This cute baby called Air Rumi Akbar 1453 has effectively stolen the hearts of fans and netizens. Let’s untuk mengambil a look at 10 portraits of waiting Rumi Akbar 1453, the long-awaited first child that Ammar Zoni and also Irish Bella.

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7. Air comes from a mix of the surname Ammar and also Irish Bella. Water can also mean one of the paling important building materials that human beings need top top a daily basis

8. Rumi taken native the name of a philosopher and menjatuhkan which means wisdom. Kapan Akbar itself means great or great

9. What is unique, the name Air is also equipped with the numberi 1453 which turns out to be a historic tahun for Muslims

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10. Welcome, air Rumi Akbar 1453! hopefully they will thrive up to it is in healthy, smart and proud children

There are 10 portraits of wait Rumi Akbar 1453, Ammar Zoni and also Irish Bella’s long-awaited first child. Since childhood, you have a cute talent, huh! Welcome, air Rumi Akbar 1453. Hopefully one day the child will be healthy, pious, and useful!

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