When travel abroad, it’s always cheaper come buy a neighborhood card and also mobile net data, rather than pay outrageous roaming fees from her usual provider back home. Fortunately, it’s an easy, fairly straightforward procedure (after you cut through the noise!) to buy a neighborhood prepaid sim card in Indonesia, and even the paling “expensive” cards and also data are incredibly affordable. I’ll lead you with the procedures below.

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Where to get a prepaid sim card in Indonesia


A typical Indonesian Mobile phone call Shop

The very first thing you have to do is find a ar that sells sim cards! darimana practically anyone in Indonesia owns a cell phone phone, and also a huge bulk change number on a regular kurung (thanks to the cheap promos), one is commonly not much much more than a stone’s throw away native a seller.

The paling obvious location to uncover a center card in Indonesia is in ~ a major airport, choose in jakarta or Bali. A numberi of cell phone carriers will have small booths together you’re membuat your method out, and it’s simple to pick up cards here. They can be slightly more expensive 보다 typical, but no an ext than a couple of dozen rupiah, and also it’s absolutely convenient together you can usually itu terdaftar the card on the point out (more on the later). Some also come preloaded v data, which will tolong simplify the process. Although, uneven you rencana on staying placed in the ar you to buy the card, you must be cautious that advertised data is not just “Local Data,” i m sorry is only an excellent in the details area whereby it’s sold. If you untuk merencanakan to take trip around, you’ll desire “Flash.”

If you’re travelling more off-the-beaten path, favor to us di sini in Kerinci, and also there aren’t any type of SIM cards because that sale at the airport, kemudian look for shops that market mobile phones. Many little neighborhood warung stores will tambahan sell them, and also it’s not unusual to check out booths collection up on roadsides v a choice of cards as well. If you really are having actually a difficult time detect one, asking a local. “Saya cari kartu SIM” (I’m looking for a center card). Remember the the letter “c” is always pronounced prefer “ch” in English, therefore “cari” sounds like “chari.” and don’t forget to roll that r.

Choosing a mobile call provider

While taken into consideration slightly much more expensive (but still really low-cost), Telkomsel has actually by much the finest coverage throughout Indonesia, and also generally the more quickly speeds. This have the right to vary contempt by region or the precise spot you in, however in general, Telkomsel’s your ideal bet. Anda simPATI and also Loop cards are popular choices.


A an option of Indonesian prepaid sim cards.

The second paling popular provider would be XL (which mungkin be a good second choice, if you have a dual SIM phone). There’s juga Smartfren, 3/Tri, Axis, Indosat/IM3, and also a couple of others. If you untuk merencanakan on exploring one spot because that a while, asking the locals what’s best, or check out coverage maps by clicking the links of each of the providers. An in its entirety coverage map can tambahan be discovered on the open Signal website, which need to be an ext or less accurate.

Buying a prepaid center card in Indonesia

No issue the provider, a center card in Indonesia is generally pretty cheap, sometimes starting as low as 10,000 IDR. Prices can vary depending on how lot data is preloaded top top them, where you’re to buy them, or also if the numberi is considered cantik – “beautiful.” Some setiap orang are ready to pay numerous rupiah because that a simple, simple to remember, or “lucky” number!

It’s vital to make certain the advertised data is useful to you. Periodically there will be huge signs heralding 30GB or more of data, but these regularly are helpful for just a solitary area (“Local Data”), are an excellent for just one day, have the right to only be tangan kedua after midnight, are for video streaming services prefer HOOQ, or only occupational with 4G (which, is useless if you’re in an area that doesn’t yet have 4G coverage, or if girlfriend only have actually a 3G phone). As stated above, make sure the data is “Flash,” valuable throughout Indonesia at any kind of time. Try to confirm v the seller if you’re no sure. If in doubt, hanya buy a cheap card and top the up later on in the cara I’ll present you below.

Registering the Indonesian center card

As of 1 May, 2018, a new regulation has fully come into effect, requiring all foreigners come register dari mereka cards through either their Passport, or KITAS, or KITAP (the terakhir two being long-term visas i m sorry the reguler visitor doesn’t require to issue about). Unfortunately, this registration have the right to not selalu be done at the suggest of sale, and if that’s the situation when friend buy it, you’ll need to go to an secara resmi Telkomsel gerai or GraPARI office. It’s fairly inconvenient to say the least! Thankfully, these GraPARI offices are never too far of a drive away, so in between driving and also waiting in line, that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, hopefully lot less. Every you need to do it lug your passport to the office, tell the greeter in ~ the door the you desire to registrasi kartu, then wait for her turn. They’ll take dibawah your info, punch it in come the computer, and also you should be great to go. There space varying reports around the length of time it takes to get the SMS confirmation that you’ve successfully registered – occasionally pretty much instantly (as it was for me), periodically a few hours, and also sometimes as long as a day. Anything much more than that, then it’s likely that because that some factor it wasn’t successful, and you’ll have to return to the office and shot again.

In the press, there have been reports that foreign guests will be maybe to itu terdaftar straight far at one of the Telkomsel kiosks in the airports, and also it seems as despite that has turned out to it is in true in part areas. But it’s hit and miss. Major international airports choose in Denpasar and champa have secara resmi Telkomsel stands and also shops, therefore this is often the best, most convenient location to buy a map and register these days. If you have been maybe to daftar in a regular mobile phone shop exterior of the secara resmi GraPARI offices, please let us know where in the comments.

Pre-registered cards tho seem to be widely available in small, non-chain mobile phone shops. If you’re only di sini for a brief time, finding among these and not perlakuan with the hassle of registering yourself is more than likely the way to go.

Initial top-up

When purchase the card, if you favor you can also ask them to add much more data or pulsa (phone credit) top top the phone in ~ this time. Generally, pulsa is purchase in size of 5,000 IDR up to 100,000 IDR. Periodically in smaller sized shops and also warungs, 100,000 IDR packets will be kosong, or all tangan kedua up, so try for 50,000 or 25,000 rather if it is the case. Most shops will certainly charge roughly 2,000 IDR in addition to the amount of pulsa you’re loading on.

If your phone memerlukan a nano or micro SIM, either snap out the bugar size the the card, or ask the shop owner to reduced it with their tool. Make certain it all works, and check your pulsa and data amount sebelum you leave the store.

Checking the lot of pulsa and also internet data on her phone

With Telkomsel (which I’m concentrating on), there space two fairly easy ways to check this, one requiring some free messaging, the various other requiring downloading the mine Telkomsel App. The application is nice self-explanatory, therefore I’ll define the other way below.


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Dial *888#

You’ll get the an outcome below informing you the lot of pulsa you have left, and the date it expires. Over there will tambahan usually be some kind of promo advertisement underneath, which you can ignore.