Membaca cerita pendek merupakan deviasi satu cara mempelajari bahasa Inggris yang menyenangkan. Melanjutkan kumpulan tale pendek bahasa Inggris minggu lalu, berikut ini adalah mayoritas kumpulan tale pendek bahasa Inggris lainnya. Kamu dapat melatih pilihan berbahasa Inggrismu dengan melafalkan cerita-cerita gigi tiruan namun menyenangkan ini sekaligus mendapatkan pesan moral apa terkandung di dalamnya.

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The Hare and also The Tortoise

Once, a hare witnessed a tortoise walking progressively with a hefty shell ~ above his back. The hare was really proud of himself and also he inquiry the tortoise. “Shall we have a race?”

The turtle agreed. They began the running race. The hare ran an extremely fast. However the tortoise walked really slowly. The proud hare thinks that he already won, for this reason he rested dibawah a tree and soon slept off. Yet the turtle keeps go slowly and also steadily till he ultimately reached the goal. In ~ last, the tortoise menang the race.

Moral: Kesombongan akan menjadi kejatuhanmu.

A wise Old Owl

There was an old owl that lived in an oak tree. Every day, the saw events happening around him. Yesterday, he witnessed a boy helping an old man to lug a heavy basket. This particular day he witnessed a girl shouting at she mother. The more he saw, the much less he spoke.

As he speak less, that heard more. He heard rakyat talking and telling stories. The heard a mrs saying that an elephant jumped over a fence. He juga heard a male saying the he had tidak pernah made a mistake.

The old owl had seen and heard about maafkan saya happened to people. Some became much better and some came to be worse. But the old owl had ini adalah wiser each and every day.

Moral: Banyaklah dengar daripada berbicara, maka kamu akan were orang apa bijak.

The Inexperienced Mouse

Once, a little mouse asked his mother, “Mother, permit me go out to view the world”.

The mommy mouse said, “Okay child. But, be careful”.

The mouse came out of his hole and started walking. He experienced a maloneyforwv.comlourful maloneyforwv.comck. Together he had tidak pernah seen a penis before, he got frightened by the tajam beak, maloneyforwv.comlourful feathers and the red crown that the maloneyforwv.comck, the ran far thinking, “What a terrifying creature.”

After some time he came throughout a cat. “What a cute animal!” that thought, “So handsome fur! and also striking eyes!”

When the returned house he described his day’s visit maloneyforwv.comme his mother. The mommy said, “The prick is in reality harmless. However the cute-looking cat is the genuine enemy”.

Moral: Penampilan dapat menipu.

The Crooked Tree

It to be a thick forest. All trees menjadi straight and tall.

Their trunks were broad and shapely. But, there to be one tree i m sorry was having a crooked and also shapeless trunk.

The crooked tribe tree to be sad. He memikirkan “How ugly i am! every others space straight and shapely. Ns alone have crooked trunk.”

One job a wood-cutter came there. The looked around and also said “I will reduced all tree here, except that crooked tree. That is of no use to me”.

He reduced away all other trees.

Now, the crooked tree was senang for the crookedness.

Moral: Syukurilah keadaanmu, kemudian apapun itu.

The Boy who Cry Wolf

There was a town on the outskirts of a forest. A shepherd boy tangan kedua to take his herd that sheep across the fields to the lawns close to the forest.

One day he felt an extremely boring. He wanted to have fun. Therefore he cry aloud “Wolf, Wolf. The wolf is transferring away a lamb”. Farmers working in the fields came berlari and asked, “Where is the wolf?”. The boy laughed and replied “It was just a fun. Now gain going all of you”.

The boy played the trick for rather a sourse of waktu in the lanjut few days.

After some hari as the boy, perched ~ above a tree, together singing a song, there came a wolf. The boy cried loudly “Wolf, Wolf, The wolf is transporting a lamb away.” over there was nobody to maloneyforwv.comme. The young shouted “Help! Wolf! Help!” Still, no one involved his help. The villagers memikirkan that the boy was permainan mischief again.

The wolf brought a lamb away.

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Moral: Jika kamu patuh berbohong, maka noel akan ada lagi yang percaya padamu.

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Itu tadi beberapa tale yang maloneyforwv.commaloneyforwv.comk untuk kamu harus baca sambil mempelajari kosakata baru dan frase-frase bahasa Inggris yang umum dijumpai. Yuk, latih pilihan berbahasa Inggrismu lebih lanjut dengan mengerjakan soal-soal di bawah ini!