JAKARTA - towards independence, the Netherlands launched an honest policy. This is more or much less open the understanding of the natives. Awareness of nationalism grew, until the youth make a Youth Pledge movement.

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Indonesia commemorates Youth Pledge work every 28 October. The Youth Pledge is an acknowledgment that Indonesian youth. The youngsters of this nation pledged that they were one homeland, one nation, and one language. The Youth Pledge work is commemorated every October 28 based on the outcomes of the kongres formulation which was then terawat on October 27-28, 1928.

The pertemuan on 27-28 October 1928 was the second pertemuan of young people and women. Formerly on December 17, 1927, castle had held a congress. The congress, which to be attended by representatives of the sons and daughters of berbeda regions, aims to establish the concept of Indonesian unity and nationality. This congress juga aims to combine relations.

due to the fact that it had actually not yet achieved its goal, at the PPPKI"s initiative, the Second congress was telah terorganisir on 27-28 October 1928. The very first day the the Second congress was held at the Catholic Jongelingen link Building, in ~ Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta. The pertemuan was to visit by 750 participants, from various youth organizations such as Jong Java, Jong Sumatranen Bond, Jong Batak, Pemoeda Indonesia, Jong Islamieten Bond, Jong Celebes, Sekar Rukun, Jong Ambon, and also Pemuda Betawi.

Meanwhile, the second day that the second Congress, on October 28, 1928, was terawat at the Oost Java Bioscoop Building. Quoting the Youth Pledge Museum, sebelum the pertemuan closed, the song "Indonesia Raya" by wage Rudolf Supratman to be played through the violin for the very first time. The strains the Indonesia Raya were warmly welcomed by the pertemuan participants.

pertemuan closed by announcing the formulation that the results of the congress. Through the youths present, the formula to be pronounced as the Oath of Allegiance or apa we recognize today is the Youth Pledge.

Painting commemorating Youth Pledge job in 1985 (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Youth concerns

In the early on 20th century, the dutch government provided pendidikan to the indigenous rakyat of the dutch East indit which was component of the extension of honest politics. The opportunity to receive education was not given only in the dutch East Indies, but indigenous children were tambahan given the chance to receive pendidikan in the Netherlands, although only for specific circles.

Citing the journal Pledge the Youth and also Indonesian Nationalism by Tri Karyanti, the dutch East indies region karakter itu has 2 classifications of aboriginal schools, namely ke hulu schools which target to carry out administrative staff for the government and also the exclusive sector. And a institution for small people that aims to learn to read, write and also count.

The sourse of natives who received education made the introduction of education people. It was they who later came to be the pioneers that Indonesian nationalism awareness. This intellectuals began to establish youth institutions as a medium of battle to free the negara from colonialism. It to be this union of various organizations that disutradarai to the congress and the emergence of the Youth Pledge.

Youth Pledge work 2021 theme

The Youth Pledge tambahan provides a lesson for the Indonesian orang that no issue where we come from, they room still Indonesian and have the same ideals that advance Indonesia. At the time, the youth did no discriminate native which tribe, religion, or organization came from, because milik mereka determination to be to unite.

for 2021, the design template of Youth Pledge work is United, Rise, and Grow. In his berbicara at the Youth Pledge, the Minister that Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali, said that the theme was required to reaffirm the commitments that have actually been constructed by the youth that menjadi pledged in 1928.

"In the history of the Youth Pledge that only with unity can we realize the ideals that the nation," said Menpora Amali, launching the official website the the Indonesian set of Youth and Sports.

according to Menpora Amali, the theme of United, Rise and Grow is intended for all facets of the nation, particularly for the youth.

"This design template for youth is important due to the fact that it is in the tangan of the youth the we mengharapkan that Indonesia deserve to rise native adversity as result of the COVID-19 pandemic and also move maju to drive economic growth in Indonesia," he said.

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