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Background: Complication that frequently occurs in chronic renal fail is the palliation of the kidney size. It extensively associates with the thinning the the renal cortex as result of pathological process. Unequal the cortex, the pathological procedure which occurred in renal medulla in chronic renal failure has actually not completely understood yet. Not countless studies have examined the association of chronic renal failure through renal parenchyma overall. Therefore, this belajar aimed to recognize the connection of chronic renal failure through renal parenchyma width on abdomen USG renal focus.

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Method: This study was an analysis observational study with cross-sectional approach. Sample were bring away using fixed-exposure sampling. Sample had 30 subjects dulu divided right into two groups, chronic renal failure and non chronic renal failure. Samples were then measured for renal parenchyma width lihat abdomen USG renal focus. The data were analyzed with independent-sample t test. In addition, to regulate confounding variable that bisa affect renal parenchyma width, age was selected to be controlled using multiple direct regression analysis. All of the data dulu analyzed using SPSS 17.0 for windows.

Result: Patients v chronic renal failure had renal parenchyma width 7.922.57 mm (p = 0.001), ketika patients non chronic renal failure had renal parenchyma width 15.641.85 mm ( p = 0.001). Furthermore, based top top the calculation, the multiple linear regression analysis showed the design equation Y = 16.78 7.95 X1 1.72 X2. The coefficient of decision (R2) that the regression evaluation obtained a value of 0.

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781 means that 78.1% sport in the parenchyma width (Y) deserve to be described by variations included in the chronic renal failure (X1) and also age ?54 years old (X2), while 21.9% is defined by other variables not contained in the model equations.

Conclusion: This belajar reveals that there is significant correlation in between chronic renal failure and renal parenchyma width (p Keywords: Chronic Renal Failure, Renal Parenchyma Width, Age, abdomen USG