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100:00:07,280 --> 00:00:12,400painting that a gothic castle,artist unknown, tentang 1920s.200:00:12,760 --> 00:00:17,959oil on canvas, 20-by-28. Miss franklin,where go you say you gained this?300:00:18,120 --> 00:00:23,638i inherited the a couple of months ago. Butit"s been in my household for generations.400:00:24,120 --> 00:00:27,157the composition is for this reason unusual.500:00:27,320 --> 00:00:30,073the artist digunakan pure colour straightfrom the tube and kemudian varnished600:00:30,240 --> 00:00:33,994- each layer over and...- i"m sorry for interrupting.700:00:34,200 --> 00:00:35,997but execute i really must be here?800:00:36,160 --> 00:00:40,517no, of food not. It"s hanya that mostpeople favor to be in ~ an appraisal,900:00:40,680 --> 00:00:42,591especially once they planon selling the piece.1000:00:42,760 --> 00:00:46,036- it"s just that i"m sort of in a hurry.- say no more.1100:00:46,200 --> 00:00:49,272just sign at the bottom,and friend are cost-free to go.1200:00:49,440 --> 00:00:53,353thank you. So exactly how longdo you think it"ll bawa pulang to offer it?1300:00:53,560 --> 00:00:56,632well, i"ll have to see ownershiprecords before i deserve to do anything.1400:00:56,800 --> 00:01:00,076i"ll send you whatever i is the all, then?1500:01:00,240 --> 00:01:02,071no, darimana you definitely wanna sellthe piece,1600:01:02,240 --> 00:01:05,152i"ll should confirm the authenticity,its physical condition.1700:01:05,320 --> 00:01:07,151so if you"ll just sign at the bottom,1800:01:07,360 --> 00:01:09,157that will let us go aheadand x-ray the piece.1900:01:09,760 --> 00:01:11,751done.2000:01:12,240 --> 00:01:14,754- something else?- um...2100:01:15,320 --> 00:01:18,949well, yes, miss out on franklin. I would certainly reallylike the time to research this.2200:01:19,160 --> 00:01:21,037that means i can get you the ideal price.2300:01:21,200 --> 00:01:26,194look, ns appreciateyour professionalism. Ns really do.2400:01:26,360 --> 00:01:28,920but i"m no interested in gettingthe finest price.2500:01:29,080 --> 00:01:33,835i hanya want you to market that paintingas shortly as girlfriend can, every right?2600:01:34,840 --> 00:01:37,149- great night, miss out on halliwell.- great night.2700:01:47,920 --> 00:01:50,832piper, it was an"s not like i obtained prue"s car2800:01:51,040 --> 00:01:53,679- so i bisa drive it right into a pole.- how bad"s the damage?2900:01:53,840 --> 00:01:56,638not bad, yet maybe expensive,which is why i require a favour.3000:01:56,800 --> 00:01:59,439if you"re calling to borrow money,i don"t have any.3100:02:00,000 --> 00:02:04,152no, it"s not around"s just... Ns don"t desire you to tell prue.3200:02:04,320 --> 00:02:07,517she"s been so supportive,and ns don"t wanna shed her to trust again.3300:02:07,680 --> 00:02:11,116- you typical you haven"t called her?- well, no yet, yet i have actually a plan.3400:02:11,280 --> 00:02:12,508phoebe, you have to tell her.3500:02:12,680 --> 00:02:14,955it"s her car, and also you don"t havethe money to fix it.3600:02:15,120 --> 00:02:17,759but ns will have actually the money to settle it.i"m in ~ this agency called3700:02:17,920 --> 00:02:20,912web mountain francisco. It"san interaction network ~ above the internet.3800:02:21,120 --> 00:02:22,678and i faxed them my résuméthis morning,3900:02:22,840 --> 00:02:24,398and castle wanna meetwith me tonight.4000:02:24,560 --> 00:02:26,869i"ve gotta go, yet i don"t wannabe in the di antara of this.4100:02:27,040 --> 00:02:30,077- hanya tell her, okay?- if ns don"t get the job, i will certainly tell her.4200:02:34,120 --> 00:02:35,7924300:02:47,720 --> 00:02:51,998hello, i"m phoebe halliwell.i have actually an appointment.4400:02:55,120 --> 00:02:56,439thanks.4500:02:57,080 --> 00:03:00,231all this people, they"re herefor the interview too, aren"t they?4600:03:00,440 --> 00:03:03,034well, friend won"t have any kind of troublewith this if girlfriend figured that out.4700:03:03,200 --> 00:03:06,158it"s an aptitude can finish it in ~ home.4800:03:06,320 --> 00:03:08,072great. Great.4900:03:12,560 --> 00:03:15,358applicant 1: you saya menang a fellowshipfrom the nationwide science foundation?5000:03:15,520 --> 00:03:17,636when ns was in ~ harvard,"d girlfriend know?5100:03:17,840 --> 00:03:20,912i witnessed it on her résumé.i to be cum laude also.5200:03:21,080 --> 00:03:22,832applicant 1: other than i wasa mengarungi foundation scholar.5300:03:23,080 --> 00:03:25,389so kemudian you must have goneto stanford?5400:03:25,640 --> 00:03:27,392stanford? i visited stanford.5500:03:29,080 --> 00:03:30,752applicant 2:intimidating, isn"t it?5600:03:31,120 --> 00:03:33,350the an excellent will huntingsor this aptitude test?5700:03:33,560 --> 00:03:37,189oh, who cares about linear algebra ordifferential? and also that test is a snap.5800:03:37,360 --> 00:03:39,191i mean, in this day and age,who can"t write5900:03:39,360 --> 00:03:41,555in html and numericlanguages, right?6000:03:41,720 --> 00:03:42,7096100:03:42,880 --> 00:03:43,869right.6200:03:45,840 --> 00:03:49,833yeah, that"s... That"s because that you.6300:04:04,800 --> 00:04:06,631what?6400:04:13,680 --> 00:04:15,352oh...6500:05:41,720 --> 00:05:45,156at an initial i just thought the it to be areflection off of other in the room.6600:05:45,400 --> 00:05:48,119but then when i relocated closer,i experienced a man6700:05:48,280 --> 00:05:50,589inside the painting, in the castle.6800:05:50,760 --> 00:05:54,958right, yet the moment i experienced him,he backed far from the window.6900:05:55,160 --> 00:05:58,436and kemudian there was this weird glowthat went previous the window again.7000:05:58,600 --> 00:06:00,591it was hanya so...7100:06:02,320 --> 00:06:03,878- piper?- what?7200:06:04,960 --> 00:06:08,509- we menjadi talking?- i know, around a man in a painting.7300:06:08,720 --> 00:06:12,110listen to this one. "hallwaynear club entrance as well narrow."7400:06:12,280 --> 00:06:14,430i pikiran that we had discussedyour code violations.7500:06:14,600 --> 00:06:15,953well, i store finding more.7600:06:16,120 --> 00:06:18,509the plumbing, the electrical,the heating.7700:06:18,680 --> 00:06:20,830- it... None of it is approximately code.- stop.7800:06:21,880 --> 00:06:24,440- you"re obsessing.- well, it runs in the family.7900:06:25,040 --> 00:06:26,678i don"t obsess.8000:06:27,480 --> 00:06:32,349i think intensely.anyway, i can"t really tolong it.8100:06:32,560 --> 00:06:35,552i mean, we"ve seen so plenty of bizarrethings, why not a male in a painting?8200:06:35,720 --> 00:06:37,472at the very least he"s safefrom bangunan inspectors.8300:06:37,720 --> 00:06:40,109i can"t imaginethat castle"s up to code.8400:06:40,280 --> 00:06:43,556i"m sorry, yet i couldn"t uncover anythingin the book of shadows about people8500:06:43,720 --> 00:06:46,951who might be trapped inside paintings.i looked everywhere.8600:06:47,440 --> 00:06:51,877hey, you were asleep by the timei obtained home. Exactly how did your interview go?8700:06:54,160 --> 00:06:55,752it walk fine.8800:06:56,000 --> 00:07:00,073actually, it"s still going. Ns haveto finish this take-home aptitude test,8900:07:00,240 --> 00:07:02,674which i actually thinki will mulai right now.9000:07:02,840 --> 00:07:05,149so ns will check out you men later.9100:07:05,360 --> 00:07:06,713- phoebe?phoebe: what?9200:07:06,880 --> 00:07:09,553aren"t you forget something?my automobile keys?9300:07:13,400 --> 00:07:15,868they"d be v your car...9400:07:16,880 --> 00:07:20,395...which is in ~ the body shop,having an estimate.9500:07:20,960 --> 00:07:25,909- one estimate?- yeah, ns bumped...9600:07:26,320 --> 00:07:30,598no, in reality i backed your carinto a pole last night.9700:07:31,440 --> 00:07:33,158a pole?9800:07:34,320 --> 00:07:35,548you fight a pole?9900:07:35,720 --> 00:07:38,314yeah, friend don"t also have to say it.i know apa you"re thinking.10000:07:38,480 --> 00:07:41,836how mungkin i be so irresponsible?how bisa i be so stupid?10100:07:42,240 --> 00:07:46,518okay, irresponsible, yes. Stupid,no way. Where is the coming from?10200:07:46,680 --> 00:07:48,830it"s comes from the factthat i"m the youngest sister,10300:07:49,000 --> 00:07:51,958the one that always bekerja untuk mistakes,the one who always causes problems.10400:07:52,120 --> 00:07:54,793i mean, if anybody dulu gonna backyour auto into a pole10500:07:54,960 --> 00:07:57,030and no tell you best away,it"d it is in me, right?10600:07:57,880 --> 00:08:00,758- i think i"ll just be walk now.- see? even the middle sister,10700:08:00,920 --> 00:08:03,912the one that"s claimed to continue to be neutralwhen it concerns family problems,10800:08:04,080 --> 00:08:06,799- checks the end on this one.- yes, you"re right. You"re on your own.10900:08:06,960 --> 00:08:09,428well, leaving me the end of the too.i don"t wanna argue through you.11000:08:09,600 --> 00:08:12,956- i hanya wanna uncover a cab.- well, every little thing it costs,11100:08:13,120 --> 00:08:15,680i will pay for the damages.and every little thing the cab costs,11200:08:15,840 --> 00:08:17,592i will certainly pay for that too.11300:08:20,760 --> 00:08:23,877- what hanya happened here?- ns don"t know anything about anything.11400:08:24,080 --> 00:08:26,150- i"m gonna go check out dan.- piper!11500:08:26,320 --> 00:08:29,835just forget around the car.what about the guy in the painting?11600:08:30,200 --> 00:08:34,352well, uneven he"s real and screamingfor help, forget around him.11700:08:34,520 --> 00:08:37,353we shouldn"t go looking for trouble.we have actually enough roughly here.11800:08:37,960 --> 00:08:40,110i"m going lanjut door.11900:08:48,680 --> 00:08:50,671- dan.- an excellent morning.12000:08:50,880 --> 00:08:53,792- i"m sorry to bother you.- no, you"re not bothering me, unless12100:08:54,080 --> 00:08:57,550- friend refuse to hand end my paper.- oh, every yours.12200:08:57,720 --> 00:09:01,952- thanks. You wanna come in?- no, no, really,12300:09:02,160 --> 00:09:05,232i hanya stopped by come ask a fast club got a visit12400:09:05,400 --> 00:09:07,755- from the dbi terakhir night...- and also you got code violations.12500:09:07,960 --> 00:09:10,679i have the war and also peaceof code violations.12600:09:10,880 --> 00:09:14,475and you dulu thinking what?neighbour dan, he"s in construction,12700:09:14,880 --> 00:09:18,031- possibly he mungkin help, huh?- of food i"d pay you something.12800:09:18,640 --> 00:09:21,916jenny: uncle dan, i"m late. Hey, piper.- hi, jenny.12900:09:22,080 --> 00:09:26,517see girlfriend later, uncle dan.and don"t forget your promise.13000:09:27,920 --> 00:09:32,198okay, then, i"ll tell you maafkan saya i have the right to do.i"ll inspect out the password violations,13100:09:32,360 --> 00:09:35,272see how serious they yes, really areif girlfriend will membantu me v the promise13200:09:35,440 --> 00:09:38,159- i made jenny.- deal. Wait, what"s the promise?13300:09:38,320 --> 00:09:42,199she needs tolong with a paper. It""s for bio class. Girlfriend know, something13400:09:42,400 --> 00:09:46,473- with the manusia reproductive system.- oh, you mean sex.13500:09:47,440 --> 00:09:50,477it"s hanya way too awkward because that meto talk to my niece about.13600:09:50,680 --> 00:09:54,309yeah. Sure, not to worry,i have plenty the experience.13700:09:54,880 --> 00:10:00,398- really? through sex?- no, i mean, talking about it.13800:10:02,880 --> 00:10:04,279yeah.13900:10:07,920 --> 00:10:09,876so was there a problemwith any14000:10:10,040 --> 00:10:11,792of the ownership recordsthat i sent out over?14100:10:11,960 --> 00:10:13,632no, everything"s in order.14200:10:13,960 --> 00:10:15,916then i"m not sure why girlfriend wantedto meet with me.14300:10:16,080 --> 00:10:19,550look, miss out on franklin, i recognize that youdon"t really wanna be here,14400:10:19,720 --> 00:10:25,078so i"ll hanya be perfect honest. There issomething strange about that painting.14500:10:26,160 --> 00:10:28,549- have actually you watched him?- him?14600:10:29,200 --> 00:10:32,590- that"s exactly how it all starts, girlfriend know.- maafkan saya do girlfriend mean?14700:10:32,760 --> 00:10:36,070at first, you see him...14800:10:37,400 --> 00:10:38,799...the guy inside the painting.14900:10:39,760 --> 00:10:45,039at least you think you see him,but he just... He disappears so fast.15000:10:46,720 --> 00:10:49,951and you mulai to think around it, butit doesn"t make any sense. Ns mean,15100:10:51,200 --> 00:10:56,035how bisa a guy be inside a painting?and kemudian you check out him again.15200:10:56,560 --> 00:10:58,596this time longer.15300:11:01,600 --> 00:11:03,352and currently you"re sure.15400:11:03,520 --> 00:11:06,318so you think that the paintingis haunted by a ghost?15500:11:07,000 --> 00:11:11,312oh, no, no,i think he"s definitely alive.15600:11:12,120 --> 00:11:14,588i think he"s trapped inside.15700:11:16,120 --> 00:11:19,590- carry out you know who he is?- no, i have actually no idea.15800:11:20,600 --> 00:11:22,272nobody does.15900:11:23,960 --> 00:11:27,748look, all i know is thatif i don"t eliminate that painting,16000:11:28,000 --> 00:11:30,878i"m gonna finish up just like everybodyelse in my family who ever before owned it.16100:11:31,080 --> 00:11:33,071- i"m gonna be fully insane.- miss out on franklin...16200:11:33,240 --> 00:11:35,196no, you"ve only seen the beginning,miss halliwell.16300:11:35,400 --> 00:11:39,712just trust me once i tell youit"s just gonna gain worse.16400:11:48,880 --> 00:11:54,318spirits send the words native all...16500:11:54,480 --> 00:11:55,46916600:11:55,640 --> 00:11:57,278piper:it"s me. Have the right to i come in?16700:11:57,440 --> 00:11:59,795piper, i really just wanna be aloneright now.16800:11:59,960 --> 00:12:02,633i won"t stay long, promise.16900:12:03,560 --> 00:12:05,630all right, hanya give me a sec.17000:12:10,120 --> 00:12:11,394okay, you deserve to come in now.17100:12:15,880 --> 00:12:19,998i hanya wanted to tell youthe body shop called.17200:12:20,440 --> 00:12:22,351yeah, i know, i heard the message,1,200 bucks.17300:12:22,520 --> 00:12:25,876- did you tell prue?- ns didn"t have to. She already knew.17400:12:26,040 --> 00:12:27,473she dubbed the body shop herself.17500:12:27,640 --> 00:12:29,551that"s why i have gotto acquire this job, piper.17600:12:29,760 --> 00:12:31,796it"s the only way that i mungkin payfor the damages.17700:12:32,000 --> 00:12:33,558the only method i deserve to makethings right.17800:12:33,760 --> 00:12:35,637all the more reasonyou hanya should"ve said her.17900:12:35,840 --> 00:12:38,274okay, well, maybe a smarter personwould"ve figured the out.18000:12:38,600 --> 00:12:42,036then again, a smart person wouldn"thave donate the auto into a pole.18100:12:42,280 --> 00:12:45,272a smart rakyat would"ve realisedthat it was a $1,200 pole.18200:12:45,480 --> 00:12:49,837that"s due to the fact that smart people don"t dostupid things, just stupid people do.18300:12:50,000 --> 00:12:52,719- phoebe, ns didn"t median to upset you.- i know.18400:12:53,080 --> 00:12:56,277- possibly we should hanya talk later.- okay.18500:12:57,560 --> 00:13:00,677- you certain you"re gonna it is in okay?- yeah. Why?18600:13:00,840 --> 00:13:03,479phoebe, i understand you think gettingthis task is the answer, however please,18700:13:03,640 --> 00:13:06,438- just don"t perform anything...- what, stupid?18800:13:06,600 --> 00:13:09,672no, just don"t doanything ns wouldn"t do.18900:13:11,880 --> 00:13:13,677don"t worry, ns won"t.19000:13:17,360 --> 00:13:19,669you would never cast a smart spell.19100:13:20,920 --> 00:13:21,955okay.19200:13:24,400 --> 00:13:27,756for 24 hours, native 7 come 7,i will understand all meaning19300:13:28,040 --> 00:13:33,717of the indigenous from di sini to heaven.19400:13:42,680 --> 00:13:45,831spirits, send the wordsfrom all throughout the land19500:13:46,000 --> 00:13:49,390allow me to menyerap themthrough the touch of either hand19600:13:49,560 --> 00:13:51,630for 23 hours, native 7 to 719700:13:51,800 --> 00:13:56,351i will understand all meaningof the words from di sini to heaven19800:13:57,040 --> 00:13:59,508oh, and also p.s., there will certainly beno personal gain.19900:14:17,120 --> 00:14:20,317abaca, solid fibre obtainedfrom a banana leaf.20000:14:20,480 --> 00:14:24,473zygote, a cabinet formedby the union of two gametes.20100:14:27,080 --> 00:14:28,672cool.20200:14:33,120 --> 00:14:36,430- hey, joe, that was fast.joe: no line at the x-ray machine.20300:14:36,640 --> 00:14:38,756so did the x-ray confirmits authenticity?20400:14:38,920 --> 00:14:41,354it did a lot more than that.check the end the x-ray.20500:14:41,520 --> 00:14:43,715it"s gained definitive underwritingon the canvas.20600:14:44,200 --> 00:14:47,033- it has actually a pentimento?- yeah, ns couldn"t believe it either.20700:14:47,280 --> 00:14:50,636but you can see it on the x-ray.the message is in latin.20800:14:50,840 --> 00:14:53,308i"ve tidak pernah seenanything prefer it before.20900:14:53,640 --> 00:14:57,872"absolvo, amitto, amplus, brevis."21000:14:58,240 --> 00:15:03,394- to free apa is shed say these words.- wow, friend speak latin?21100:15:04,160 --> 00:15:08,039- yes. Great night, joe.- okay.21200:15:08,240 --> 00:15:10,595well, why don"t i hanya returnthe paint to the vault,21300:15:10,760 --> 00:15:12,034say, tomorrow.21400:15:12,240 --> 00:15:14,117- an excellent idea.- okay.21500:15:25,600 --> 00:15:27,192"help."21600:15:31,760 --> 00:15:33,557okay.21700:15:36,680 --> 00:15:40,958"semper mea." mine forever.21800:15:43,400 --> 00:15:48,030absolvo amitto amplus brevis.semper mea.21900:15:51,600 --> 00:15:53,033oh, no.22000:15:54,000 --> 00:15:55,831oh! oh!22100:16:12,720 --> 00:16:14,59722200:16:17,040 --> 00:16:18,837who"s there?22300:16:19,880 --> 00:16:20,86922400:16:21,040 --> 00:16:22,837- quick, monitor me!- what?22500:16:23,040 --> 00:16:25,076this way. Ladies first.22600:16:27,280 --> 00:16:28,918i see you read latin too.22700:16:29,200 --> 00:16:30,679okay, apa has happened?where am i?22800:16:30,840 --> 00:16:32,353- you"re in the castle.- wherein is that?22900:16:32,520 --> 00:16:35,432- within a painting.- i"m trapped within a painting?23000:16:35,640 --> 00:16:38,108yes, and if girlfriend don"t gain tothat bookcase, you"re dead.23100:16:38,920 --> 00:16:40,353who space you?23200:16:40,600 --> 00:16:43,398my name"s malcolm, and also you weresupposed to tolong me, not join me.23300:16:43,600 --> 00:16:44,589who are you anyway?23400:16:44,760 --> 00:16:46,478my surname is prue,and ns was help you.23500:16:46,640 --> 00:16:49,837- you dulu supposed to come out.- great, now we"re both trapped. Hurry!23600:16:52,880 --> 00:16:54,950what the hell? apa are you?how"d you carry out that?23700:16:55,160 --> 00:16:57,879oh, okay, tidak pernah mind. We"re gonnaget killed. Will certainly you hurry up?23800:17:04,040 --> 00:17:05,02923900:17:05,200 --> 00:17:06,952hi,"re increase early.

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What"s up?24000:17:07,120 --> 00:17:10,874oh, the dow jones, housing pricesand the room shuttle discovery.24100:17:11,040 --> 00:17:14,032- huh?- read the paper.24200:17:14,280 --> 00:17:16,919oh. Um...24300:17:17,080 --> 00:17:19,116- have you watched prue this morning?- no yet.24400:17:19,320 --> 00:17:21,959oh, dan just called, said he"dmeet you in ~ the society at noon.24500:17:22,360 --> 00:17:23,634okay.24600:17:23,840 --> 00:17:26,354- did friend hear her come in last night?- nope.24700:17:26,800 --> 00:17:28,711piper:this is yes, really strange.24800:17:28,880 --> 00:17:29,91524900:17: