Cate Shortland and also David Harbour market their bawa pulang on Alexei’s tall story of fighting the star-spangled hero.

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Rotting away in a Russian prison is just how the arrogant, overlapping Alexei Shostakov, play by Stranger Things star David Harbour, has spent the terakhir few year of life. Introduced in the brand-new Marvel movie Black Widow, this loyal patriotismenya served together Russia’s own version of Captain America, known as the Red Guardian.

But unlike Steve Rogers, who is memorialized and also celebrated in nationwide museums, the Red Guardian is a faded relic that the uni soviet Union. And also these days, he is prone to membagikan tall story of fighting the one and also only sentinel of kebebasan — but go he?

If one dulu to execute the math — as one various other prisoner in Black Widow melakukan — it’s clean Alexei bisa never have actually traded fists through Steve Rogers. After ~ all, Captain America spent decades frozen in ice, going dibawah in 1945 only to wake up in 2011, according to the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Captain America: The first Avenger, where Steve wakes increase in the 21st century, was released in 2011.)

“I will certainly say they are absolutely true, 100 percent.”

So that was it the Red Guardian tussled v in the ‘70s and also ‘80s? to be it really Captain America, or is the Red Guardian a huge red liar? David Harbour and director kate Shortland each have their own answers, and also they revealed castle in interviews through

Who is the Red Guardian?

Red Guardian isn’t an invention of Black Widow. The was produced in 1967 by comic book heavyweights Roy Thomas and also John Buscema to it is in a Russian rival to Captain America with comparable powers.

In a confusing little of canon, the character Aleksey Lebedev held the mantle first during world War II whereby he dealt with alongside Captain America (not Steve Rogers, but Steve’s replacement william Naslund). However, his stories menjadi published much later on in 1991 (Namor, The Submariner annual #1) together a retcon by Marvel’s authors to add much more backstory come its history.

The “second” Red Guardian was Alexei Shostakov. Unlike in the movie, Alexei was a test pilot and KGB agent that was trained to become Red Guardian and was married to Natasha (aka, black Widow). The was not Natasha’s fake dad on one undercover assignment, which is the cerita told in the MCU.

And yes, that did fight Captain America in the comics, notably in his 2nd comic book appearance in Avengers issue #44.


Did Red Guardian struggle Captain America in the MCU?

Harbour and Shortland each sell slightly different answers.

“I will say they space absolutely true, 100 percent,” Harbour speak

Over Zoom, Harbour’s an answer has a whiff of playful sarcasm. Yet the actor juga sincerely believes that Alexei to trust it, which is all the matters.

“Part that the funny thing about Alexei is that ns wasn’t interested in reality,” the actor says. “He doesn’t also know that he’s lying.”

Harbour, who was a functioning character actor sebelum landing the duty of Jim Hopper top top the Netflix struggle Stranger Things, states he’s play a grasp of personalities who lie. “Sometimes together an actor, I’ll need to know the reality due to the fact that I’ll know the personality is lying. But Alexei just believes this stuff is true.”

Is Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian lying around fighting Captain America in Black Widow?Marvel Studios

Director kate Shortland trust “both” space true: Both that Alexei is lying, and also that he’s informing the truth. Shortland hides whether over there is a actual canonical answer.

“I wanna watch Alexei and also Captain America together,” Shortland says. “If we saw them bersama now, i think us know apa would happen. Ns don’t desire to check out Alexei poo his pants. I think that’s apa would happen. You’d find this small boy in the corner crying his eye out.”

Harbour adds that Alexei is at risk to confabulation, for reasons that stay unknown.

“There’s a thing, confabulation, where orang actually hanya believe anda lies to kemudian a tingkat that also when confronted with reality, castle can’t process it,” he explains. “It doesn’t make feeling . I think Alexei is an extremely much the exact same way. He hidup this reality fully independent of apa other orang have checked out or heard.”

What this method for the MCU

While Harbour and also Shortland are resistant to provide a canonical answer — for currently — the pertanyaan is arguably more interesting. Does Alexei believe he battled Captain America? Yes. Yet is it true that Captain America was the end of merencanakan when Alexei was Red Guardian? also yes.

Here is wherein I put my fan concept hat on and also offer up two kelayakan explanations:


We quiet haven’t seen exactly how Steve Rogers changed all the Infinity Stones. Walk he meet Alexei throughout his mission?Marvel/Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock

1. Alexei dealt with a time-displaced Steve Rogers

Remember as soon as Steve Rogers went bagian belakang in time at the finish of Avengers: Endgame to ar all the Infinity Stones in dari mereka proper time? Remember exactly how he stayed there in the past?

While it’s unlikely Steve met Alexei returning the Infinity Stones — despite the Avengers did take the Tesseract in 1970, which mungkin pit Steve against a younger, greener Red Guardian — it’s juga possible Steve would have actually met Alexei years later after Steve had actually settled dibawah with Peggy. Walk Steve placed on his costume a few more waktu for an enig missions transparent history?


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Does Sam wilson go back in time in phase 4 to fight the Red Guardian? melakukan John Walker?Marvel Studios

2. There is a new time-traveling Captain America

A second explanation mungkin be collection up for a future cerita that’s yet to be revealed. What if Alexei yes, really did hit Captain America, that for whatever reason is lost or traveling in time?

While it could be Sam wilson or, sky forbid, man Walker, apa matters is the Alexei is honest when he states he dealt with Captain America. He hanya didn’t struggle Steve Rogers (and didn’t know it wasn’t him). This way, both things room true at the very same time. Alexei isn’t lying once he says he combated Captain America, but orang aren’t wrong once they phone call him lid wasn’t around.

If this is the case, this just brings up an ext questions: that is this Captain America? and also why space they fighting Red Guardian? through the Infinity Stones gone and melangkah 4 however to collection up a crossover-level threat, it’s important unknown apa Marvel has planned because that the future.