picture in is exactly how they will show up in the grid, beginning from the optimal down, left to right. Friend can kemudian share your photo to Instagram or save it right into your picture app. If you pick 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, or 11 images, there will always be at least one empty crate in the grid.

4. Automatically Upload Your latest Photo

Siri isn"t essential for numerous shortcuts, but it does make executing details tasks lot easier. "Post come Instagram," tambahan available with a quick temukan in the "Gallery," enables you come easily write-up your terakhir photo tackled Instagram through the tolong of your voice.

After installation the shortcut, in the Shortcuts app, tap top top the ellipsis (•••) icon on "Post to Instagram." Tap ~ above the settings symbol in the right, and select "Add come Siri" to membuat a suara command come execute the action. One of two people tap on the red record switch or "Type Phrase" to document or form out your suara command, respectively, and hit "Done" if you"re senang with it.

Now you deserve to use Siri to help you short article your terakhir photo taken, i.e., the newest picture in your Photos library, to Instagram. Create Siri, and say your command to open up the shortcut. The terakhir photo you ambil (videos won"t work) with your camera will certainly be lugged up, and the faster way will questioning if you desire to upload that to your "Story" or "Feed." end up the font process manually, and also you"re finished!

5. Immediately Upload her Newest Live Photo

In enhancement to the shortcut above that write-ups your newest image in Photos, there"s one referred to as "Post Live picture to Instagram" that permits you to short article your last Live photo taken ~ above Instagram. Friend can collection it up and also run it hanya like the last shortcut, so hanya follow itu steps to obtain it working.

6. Location Text over Photos to create Memes

Is her Instagram account one up-and-coming picture page? Or perform you hanya like writings your own meme developments every as soon as in a while? thanks to KurokoNB, a shortcut aptly title "Text over picture" allows you (drum roll please) place text directly above a picture to membuat a meme.

If you desire to create a meme, tap on the shortcut, and choose a picture to include text to, either from photos (Picture Library) or records (iCloud Drive). Go into your text, i m sorry can incorporate emojis, kemudian hit "OK."

Your picture is finished! You deserve to either save it on her phone or iCloud or posting ulang it through message message, email, etc. In this case, membagikan directly come Instagram is hanya a tap away.

7. Steal one Instagram Post"s Hashtags

If girlfriend want orang to discover your profile or pictures, you have to use the very same hashtags that sosial media influencers and brands use (#fitness, #hypebeast, #fashion, etc.). Ketika you can form up hashtags for her captions, it"s less complicated to just steal the hashtags the a famous picture. Thanks to "Instagram Hashtags," through socaljoker, you have the right to do just that.

After installation Instagram Hashtags, go to Instagram, find the snapshot that you desire to steal the hashtags from, and tap on the ellipsis (•••) in the top right. Next, tap top top "Share to," and select "Shortcuts" from the share sheet.

You"ll it is in redirected come the Shortcuts app, wherein you need to tap ~ above "Instagram Hashtags." all of the hashtags in the inscription (and in the messages) will go to her clipboard. You can kemudian paste the hashtags in your post"s inscription or in comments because that a post currently published.

8. Add Thumbnail Map come Photo

Add some flair to her Instagram photos with "PhotoMap Thumbnail," by atomicsiren, which enables you to ar a thumbnail map on a photo sebelum posting it come Instagram.

Tap ~ above the "PhotoMap Thumbnail" workflow in Shortcuts, then choose a photograph from her library, and also the faster way will then ask you to customize the map thumbnail on her photo. Pick a header and also footer (choose between date, time, location, and custom text), the map size, and also the ar of the map. When you"re done, friend can share and conserve your photo.

Needless to say, this will certainly not job-related if you have actually disabled "Location Services" for the camera application you shot the image with. Girlfriend can, however, use another app to add coordinates come the image before uploading, if girlfriend want.

Your photograph with a thumbnail map will certainly be conserved to her Photos app. Now, friend can post the picture to Instagram to present off the ar of wherein it was taken in a unique manner, without having to tags the yes, really location.

This article was produced during device Hacks" special coverage on coming to be a sosial media skilled on her phone. Check out the whole social Media series.

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