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When you check out your record in Word, some characters may it is in missing, or the height (or bottom) of some characters may be cut off. This trouble may impact the following jenis of characters:


Character v an ascender

Character with a descender

International character that contains an umlaut, acute accent, grave accent, circumflex, or tilde

Object that is inline with the text of your document--for example, a photo that is not put in a structure or message box

NOTE: This problem melakukan not affect printing; the is, underscores, characters with ascenders or descenders, and international characters are published correctly return they may not be displayed correctly.


This problem may be brought about by among the following.

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Case 1

The line spacing of her text may be set to an accurate height. When you set the line spacing to Exactly and also select a measurement that is equal to or much less than the elevation of the font, underscore characters may not be displayed and characters that have an ascender, descender, or an umlaut might be cut off. Because that example, if you collection line spacing to exactly 9-point for a 10-point font, underscore personalities may be reduced off.NOTE: This problem may occur differently with different fonts.

Case 2

The press driver may incorrectly substitute display screen fonts at specific view percentages. If you readjust the press driver, you may notification an prompt difference, depending on the check out you space using.

Case 3

The zoom percent that the record is collection to may reason characters to have the height or bottom part of the screen writings cut off. Friend can readjust the zoom percentage from 75 percent to 100 percent in paling cases to correct this visually.


This problem is a display-only problem. Usage one or much more of the adhering to methods sesuai for her situation.

Method 1: readjust the record Zoom Setting

When you readjust the zoom percentage, native may enable you to check out the full height of your text. To execute this, use among the following methods depending on the variation of native you space using: Office word 2003, indigenous 2002, or word 2000

On the watch menu, click Zoom.

Do one of the following:

Under Zoom to, adjust to a larger setting. Because that example, adjust to 200% and then click OK.

Under Percent, adjust the percent to a larger setting. For example, adjust it to 120%. Office native 2007

On the View tab, clickZoom in the Zoom group.

Do among the following:

Under Zoom to, change the worth to a bigger setting. Because that example, change the worth to 200%.

Under Percent, change the portion value to a larger setting. For example, change the value to 120%.

Click OK.

Method 2: readjust the document View

When you readjust the see of your paper to summary view, Word mirrors the full height of her text. To change the view of your record in word 2003, in word 2002, or in native 2000, click synopsis on the see menu.To adjust the watch of your record in word 2007, click Outline in theDocument Views team on the View tab.NOTE: This difficulty may occur in normal, print layout, and also Web layout views. When you view your paper in rundown view, paragraph formatting is ignored.

Method 3: change the heat Spacing

indigenous 2003, word 2002, or word 2000

Select the message and then click paragraph on the style menu.

Do one or both the the following:

On the Indents and also Spacing tab, adjust the heat spacing box to something other than Exactly. For example, change the line spacing setting to Single.

Change the At setting to a setting slightly larger than the posting point size you are lihat in your document. Because that example, if your posting point dimension is 10 point, then change the At setting to 11 point.

indigenous 2007

Select the text.

On the Hometab, click theParagraph percakapan box launcher in the Paragraph group.

Do one or both that the following:

On the Indents and Spacing tab, adjust the setup in the Line spacing crate to a setting other thanExactly. Because that example, readjust the setting in the Line spacing crate to Single.

Change the At setting to a setup slightly bigger than the writings point size that girlfriend are penampilan in her document. Because that example, if your posting point size is 10 point, kemudian change theAt setting to 11.

Method 4: readjust the saya or point Size

native 2003, indigenous 2002, or word 2000

Select your text and then click font on the format menu.

On the posting tab, perform one or both the the following:

Change the posting setting come a berbeda font.

Change the Size setting to a smaller size than maafkan saya you have actually your line spacing collection to. For example, if you have your line spacing set to specifically 12 point, adjust the saya size to 11 point.

Word 2007

Select the text.

On click the Hometab, click theFont percakapan box launcher in the Font group.

On the Font tab, execute one or both the the following:

Change the Font setting to a berbeda font.

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Change the Size setting to a smaller dimension than what you have actually your line spacing collection to. Because that example, if you have actually your heat spacing collection to Exactly 12 point, change the writings size to 11 point.


Line spacing identify the amount of vertical an are between present of text. Native uses single line spacing by default. The line spacing that you choose affects all lines of text in the selected paragraph or the i that consists of the insertion point. The complying with table describes the heat spacing options: This alternative Results in ------------------------------------------------------------------------ solitary Line spacing because that each line that accommodates the largest writings in the line, add to a kecil amount the extra space. The amount of extra an are varies relying on the writings used. 1.5 Lines line spacing because that each line the is one-and-one-half waktu that of single line spacing. For example, if 10-point message is spaced at 1.5 lines, the line spacing is around 15 points. Double Line spacing for each line that is double that of single line spacing. Because that example, in double-spaced currently of 10-point text, the heat spacing is about 20 points. In ~ Least minimum line spacing the Word can readjust to accommodate larger font sizes or graphics that otherwise perform not fit within the mentioned spacing. Exactly Fixed heat spacing that Word melakukan not adjust. This option bekerja untuk all lines evenly spaced. Multiple heat spacing that is raised or diminished by a percent that friend specify. For example, setting line spacing to a many of 1.2 rises the room by 20 percent, and setting line spacing come a multiple of 0.8 to reduce the space by 20 percent. Setting the line spacing in ~ a multiple of 2 is identical to setup the line spacing at Double. In the at box, type or choose the line spacing friend want. The default is three lines. At The quantity of heat spacing girlfriend select. This alternative is obtainable only if you select At Least, Exactly, or many in the line Spacing box. NOTE: If a line contains a besar text character, graphic, or formula, Word boosts the spacing for that line. To space all lines evenly, click specifically in the heat spacing box, and kemudian select the heat spacing in the At crate that is ukurannya besar enough come fit the biggest character or graphic in the line. If personalities or graphic still appear cut off, pick a larger numberi in the in ~ box. For much more information, click the complying with article sourse to watch the post in the pengetahuan Base: