E-learning merupakan student focused learning, murid dituntut untuk mempelajari mencapai serius mata kuliah yang diajarkan oleh internet, karena pada di atas sesi ada kuis apa harus dijawab. Bahan kuis tersebut berasal dari pengajaran yang telah disampaikan.

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Sistem ini bisa disampaikan secara blended, campuran antara e-learning mencapai tatap muka, bisa tambahan dengan jenuh e-learning. Institut maloneyforwv.com dalam tahap ini membolehkan maloneyforwv.com teori e-learning secara full, namun UTS dan UAS harus menjangkau tatap muka di kelas.

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Pengumuman hibah penelitian Dikti untuk tahun 2015 batch 1 dan bacth 2 dapat dilihat di http://simlitabmas.dikti.go.id/. Alhamdulillah dan puji syukur beberapa teman-teman maloneyforwv.com maloneyforwv.com jakarta menerima hibah ini. Selamat untuk Bapak Harya Damar Widiputra (Penelitian Strategis Nasional), ibu Lucia Sri Istiyowati (Penelitian Hibah Bersaing), Bapak Eduardus Suharto (Penelitian maloneyforwv.com Pemula), dan Bapak Dwi Atmodjo (Penelitian maloneyforwv.com Pemula).

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Jakarta – Pagi itu, di gedung Auditorium BPPT Thamrin, Jakarta, ada tonggak historia bagi Indonesia. Pasalnya, di angkasa itu diluncurkan root CA – root Certificate Authority yang dilakukan melalui Dirjen Aptika Kementerian Kominfo Bambang Heru Tjahyono bersama lembaga pemerintah lainnya.

Root CA adalah wadah dan fasilitas publik Key framework (PKI) encryption apa disediakan melalui pemerintah — dalam hal ini Direktorat Keamanan informasi — sebagai penyedia layanan yang dapat used oleh pemerintahan lainnya kemudian pemerintah pusat, pemda dan kementerian lainnya yang akan does pengiriman data dan informasi penting baik internal maupun external yang bersifat rahasia/confidential.

Layanan ini bersifat liberty dan sementara just dapat tangan kedua oleh unsur pemerintah. Root CA nantinya akan membawahi CA-CA yang telah ada dan telah tangan kedua oleh pemerintah, ~ no menggantikan tetapi lebih crowd kepada menyortir dan berkoordinasi agar tidak tumpang tindih di dalam menggunakan dan melakukan transaksi elektronik.


The topics covered are:•Service Strategy•Service Design•Service Transition•Service Operation•Continual organization Improvement•How these topics interrelate

Business and Information Technology•Information has become a value in itself•IT aids currently businessses by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness•IT allows new tipe of business

What is Information technology (IT) ?•The meaning of IT alters with context:–IT together an Organization–IT as a Component–IT as a Service–IT together an Asset

Why is the IL successful ?•Common Framework–practical approach to service; hold together all areas of IT business provision towards delivering value to the business•Vendor Neutral–applicable in any IT organization; not based upon any modern technology patform or industri type•Non Prescriptive–applicable, useful and relevant come all jenis of organization organizations, business providers, sizes of enterprises, secara teknis environment and publik or exclusive sectors•Best Practice–represents the experience and komandan leadership that the worlds finest in class business providers.

Stakeholders in organization management•there are also many stakeholders external to the service provider organization, for example:–customers, those who buy ns or services–users, itu who usage the service on a day to day basis–suppliers, third parties reponsible for supplying goods or services that are compelled to provide IT sevices

Organizing IT company Management- process Diagram

Process Characteristics•Measurable•Specific result•delivers to customers•reponds to a certain event

Organization Structure•Function•Role

RACI Model

•Raci design will be useful in permitting decisions to be made through pace and confidence .•Raci is one acronym for the 4 main roles of :–responsible : the person or people responsible for acquiring the project done–accountable : just one person can it is in accountable because that each task–consulted : the setiap orang who space consulted and also whose opinions space sought–informed : the rakyat that are maintained up to date on progress

WE LEARN accountancy IN maloneyforwv.com …..

WHAT IS THE REAL an interpretation OF accounting ?


• The organized and considerable recording of financial transactions pertaining come a business. Accounting juga refers to the process of summarizing, evaluating and reporting this transactions. The financial statements the summarize a large company’s operations, jae won position and cash flows end a particular periode are a concise an introduction of thousands of thousands of financial transactions it may have entered into over this period. Accounting is among the vital functions for nearly any business; it might be tackled by a bookkeeper and accountant at small firms or by sizable finance departments with dozens of employee at larger companies.

• Accounting, or accountancy, is the measurement, processing and communication of jae won information around economic entities.<1><2> Accounting, which has been called the “language of business”,<3> procedures the results of an organization’s economic activities and conveys this info to a variety of users consisting of investors, creditors, management, and regulators.<4> Practitioners of bookkeeping are well-known as accountants. The kapak accounting and financial reporting room often digunakan as synonyms.

• The bookkeeping methods associated in membuat a financial document of business transactions and also in the preparation of statements concerning the assets, liabilities, and operating results of a business.

• The rakyat in charge of audit is well-known as an accountant, and also this individual is generally required to monitor a set of rules and regulations, sebagai as the generally Accepted accounting Principles.

• The systematic recording, reporting, and evaluation of jae won transactions of a business. Accounting allows a agency to analyze the financial performance of the business, and look at statistics such as net profit.

• exercise and tubuh manusia of pengetahuan concerned generally with1. Methods for recording transactions,2. Keeping financial records,3. Performing interior audits,4. Report and examining financial information to the management, and5. Advising on tax matters.Referensi :

Read more: http://www.investorwords.com/48/accounting.html#ixzz3Qa6vXFP3

artikata.com/arti-1508-accounting.htmlRead more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/accounting.html

How environment-friendly is your computer doesn’t mean that her computer color is eco-friendly (sure it is no my fav shade :D), but concerned around our behaviour using ICT. The concept of eco-friendly ICT has been applied sejak the 1990’s v the energy Star dilabel for digital items that have passed the test together energy-efficient appliances. Although plenty of studies that carry out concepts and approaches because that adopting eco-friendly ICT within the company, still the is important to create a framework, which provides concrete steps to implement green ICT in the organization. This short post will talk about the background of the introduction of the concept of green ICT, and also the motivation of what drives organizations to adopt Green ICT in their companies. I’ll share to you this idea to develop awareness around Green ICT, and tambahan simple examples that can be diimplementasikan in our daily activity.

Challenge the use of ICT systems would not just in kapak of cost, but tambahan the dampak on the environment. The increase of electricity nilai and firm awareness to manage the environment better, be component of the reason for the firm to discover strategies to minimize the pengeluaran of electrical energy intake in anda ICT systems, and make the system ini adalah more friendly to the environment (Hodges and also White, 2008). The kebenaran that the ICT system has a straight adverse impact on the setting can no be avoided, yet on the other hand, ICT solution have menjadi part that a modernis society that certainly can no be granted or terminated. The adverse kerusakan is increasing the carbon emissions indigenous the use of ICT equipment. So the it shows up a range of ide ide for innovation and perkembangan of various elements that ICT systems that have minimal impact on the environment. Various ways and this approach are then known as the green ICT (Banerjee et al, 2013).

The main impact of ICT equipment is developing from the usage of ICT systems, and from ICT tools garbage that has actually not been used anymore (Alena & Libor, 2012). The dampak of the use of ICT is the carbon footprint generated from electrical power consumption. So that among the main sasaran of green ICT is to administer solutions for suppliers in reducing the pengeluaran of electricity consumption, and juga help mitigate carbon emissions that adversely influence the atmosphere (Murugesan et al, 2013). Currently, the carbon emissions indigenous ICT infrastructure and also systems still account for about 2-3% of the reasons of greenhouse gas emissions as a entirety (Gardner, 2007 in Banerjee et al, 2013, Suryawanshi & Narkhede, 2013). However, if no controlled, the carbon footprint will have the ability to increase with the increased fostering of ICT in all facets of life, specifically in developing countries. Also the technical innovation of ICT kemudian as cloud computing and data center also has the potential to contribute this risk boosts in carbon emissions (Murugesan et al, 2013). Enhancing the mageri and size of the data center and also cloud computing perkembangan is prompted by a variety of company processes and applications that have the right to be accessed melihat the net media. Besides appearing latest servers that use multiple processors, so that accounts for more power. The heat generated by these processors, demanding cooling mechanism work harder, so it will include electrical energy consumption significantly. The second tabrakan of ICT equipment is the trouble of waste handle of ICT equipment that is not reused. Electronic components and also chemicals from the equipment will pollute the environment and are not simple to be recycled. Neither the kerusakan of carbon emissions and also waste problems is maafkan saya makes the ide of green ICT is very far-reaching to immediately use (Alena & Libor, 2012).

Here room the simple stephs lihat Green ICT in our daily activity.Recycle and also ReuseEach company has a reguler schedule to execute the replacement of ICT contents (hardware or software). Instead of is excellent periodically, or wait till the condition of these components can not be reused, or deserve to no longer satisfy the demands of the company. However sometimes the replacement is done too quickly, specifically for software, because the rate out the latest software version. To get rid of this, kemudian during the procedure of update the system (hardware and software) have the right to be considered to not execute a totality replacement. Zb by keeping hardware deserve to still function properly, and the software application still has the assistance of the vendor.

Disposal that ICT SystemAt the end of the ICT tools will be disposed of as soon as physically to be damaged or have been can not to function. Hence need to be taken into consideration garbage disposal because of ICT equipment (electronic waste or e-waste). In order not to pollute the environment then the garbage can be sent to the e-waste administration company.

Printing and also ConsumablesThe press is the amount of devices that is widely digunakan in the enterprise, supplies the electrical power inefficient, since when idle, the press still offers power. In addition, the printer also uses file and ink, i m sorry in the manufacture of paper and ink have actually an kerusakan on the environment. And also waste document and octopus to offer a bad kerusakan on the setting too. There needs to be setup the mageri of the printer (printer bagikan mechanism), document consumption wisely, and distribution the data in softcopy can reduce this risk.

I harapan this short article about Green ICT can build our awareness to usage ICT much more wisely. GBU.

ReferenceAlena, Buchalcevova and Gala Libor. Environment-friendly Ict adoption Survey focused On Ict Lifecycle indigenous The Consumer’s view (SMEs). Journal Of Competitiveness Vol. 4, masalah 4, Pp. 109-122, December 2012 ISSN 1804-171x (Print), Issn 1804-1728 (On-Line), Doi: 10.7441/Joc.2012.04.08Banerjee, Snehasish, Et Al. “Motivations To adopt Green Ict: A cerita Of two Organizations.” global Journal that Green computing (Ijgc) 4.2 (2013): 1-11.Brennan, David and also Graeme Philipson. “What Is environment-friendly It? Why Now?”. Commsday Melbourne Congress, 14 October 2009Chen, A.J.W, Boudreau, M., and Watson, R.T. Info Systems and also Ecological Sustainability. Newspaper Of Systems and Information modern technology 10(3), 186-201. 2008.Hodges, Richard, and W. White. “Go green In Ict.” green Tech berita .2008.Molla, Alemayehu, and Ahmad Abareshi. “Green that Adoption: A Motivational Perspective.” Pacis. 2011.Murugesan, san dkk. “Foresting eco-friendly It”. IEEE computer Society, IT pro Edisi January/Pebruari 2013.Murugesan, San. “Harnessing environment-friendly It: Principles and also Practices”. Ieee computer Society, It pro Edisi January/Pebruari 2013.Shelly, Gary B. Dan Misty E. Vermaat. “Discovering computer 2010: living In A diganjar World”. Cengage Learning, 2010.Philipson, Graeme. “A green ICT Framework: Understanding and also Measuring eco-friendly ICT”. Link Research, 2010Suryawanshi, Kavita, and also Dr. Sameer Narkhede. Evolution Of eco-friendly ICT Implementation In pendidikan Sector: A riset Of Developed and also Developing Country. International Journal of management (IJM) nada 4, melepaskan 2, March- April (2013), Pp. 91-98Visser, Joost. “What deserve to Be Green about Software”. Workshop environment-friendly Software style – eco-friendly It amsterdam And Sig, 2011

Mungkin sebagian orang siap mengetahui what itu SPAM, nah bagi apa belum mengetahui what dan koknya penanggulangan SPAM…… informasi berikut ini could dapat membantu memberi pemahaman mengenai SPAM.

SPAM atau apa biasa disebut juga dengan junk mail, adalah email yang noël diinginkan melalui pengguna fasilitas komputer di dalam bentuk surat elektronik (email), immediate Messaging, Usenet, newsgroup, blog, dll. SPAM noël diinginkan melalui pengguna komputer untuk SPAM tradisional berisi iklan dari perusahaan yang mengakibatkan ketidaknyamanan bagi para pengguna web. Biasanya, SPAM menjadi dirasa knalen apabila jumlah email atau lainnya dikirim dalam jumlah yang banyak / besar.

Spam ini biasanya datang bertubi-tubi tidak punya diminta dan patuh kali noël dikehendaki melalui penerimanya. Mayoritas contoh lain dari spam ini bisa berupa pos-el berisi iklan, suratnya masa gigi tiruan (SMS) pada telepon genggam, berita yang masuk di dalam suatu forum doan warta berisi promosi barang yang noël terkait menjangkau kegiatan doan warta tersebut, spamdexing apa menguasai suatu machin pencari (search engine) untuk mencari popularitas bagi suatu URL tertentu, ataupun mungkin berupa news yang tak bermanfaat dan masuk dalam suatu blog, booker tamu situs web, dan lain-lain.

Dampak buruk dari adanya SPAM antara go :

Terbuangnya waktu, untuk menghapus berita-berita yang noël kita inginkanHarddisk dulu penuh, harddisk jenuh mengakibatkan mail server noel dapat resepsi email lainnya.Menghabiskan Pulsa Telepon / Bandwidth, mencapai terkirimnya email yang noël kita inginkan di dalam jumlah besar, ini adalah menghabiskan bandwidth (yang menggunakan Dial Up nanti ISP) dan knalen layanan lainnya yang lebih pentingVirus dan Trojan, Kemungkinan adanya Virus ataukah Trojan yang menyusup didalam SPAM

Cara action SPAM

Para kain lap SPAM biasanya tambahan menggunakan letter server orang lain, juga alamat e-mail yang bukan menunjukkan identitas pemiliknya di dalam artian alamat e-mail tersebut memang benar ada tapi si pengirimnya ndak yang punya. Mengirim e-mail menggunakan alamat e-mail kemudian diatas, sangat dimungkinkan karena protokol SMTP (Simple Mail ayunkan Protocol) yang used dalam pertukaran e-mail noël pernah memverifikasi alamat e-mail mencapai alamat IP-nya. Artinya, orang bebas mengirim e-mail dari manapun (dari alamat IP apapun) dengan manfaat alamat e-mail siapapun.

Penanggulangan SPAM

Pada dasarnya SPAM noël dapat untuk kita hapus, tetapi ada banyak cara yang dapat diatasi masuknya SPAM. Sampai saat ini,belum ada satupun cara untuk menghilangkan SPAM, yang ada adalah menurunnya SPAM. Cara yang banyak tangan kedua saat ini adalah mengotomatisasikan tangani itu pemilahan antara e-mail SPAM dan yang ~ no SPAM dengan menerapkan teknologi filter.

Lihat lainnya: Cerita Legenda Dalam Bahasa Jawa Terlengkap !!!, Kumpulan Cerita Legenda Bahasa Jawa Singkat

Adapun hal-hal lain apa dapat membantu mengurangi SPAM adalah :

Jika mungkin, gunakan e-mail lain (selain e-mail karena bisnis) sewaktu berkorespondensi karena hal-hal di luar bisnis, misalnya mail list. Kawanan penyebar SPAM apa menggunakan alamat dari mailing list karena melancarkan aksinya.Aktifkan anti-virus dan personal Firewall pada PC. Kebanyakan SPAM di atas saat ini yang mengandung virus atau Trojan yang dapat menggangu sistem pada PC dan jaringan. Biasanya, program Trojan tadi digunakan karena menyebarkan e-mail SPAM nanti alamat lain yang tercantum di ~ address book.Gunakan fitur batin program e-mail yang dapat mengelompokkan e-mail. Program e-mail seperti Microsoft Outlook dan Mozilla Thunderbird dapat mengelompokkan e-mail such mengelompokkan e-mail dari internal, dari rekanan dan sebagainya. Dengan pengelompokan ini, walau noël mengurangi SPAM sama sekali, kita dapat does prioritas batin membaca e-mail, dan e-mail apa penting tersebut tidak tercampur baur menjangkau SPAM e-mail.Terakhir dan yang paling PENTING buat Anda lakukan adalah Jangan lupa untuk selalu melafalkan setiap Kebijakan pribadi (Privacy Policy) dan Ketentuan Penggunaan (Term and also Condition) diatas setiap situs web yang Anda datangi.